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  1. I played a g10 for years. 10-12 years and while it said 9* I heard Ping was so off it may have been 11*. I hit it high and LONG! I have always been a low ball player so the loft must have been jacked. Had a 7s Voodoo after market shaft installed and for a while no one could keep up. Miss those days.
  2. Dude Spanish Bay is a joke. Maybe the most beautiful track ever while being the most ridiculous. My father in law and I cheaped out playing Pebble Beach, plus was a late tee time, so settled for Spanish Bay. Hardest track ever. Slope is like 150 and half the ime you have no idea where to tee off lol. I asked one of the Pro shop kids if any Pros play there. He laughed and said “no way, not fun for them, just too hard and not practice”. Lol
  3. As always Speeder717 has all the Cally gear and willing to share. Thanks for positing and if you can let us know how they play?
  4. I had a set last summer. Just awesome and easy to play. Wish I never sold mine. I am scratching for $$ to buy these. Love the Engage wedges too.
  5. SF looks good. I am a fan and hope they go all the way again. Good luck!
  6. I couldn’t even watch the second half. Pats suck and Cam is a bum!
  7. Wait Ads actually got together? You know how many times I tried to get out to play with you? I hope all is well brother. Great to see you active. -Benny
  8. Thanks for the idea bro. I will try something like a Ping? My buddy gave me his m3 woods to try out. Will work on a flatter swing too.
  9. Honestely I cannot find a fairway that goes high. I smothered the ball for so many years I deloft everything. I hit a Sldr 5hl yesterday just high enough to cut shrubs. If I could I would love to give this issue away to you OP. It sucks but I do play well in the wind at least.
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