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  1. [quote name='bmjaco2' timestamp='1428539088' post='11315381'] Just a couple of hours ago, estimated shipping date was showing as April 27-May 1. I just logged back into my Amazon account and that has changed to: 'Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We'll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.' Not sure what, if anything, this means............ [/quote] Hopefully it doesn't take too long.. I'm really excited to try these out! I will continue to check my order status and let you guys know if I hear anything.
  2. [quote name='mattuop' timestamp='1428524330' post='11313751'] I'm disappointed his signature doesn't have his clubs listed. I'm expecting 915 driver and fairway. Scotty putter. And I'm guessing pro combo irons. If you really are going to the range that much in college, you are doing it wrong. Golf will be there for the next 50 years. Do stupid college stuff now while you still can. [/quote] Don't know how much I agree with this? I am a college student and I envy the guy getting to go everyday! There is nothing wrong with loving the game and alotting much of your spare time to playing it.
  3. Similarly to some other folks on here, my local course has a program they call "Bogeys to Birdies" in which they charge $40 a month for unlimited range and discounted playing rates. Super sweet deal, especially considering the area that I live in. Courses in Charlotte can be very expensive!!
  4. Wow…Wish I had the ball striking to own such a sweet set of irons. I had a set of Scratch wedges a couple years ago and still to this day regret selling them. Best of luck selling this super sweet set of sticks!
  5. If for some reason the 5w falls through, let me know. I would have liked to have bought the set.
  6. [quote name='ebn2002' timestamp='1428362848' post='11298099'] There are lots of options with these, at the price of less than a new driver or 3 wood. You could donate them to a golf charity event as a $1,000 donation. You could pull the shafts and sell for at least $100, leaving you with brand new forged heads for $109. You could sell the heads for $100 and have c tapers with new grips for $109. You could, in a worst case scenario, even use them to play golf. [/quote] Lol at the last one... I plan in on trying them out and just seeing where it goes. For that price, how could you not give them a try! If I don't get along with the C-tapers, I'll probably pull them and get close to half of my money back and be left with brand new heads to play around with!
  7. After seeing how many sets of these that have been sold over the past week or so, I would be very surprised if orders didn't get canceled. All we can do is cross our fingers!!
  8. Both of those Bridgestone sets are sweet!! I love those J33's all blacked out. Best of luck with your sale!
  9. I caved in when I found out about the extra $30 off from the Amazon Rewards Card. Got them for $179 which ended up being $194 out the door!!
  10. Getting ready to put an order in here.. Really hoping someone has some type of code I could use
  11. I've had great success trading into RBG. I found that their trade in values were much higher than any other places I had tried, plus you get the extra trade in credit if you get a gift card. In regards to the condition of your items.. The items I traded in were in "OK" shape at best and I had no problems. My trade in total (after the bonus credit) was supposed to be $188 and I received an email with two $100 credit codes!! I was very pleased.
  12. [quote name='RockyTop' timestamp='1426995618' post='11189339'] http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1144911-aldila-rip-phenom-for-30-profile-comparison-wtour-ad-di-6s/ Is this the same deal only better now? In this thread they were "made for" Wilson's with real deal paint and profiles. [/quote] Yes sir!!
  13. Rock Bottom Golf has a few RIP Phenom shafts for $9.59 today. Looks like the wood shafts are only senior flex, but they have some hybrids in X flex. That is a ridiculously low price for a great shaft. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/aldila-rip-phenom-hybrid-shaft.html
  14. [quote name='googoomas' timestamp='1426269331' post='11136963'] Great shaft, using one in my 3 wood. GLWS [/quote] +1.. I am not currently using one but I had one in my previous driver and really liked it.. Not to mention they look so cool !!!
  15. That is a GREAT deal on that Versa! Best of luck with your sales!
  16. In my opinion, these have always been one of the best looking sets of irons out there. Too bad I can't strike the ball well enough to justify owning any.. Best of luck selling this SWEET set of sticks!!
  17. [quote name='Allfat' timestamp='1426005933' post='11115311'] Go to their website and get the contact information from there, go independently, not through a link in the email. Ask if you have been selected as a winner and what you should do next. If there is contact info in the email, do not call that number. Go through their contact information on the site that you know is legit and ask your questions there. Good luck! [/quote] I agree with this. Be sure not to follow any link or contact info provided by the email. I would go directly to the source and get the info there.
  18. Sounds to me like the course was just trying to get a few extra bucks out of you. Bad form on their part.. Glad to hear that GN made it right though!
  19. These rangefinders are great! I got mine at DSG on Black Friday for $149… Definitely worth the money. Works great and haven't had any issues
  20. [quote name='therealjonzone' timestamp='1424120123' post='10965441'] GLWS bud, but honestly if your marriage is threatened by having 2 sets of irons, you may have bigger things to worry about... [/quote] I'm thinking that the OP was just making a joke.. At least I hope so..
  21. All I can say is that you are much more kind than I would have been. I would have not been upset or anything, but the buyer would have never recieved a refund from me. Props to you..
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