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  1. All Prices Shipped CONUS: i210 4-Pw - $old s55 3-Pw - $old Heppler Ketsch - $160 G400 Max 9* Head - $old Ping i210 Power Spec 4-Pw with Nippon Modus 105 X-Stiff (37" 7 iron) and no grips. Black Dot. $old Ping s55 3-PW (.370 heads) with KBS Tour 133g cut to 6.0 per KBS fitting specs (37.5" 7 iron) and no grips. Black Dot. $old Ping Heppler Ketsch rolled a few times on an artificial green. Adjustable shaft and PP58 grip. Cover and wrench included. $160 shipped CONUS.
  2. I second this. Maybe even an oversized putter grip would be great. No plans. We got really close last year, but ultimately decided not to do it. Same shape. Same leather.
  3. AWESOME NEWS!!! Will there be perf wraps as well as smooth? Hope so, but great news. BT Thought you might like that. For now, perf only in the stitched. I received an email 2 weeks ago that they were back in stock but the website never showed that. Are they? Yes. Classics are a few weeks out, though
  4. We're less than 90 days from the Masters and that means the Augusta release is just around the corner. In addition to the Augusta Leather Grips you're expecting, there's two new additions to the lineup that will be a huge hit. They're being kept under wraps for now (hint) but will be unveiled soon!
  5. We're adding two new thread colors for our stitched grips this year. Say hello to Robin Egg Blue and Tobacco. Available now on all custom grips.
  6. Wraps have been a long requested option and in 2019, we'll be releasing the first ever BestGrips Wrap. Available with or wothout stitching. Coming soon.
  7. Is there a code for any of those deals? Everything will be up on the site and auto applied, except the newsletter code.
  8. Over at BestGrips, Exotics will be 25% off, headcovers will be buy one get one half off, and there will be a 25% off code for newsletter subscribers.
  9. For me, it carries the same as the 4 iron, but rolls out further. I need to play with the lofts more. Right now, it's bent strong and I use it like a driving iron.
  10. The squared off handles are awful. Other than that, the new '19 stuff is great. A buddy has the new 2.5. They improved the material and the pockets with no real weight increase. I'm torn between the 2.5+ and the collegiate. The collegiate colorways are much more platable.
  11. If you want genuine exotics, that's going to narrow your search down. While I don't have any exotic headcovers on the site, I've done some and also did white label covers for ankther company for awhile. Shoot me a pm/email. Would be happy to discuss.
  12. BestGrips

    Edel e-4 & e-5

    Picked up an E-4 as an early Christmas present. May be my favorite rolling fang model
  13. I was looking at getting some of these made up for next year with logos and then doing initials on my machines at time of order. Please let us know what the bag's like. Pretty sure SWAG used this model for their bag release.
  14. Thanks man! That it's be my Oversized. While leather is already a great shovk absorber, the extra foam layer makes them even better and doesn't mess with the weight.
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