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  1. These are corporatized entities competing -no "country" identity is involved except for false ideolgies.
  2. it would end in a nano second if someone 'yelled' something political and not the corporate friendly kind...The PGA /networks and their "sponsors" would hate the storm that would ensue and we'd never hear another bud-light drunken ______scream their insecurities agian! TAIWANS A COUNTRY!!!!!!!
  3. Hasnt been the same since that "ruling" in the desert -all downhill since...get better Elvis!!! https://golf.com/instruction/rules/how-matthew-wolff-lost-stroke-rules-video-review/
  4. Blame the producers of NETWORK GOLFAMANIA...and the attempt at "growing " the sport via hysteria=attention. They could easily lower the volume of the field mics and/or get copperation from tour officials but they dont. My Mute button is my cowardly reaction ...
  5. Shhh-go back to sleep.This is only a dream...commercials,off-hand agendas and subliminal conditioning are what you truly desire...
  6. Hasnt been the same since that ball moved from his nuclear forward press in the desert a few weeks ago on the first hole...no penalty there as he pleaded his case to an official-golf gods are watching!!!
  7. PGA TOUR LIVE just had a long intro bout TW mentioning the players are gonna do some "tributes" after making putts,etc... Homa,rory and JT featured group!
  8. I watched the Sky Sports feed and they were crying like the queen just died the whole back nine -absolutley devastated that their world of classic golf is threatened by science and thick grips/SL irons ,etc...Rich Beems usual self-ridicule commentating wasnt holding up with the new change of narrative-"wait,someone has an idea and platform to counter the exclusive club of "golf instruction"?NO!!!!!!!
  9. kredik

    2020 US Open

    His only next move to improve is ax the single length irons? Increase height? Yoga? Crystals probably.
  10. Yes,I hope so -weed out the casuals and mash potatoers.Retun it to a non-spectacle exhibition its becoming.
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