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  1. [quote name='502 to Right' timestamp='1337098593' post='4918626'] This show should be called The Big Break: T&A. [/quote] ha! thats what my bro in law and I were calling it last night
  2. Totally agree, especially considering what is standard practice with good internet vendors. Just about everyone sends a order confirmation immediately, followed by a shipping confirmation with tracking number within a business day. If they don't, there are plenty of alternatives that do. Maybe not for some very specialized items, but for something like golf equipment, that level of responsiveness is a given.
  3. I've found it to be very revealing with i) swinging hard does not mean swinging faster, ii) swinging at what feels like 80% is actually 90+% of swing speed, and iii) focusing in sound technique and being relaxed and balanced results in higher swing speed than really trying to go after it.
  4. I don't want bifurcated rules. That we are playing the same equipment as the pros play and can play on the same courses is part of what makes golf so cool and unlike most other sports. Aren't we going to hit a leveling off point with distance? COR can't go any higher. Shafts can't get any longer. Can they really engineer another 30-40 yards out of the golf ball? It also doesn't feel to me that guys are completely overpowering courses. Sure courses have had to add yards, but its not like guys are going out to courses and shooting 58s or driving every other par-4. Look at the winning
  5. I'm trying to figure this out too -- without spending tons of $$. Leaning towards a Canon Elph 300, which seems to take decent high speed video that is a heck of a lot better than what I'm using now and can be had for around $125. Here's a youtube vid with one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNBwd9s5_kg
  6. I don't think any golf fans out there aren't "getting over it." Its just that most sports fans root for players not only the technical skills but also based on their personality and character. Obviously Tiger didn't divorce or cheat on his fans, so we don't have to "get over it" like Elin, but he severely damaged his reputation and, as a result, his likability from a fan perspective. If none of that bother you, great -- but it matters to a lot of us.
  7. What even happened to right and wrong? Its shocking to me that folks will stand up and say "no big deal -- a lot of people do it." No one is all over Tiger for getting a divorce, or for getting caught up in a moment and having one affair (which is still deplorable in my opinion, even if "lots of people do it"). Tiger cheated on his wife and kids with dozens of different women. I don't think its going too far out on the limb to say that such conduct demonstrates a lack of character and integrity. To defame someone is to harm someone's reputation by false statements -- Tiger brought all th
  8. Congrats -- and welcome to the adventure. I wouldn't say golf is gone, but you'll find your time is a heck of a lot more limited than it once was. How big of an impact it has probably depends on how much you are playing now. For me, prior to kids I went to the range after work on a pretty regular basis and played twice a week or so. Usually 9 holes in the late afternoon or evening during the week, and one day on the weekend. Now, I still go to the range, but I now either go at lunch during work, in the evenings after we have dinner and the kiddo goes to bed, or on the weekend during he
  9. I think Oosthuizen's shot is the most exciting thing I've ever seen. Not for the difficulty since I agree the post that it was just a very well hit shot from the fairway, but for the rarity. I've very glad I saw it live, since we're talking about a shot that has happened once every thirty years or so @ the Masters.
  10. I get it, but it seems silly unless its exceptional circumstances -- i.e. someone coming in and hitting tons of clubs and lots of balls and they never buy anything. The only harm to the store is the five minutes that the salesperson has to tape up the clubs -- the potential downside is irking your customers and losing business. I try clubs at a local store with a range fairly often, but I also will buy clubs there after doing it because appreciate being able to try before I buy and would like to see them stay in business. I'll go in a handful of times trying different clubs each time bef
  11. [quote name='MB GOLF' timestamp='1333035637' post='4606017'] Read the book in one sitting last night... So, yes... it is a good read.Few things I took away:(oh...wait... not everyone has not read the book, so I will not spoil it).This book IS IN NO WAY the "book" the media portrayed it to be...No "shocking" revelations... just confirmation that Tiger is a WAYYYYY different type of dude... almost a Michael Jackson-ish type of dude in a weird way.I'll leave it there for now for those who haven't read it. [/quote] Thats my takeaway so far as well. I'm only about halfway through, and am find
  12. Totally agree with 502 to Right. Hopefully by the time my daughter is in her 20s she won't have to deal with this sort of BS. Sure they can do whatever they want, but the longer they go without admitting female members the more they look like a club full of old geezers who are living in the past and out of touch. Same with all the other private clubs that are men only. The idea of excluding women is a relic of the past. Its only a matter of time, in my opinion -- new generations are growing up with colleagues, partners, directors, etc. that are very smart and successful women, and th
  13. Its funny too when they call it cut this or baby draw that, and then the shot tracer shows a shot that's essentially straight as an arrow.
  14. I do the 9-3 drill ala slicefixer when I feel like I'm armsy and not rotating my core.
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