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  1. Quick question for all of you that ordered through DD. Did FedEx seem to delay your shipments coming out of DD? I ordered my Gen 2 set on 08/23 through DD. I got confirmation a couple days later from PXG stating they received my order. Irons shipped out from PXG on 09/08 and arrived at DD on 09/16 after a being delayed a couple days by FedEx. DD shipped out the next day 09/17 through FedEx but the tracking history has not changed since then (see below). I'm located in NC, yet FedEx still claims that my irons will be delivered today despite the last update on the shipment being a week ago (09/17) at 8pm in PORTLAND, OR. This is obviously no fault of DD, they have been great, I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced similar discrepancies / delays on their order?
  2. Only trade interests: 3 hybrid , fairway wood or putter if you’re interested in trading for my Toulon 1. Taylormade 750/770/790 Combo - $OLD Custom set ordered directly from Taylormade! I have pictures of the build sheet from TM to show how they adjusted lofts so gapping between clubs is perfect. 4-7 iron P790 8-9 iron P770 PW is P750 All have factory installed Project X Rifle 6.5 shaft , standard length. 1.5* flat lie angles , Iomic Sticky 2.3 Grips 2. Toulon Design Atlanta Putter - $275 Looking to trade for other putters 33.5 " with Toulon Black shaft and Lamkin Deep Etched Grip , T/30 weight installed 3. Titleist 818 H2 19* Hybrid - Traded Project X EvenFlow 6.0 85g HY Headcover Included
  3. Looking for a nice hybrid to fit between my 4 iron and 3 wood. Something around 18-20* would be ideal, adjustable head is a plus. Stiff or X stiff. Prefer to be around $100 or less Feel free to text pics to 828-320-7084
  4. Great feedback and very much appreciated ! I noticed that my wrists weren't setting correctly last week and picked up a Swingyde to do some training with. Haven't had a chance to really practice with it, but it should really help me get that feeling of setting my wrists much earlier. Sean Foley and Justin Rose are definitely some of my favorite guys to mimic and take advise from (funny enough I actually got to meet Foley a few years ago when I was following Rose around in a practice round at Quail Hollow).. I'll do some reading and watch the instructional videos you posted.. thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the response.. do you mind elaborating on the "static swing plane I've established at address"? Is this referring to a setup issue that you see? Interested in any type of instruction that could help my setup be more solid! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys.. have a slo-mo swing video I'd like to get some feedback on. I've always struggled coming over the top so I've tried getting my clubpath flatter.. my biggest issue when I look at my swing is how "crunched" up i look at impact.. my back heel is completely off the ground halfway through my downswing. I'd like to know some drills to extend through impact while keeping the back heel down longer.. See video below:https://i.imgur.com/F3lJHx2.gifv
  7. Most items are sold.. decided to keep the M2 driver head.. ATTAS T2 shaft is still for sale.. M1 Fairway still for sale.. make good offers
  8. Irons are gone... make offers or trades for remaining items! Looking for TM driver shaft, 9.5-10.5 driver, and hybrids
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