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  1. Am I the only one who those those hot plate matts was a handmade Spider case?? LOL
  2. I had a set of v4’s like 6+ yrs ago. I hit them at the range twice and hit everything. Like every target. Every window and shape. I still consider it one of my best range days ever. but I kept thinking “I can’t play Wilson irons”…. “These are way to shiny and ugly, plus I can’t play Wilson” Eventually traded them and have since played V6’s and the Wilson Staff Tour Blades. I want a set of the CB’s or D7 Forged maybe even c300 Forged but have to say those holes are so ugly. But Wilson is legit as we all know and seriously have such a great feel.
  3. Awesome bag and love he still has a 2017 M2 and how this kid carries himself. Hope he wins and gets some momentum.
  4. Thats great to know. Had no idea and absolutely love the deep milled face and these pros playing with carbon heads. Carbon is still the best feel by far. But hearing we can get fitted and customized build for $1300 is a steal!!
  5. Love seeing welds and customized necks again with Betti. All the oem’s start getting away from the customizing and when they do that they look more and more like retail garbage. Not a huge fan of these heads but seeing the welded necks and colors, different weights and flows makes me smile. Betti was getting away from this the last few years.
  6. Sneds hit everything with his 90's Rossie yesterday. One of many all times greats!
  7. Have this exact same set and still a GREAT blade/MC that works awesome, goes long, easy to play and looks legit. Adams was the real deal.
  8. Can we do a WRX hug here? Lots of top buds in this one and I love it!!! What makes this site/forum so great!!!
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