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  1. Great feeling set of irons here folks! Very forgiving and look fantastic! I love my set. Someone will be happy
  2. I've always thought the BB is a really sweet looking shaft. Good to know it performs as well as it looks!! One of these days I will get off my Oban "kick" and try out some of these Tour AD shafts!!
  3. Wow! Great price on some great sticks! Someone is going to be very happy...
  4. I've played all 3. Didn't really care much for the PX. To me, they felt boardy and awkwardly too stiff (both 5.5 and 6.0) Played the C-taper in stiff and the Tours in X. Both shafts felt great. Tours spun much more for me but felt a tad better. C-tapers were definitely lower launch/spin but still felt nice.
  5. This is why golf is such a fun sport for EVERYONE to play!
  6. [quote name='Railroading13' timestamp='1421373475' post='10754507'] Small bottle of acyrlic paint from somewhere like hobby lobby, should be 2-3 dollars, followed by a clear coat (usually for nails) worked fine for me [/quote] +1
  7. Thanks for all the info guys! I recently purchased a grip kit off Amazon, so I will also be attempting my first regrip soon
  8. Just wanted to quickly share my experience with my "new" SC Detour 2 that I picked up from a member. I had been really struggling with pushing putts and missing right. I had tried several styles of putters and gripping technique and was becoming quite frustrated. I decided to give the Detour a try and have been really impressed so far. Yes, it is an ugly putter, but It has definitely made a big improvement in my game. I have found that I am missing right much less frequently. I suppose this has something to do with the way the Detour is weighted. I find it very easy to align my putts and I am gaining more and more confidence with each round. Thought this might help some of you who are looking for some help to stop pushing putts.
  9. That's very interesting! I noticed that I needed to loft up an entire 1.5* to get optimal launch out of the SLDR. I cant wait to get my hands on one of the R15s. Interesting comment regarding the Aero Burner fairways.. Not sure if anyone else has ever noticed, but I have found that TM lighter fairways (Burner, Superfast,JetSpeed, Aero) tend to be more favored than the "premium" fairways from the same year (R11, SLDR, R15)
  10. Have to agree with the majority here… 95% of the time, it seems cheaper to ship via USPS. It is fast and cheap. The only disadvantage I have found was trying to ship an iron set from NC to California.. I have found out that FexEX is the cheapest route in that case.
  11. Great set of irons that look beautiful. Had a set for a little while and loved the way they looked and felt. Too bad my terrible ball striking forced me to get rid of them ?
  12. Tried these wedges out for a while but just could not get used to the look. Great idea though! Much nicer to pay $30 for new groves than having to spend $120 for a new wedge!
  13. Unfortunately, I have also ran into this dilemma.. I tried going to Dicks and the box they gave me would have costed $50 to ship a driver in... I asked the salesman if they had any boxes made specifically for golf clubs available and he just blew me off.
  14. WOW what a great deal! Good for you guys! I gamed a set of Rocketbladez Tour with C-Tapers in them for over a year; great shafts!
  15. After hearing about the great deal on the iLines, I called Amazon and had them change my order. The customer service was great! The grips came in today and WOW what a great deal! The grip kit looks high quality and the grips are brand new in the packages. Kind of funny that each grip still had the $9.99 price tag sticker on the package
  16. Just an update.. I have played several rounds with my new range finder and I have been very pleased.. It is within a half yard of my playing partners Tour V3 that he payed $400 for!!
  17. I picked up an Adams hybrid that had a Graphite Design Tour AD UT shaft installed in it. The shaft was very smooth, launched nice and high, and landed softly... Just my experience though, not sure if the GD-UT is considered a "high-launch" shaft!
  18. I think many people generally use acetone to remove paint fill (such as the numbers on the bottom of your irons)
  19. I've always been quite a fan of the Iomic grips.. Just picked up a SWEET deal on a 13 pack off of Amazon too!!
  20. I have no idea if it is real or fake, but if you read the ad I believe the listing says that there IS a serial number.. [color=#000000][size=5]"Also this wedge does have a serial number on it to prove authenticity."[/size][/color] Hope this helps!
  21. Thanks for all the links! I picked up one of the Tacki-Mac grip kits, a Pom-Pom driver head cover, and FIVE dozen new Srixon Marathon balls all for $50 including shipping!
  22. [quote name='Stuart G.' timestamp='1419009864' post='10617109'] What weight shaft are you looking for? That's probably the most important thing to determine first. Much more important than the bend profile and that will dictate your possible choices for both steel and graphite. Some of the Nippons tend to be the higher launching steel options. Dynalite Gold SL's, the newer TT XP95 and 105's, PX 95 flighted are some others of the top of my head. Not a lot of high launching heavier graphite options (> 90 gm) but lots in the 80's and lower. [quote name='sgreer11' timestamp='1419009250' post='10617071'] In general, how does a "high launch" steel shaft compare to a "high launch" graphite hybrid shaft in terms of launch and spin characteristics? [/quote] Good question, I don't know of anyone who's done any direct comparison between hybrid and irons shafts with the same head type and weight (shaft material doesn't really matter). Someone with Tom Wishon's bend profile software might be able to provide some insight for some specific examples. [/quote] In the past, I have never had a problem swinging heavy or light shafted clubs.. For some reason, I do not really have a problem quickly adjusting to the weight of the shaft. The only reason I was thinking about going lighter weight was to pick up a couple extra yards while also getting the launch conditions up in the longer irons (hence my inquiry about the 70 gram Diamana's in the OP). I was thinking about going about 1/2" longer with the replacement shafts to help with a little extra distance too.
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