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  1. Cool thanks man. I’m old so took it personally and thought I had to defend myself. Because I am old! thanks for being the bigger man. I was ready to act all tough on here like it matters! Just love golf and love this site with all the helpful ads and education from other members. Thanks Sylvester!!
  2. Its my neck that can’t handle it Sylvester. I broke that, my skull, shoulder and collarbone while being unconscious for 2 days as a teen from a bad accident. But for 42yrs old, 6-4 at 225lbs today I benched 85lb dumbbells drop sets, 175lb incline drop sets, tri cable squeeze w drop sets mixed with leg extension drop sets, leg presses with cable flies. Then ran a mile and swam with my kids for an hour. So Ill take my px6.0’s my fine little fury friend.
  3. Very cool. Thx for sharing. I wish I could play them but my neck cannot take it. I had some x100 Amy’s last year which felt heavy but played great. But man I started losing it right towards the end. Range day before and pre match didn’t help LOL thanks again!
  4. That's correct. But should have an S, R or X on the label. What a steal here. WOW!
  5. It’s all about pretending!!! I did just buy the Tyne tho haha
  6. Really, feel like a dream? I would think it would be the opposite no? But thats my perspective playing PX6.0’s. They feel amazing and s300’s feel like donkey shite. Smell like it too!
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