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  1. No man it was awesome the way it read. Like you where on a “weight tape quest”! which is the truth….
  2. Playing my Tour Issue one tomorrow. Put some cotton in the head and sounds mint!! Such a long driver snd why its still used on Tour.
  3. Whats up Ads!?!?!? Great to see you on here buddy. Dude Id still love to get out with you some time! Everyone, this guy and I would do Blockbuster Trades back in the day. For anyone who doesn’t know that means big azz swaps worth like $5k+! we had some fun man. Hope all is well nrother! -Benny
  4. Like ZERO offset rocking on those blades. I love it and must promote a higher flight. He hits his long irons as high as the mids!!
  5. My guess, latest and greatest. Plus what I know of Titliest they pay a bonus with a win and pay more on newer gear. Otherwise there isn’t much of a difference. There cant be.
  6. So true. They take all of them off contract. They all get ripping pissed and go elsewhere but all come back around and play for free. least Im not sure if they have any $$ on the line playing TM. Players used to et $$ for playing TM woods but Im almost positive the new ownership did away with most contracts. Unless you are top brass of course like DJ, Rors, Colin even Wolf.
  7. JT hit me up if you are game for swaps! Love this!
  8. I came back to google myself at the MB1's and now I am loving these RAZR MB's. I have had both sets and shot some of my best golf with them back before kids. AWESOME!!
  9. Dude I bet a few guys on Tour would like to have these. Wowowowowowow!
  10. IDK I love all the meat behind the ball on this new line of irons. Looks like they added more material than rounded it off. So its not visible but maxed out forgiveness.
  11. I believe this is the issue. His length dropped and so has his game. But lets face it. I play golf 5 days in a row and I want a break. How can these guys play that much all the time and have tens of millions in the bank and not get bored, tired or family starts to get in the way. Not just Tiger but any of these guys who keep it up like they do shows such mental strength!
  12. Love that ZB. When I had mine thats how I explained the putter as a FCB for far less. Such a great blade and I want yours!
  13. I have this exact same putter and its awesome. Little less toe hang than the retail which have shorter slant necks. Its such a well balanced putter and I swear the insert is way different than retail. Softer but sounds and feels much better. More response off the face. Great deal, these are rare.
  14. So sorry to hear about this Josh. My prayers are with you man. Obviously good sign its benign. But scary shite man and my thoughts are with you bro! I would buy this in a second if I wasn't still on this iron quest. I should get back into putters!
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