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  1. [quote name='lthelwpn' timestamp='1429464967' post='11392213'] Top notch seller, GLWS. [/quote] Thanks Bryan
  2. The last of the clubs is an Adams DHy 24* Hybrid. Club is shafted with a Project X PXi 6.5 steel shaft. Club is in good shape and shows only normal wear. Headcover included. $42 shipped…Add $5 for anything out west. On to the apparel!! First up we have a New Mizuno Windlite Mid-layer thermal Sweater- Medium. Green/Grey colorway. This is the version with the running bird and "Mizuno" on the sleeve. Bought this due to all of the great rating and reviews and was going to wear it to our golf tournament 2 weekends ago, but my buddy gave me a sick deal on a Zero Restriction jacket that I couldn't turn down so this never got worn. The tags have been removed but I have never worn this sweater. $40 shipped (add $3 if out west) *** I know I am a terrible photographer so if you would like to see more pictures of anything please ask ***
  3. Great! Thought that the add had to be closed prior to starting a new one. Thanks
  4. Great! Thought that the add had to be closed prior to starting a new one. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have an old BST add that I would like to close. I believe the title is "Price drops on some adams gear" or something to that extent. Other adds that I have closed have had a "Close/Lock" button in the top right corner; however I can't find it on this add. Thanks
  6. Seems like this thread is becoming less and less about the irons each day… I think the deal is done and it sure does suck that we don't get our irons. However its time to move on! Maybe we can all cross our fingers for the next deal!!
  7. Someone has connections!! Really cool stuff. I am very jealous! Best of luck with your sales
  8. [quote name='Warrick' timestamp='1429109884' post='11364663'] The CMB's got cancelled by Amazon, wish it would have been a few days sooner, had these in my cart @ 319.99, but they are 399.99 now. [/quote] Same here.. wish I would have found out just a couple days earlier!! Glad to know everyone here got such a great deal.. Hit them well!
  9. Well that just sucks... Oh well!
  10. I called and they allowed me to have free shipping by signing up for the email list. I ended up purchasing a X2 Hot Pro 15* w/Aldila Tour Green for $65! I have always been impressed by CPO
  11. I wear quite a bit of my golf clothing to church on Sunday mornings. Mostly because it is some of the most comfortable clothes that I own.
  12. I've never heard of a graphite shafted putter before?? I would be interested to hear about this as well. It certainly looks cool
  13. [quote name='whiteflash' timestamp='1428758682' post='11333421'] Place an add and go offline for 24 hours or so ... Don't do this! [/quote] This drives me crazy. Someone will post an add and I will reply within 15-20 minutes.. Then it takes them 24 hrs to respond to a PM..
  14. I agree with the OP.. If the OP had the higher offer, then I don't think there would be any issue. The general rule is "Transaction is not complete until PayPal is received".
  15. I have had good luck trading into Callaway PreOwned as well as Rock Bottom Golf. Both offer very fair trade in prices that are much higher (usually) than the PGA Value Guide
  16. Anyone have the free shipping coupon? I can't seem to find it in the advertisements.
  17. sgreer11

    Ping G20

    I recently picked up a 9.5* with a Oban Kiyoshi Purple. Really sweet combo. This is the first Ping club I've ever owned and I am very impressed.
  18. Keep an eye on amazons golf balls. I can't speak for any particular model, but I often see some pretty good deals on random balls (check the 70% off section). About 3 months ago, I found Srixon Marathons for $4/dozen. Bought 5 dozen for $20 shipped! Also my local Dicks had the older Maxfli U/4 for $19.99 and then BOGO. Ended up getting two dozen for $10 each.
  19. Same as the poster above, I turned in a few items and it only took them about a week before I got my coupon codes. They rounded me up by $10 as well. I'm sure they accidentally sent you codes because that is the route that most people take. A buddy of mine turned in some irons and wedges for cash. His took almost a week longer to fulfill, but he eventually got his money. Best of luck!
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