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  1. The aussie fans (and it sounds like at least one US fan) are brutal!
  2. To me, while neither is particularly honorable, there's a mile of difference between gaming the system and bald-face cheating. The Kuchar, McCarron, Langer type situations are guys pushing the rules to arguably disingenuous limits, but they're doing it in plain sight and not trying to hide it. They're exploiting the rules. What Reed did here, and before, is the kind of sneaky, "you didn't see that" cheating that this game, more than any other, abhors. It's as offensive as a guy dropping a ball down the side of his leg and yelling "found it." And to compare it to routine penalties in other
  3. And other sports strip titles, issue lifetime bans, etc. Those are all essentially possible legal actions other than simply criminal prosecution. I personally feel like this is a very big deal, and goes way beyond the typical, "receive a penalty and move on" infractions we see every year. Especially after seeing that video of him doing the exact same thing a few years ago, it's pretty plainly something he does all the time, unless you want to really, really work to convince yourself it's just random, innocent error. I personally think the PGA needs to come down MUCH harder on this than j
  4. There are so many people close to him calling him a serial cheater...former coaches, teammates, and competitors. And multiple of examples of him blatantly cheating on camera (to any objective eye anyway). This isn't even a "where there's smoke there's fire deal, this is just an open eternal flame. The guy's a cheat, and should have the same fate as he would in any other sport. They'd follow professional cycling if I had my pick - any Lance fans out there? ol
  5. I have the Mevo and for a long time also had a Flightscope 2. The FS2 was better, lol. But I did a test one day alternating between them and have to say they were very, very close on distance through the whole bag, like just a few yards difference when measuring averages over ten shots. Spin numbers were very different with much more variability coming from the Mevo, but after discarding the outliers on mevo, even that was much closer than I'd have guessed. For the purposes most of us would use them at the range, testing swing changes, realtive gapping etc, I think it's an excellent device
  6. Hope this hasn't been beaten to death, I promised I searched :). Anyway,at some point in the last year I signed up for a month to month agreement through Golf Pass, and then recently wound up converting to an annual Golf Pass membership to get the all the free golf balls. Seemed reasonable. I don't even remember how i wound up on the month to month plan, probably either accessing a Revolution Golf video or booking a tee time. But I'm finding that i can't access any of the features - I swear every website associated with this Golf Pass thing is broken! I've tried multiple browsers and m
  7. > @Stuart_G said: > Don't assume that they didn't. The test results are very operator dependent. Two different people could test the same head on the same machine and one could get a passing result and the other could get a failure. That's exactly what happened with Xander's head - although it wasn't clear if the passing OEM test was done before or after the R+A tested it. > > I suspect this is among the most important considerations in all this, and I'm surprised it's only come up once. If the test isn't highly accurate and precise, when coupled with the variabili
  8. This is fun thread to read through, taking me back to the days before my career and kids, crowded courses...I also remember the crinkly sound of the cellophane on those old ball sleeves in a cold autumn morning, was one of the best sounds in golf.
  9. > @larrybud said: > Tell me more about the what you're inputting into their software? > > @Stetson said: > I do not have it, it was a part of the research prior to me buying the Bushnell Pro XE. Leupold allows you to input info such as elevation, clubs, etc and then when you play it recommends the club after calculating slope, elevation, club ranges, etc Yeah, on the 5i3 anyway you can input your elevation, temperature, and average distance for certain clubs as a baseline. Then if you turn on the functions it'll calculate the adjusted distance with slope and recommend
  10. > @gallag4 said: > Shipping label came through an email, I shipped it back today. Guy who emailed me (Stan S.) was very apologetic about the delay... Thought this brought up an important point - as thoroughly disappointing as this product was, and as hard as they made it to try and get it to work, return it, etc, I did feel like when I they actually would respond the representatives were courteous and very apologetic. I think the ground-level team is in a no win situation, having accountability for all the customer complaints with no real authority to solve them. That's like the d
  11. Am I the only one who was playing Tour Balata and Professional x-outs in the white box? Money was tight man!
  12. Anyone ever seen one of these before? No idea where I found it, just sort of showed up in the bag. It's a little rock
  13. My feeling is this...if a guy is worried that his iron covers will mean he's not cool, guess what...he's already not cool. Rock that **** like a boss if you want to, and don't worry about what people think. Cuz that's cool, lol :)
  14. As I was reading your post I thought to myself, some wet blanket is going to feel the need to weigh and and tell you it must not be true...didn't take long did it, lol. Anyway, congrats! Those personal bests and evidence our work is paying off are what make it all worth it IMO ?
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