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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the F2/TS2/TSi2 models have shallower faces and the F3/TS3/Tsi3 models have deeper faces, meaning the 2 models should in general be easier to hit off the deck and the 3 models should be more effective off the tee. That's not to say one wouldn't be effective in the opposite application as well. A good friend of mine was fit for a TSi3 with a Fuji Pro 2.0 and now only hits it about 10 yards shorter off the tee than his RadSpeed with a Ventus Blue, which he was also fit for. He's probably received about a 15 yard boost off the tee over the PING G400 3 wood he was using before.
  2. I'm definitely not one for prominent logos, especially with equipment manufacturers. I have my brand preferences like anyone else, but I like to think I'm not anyone's billboard (not that I'm good enough for anyone to care what's in my bag or the clothes I wear). About the only logos I ever rep at a given time would be either the sports logo of my alma mater or the logo of the company I work for. In general, I like to wear clothing brands that reflect my personal style, with said clothing having as few prominent logos as possible.
  3. Justin Thomas always looks really well put together, classic style. Adam Scott as well but he takes a couple more risks than JT, not so much with patterns but with fits and color combos. Martin Kaymer would probably be my favorite but I'm not a huge fan of the spikeless shoes he wears. Shoes make or break an outfit in my opinion and I like a more classic style, so I'm not surprised most of the Tour guys I think are well dressed tend to wear the Premieres, the DryJoys, or the Icons.
  4. Thanks for stopping by! Here's what I have at the moment. No interest in trades at the moment. Shipping is USA only. Callaway Epic Max driver, brand new still in the wrapping, 10.5 degree loft with standard length HZRDS Smoke iM10 50g 6.0 shaft and stock Callaway grip, head cover and wrench included $475 obo shipped TaylorMade P760 iron set 4-PW, gamed for two seasons, standard bag chatter for forged irons, most noticeable wear is on the 7 iron, faces and grooves are in great shape with no browning, pictures really tell the story here, Dynamic Gold X100 shafts, standard length loft and lie (see original spec sheet from The Kingdom), white standard Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips $775 obo shipped
  5. I graduated in 2019. I bought a new PING Hoofer bag a couple of months after graduating and switched everything over into that bag while putting my college bag (also a Hoofer) with my name on it in my office at work. In retrospect, I'm glad that I retired the college bag before it got really faded so it will stay nice as long as I live. I don't plan on gaming it again except perhaps for an alumni tournament or team reunion golf trip, which I imagine will be few and far between. All of that being said, I still game the team-issued driver headcover and hybrid headcover from my school days, that way I still get to rep where I played, but in a more subtle way. Once those are thoroughly worn, I'll retire those and game something else.
  6. It was a passion project of mine for my own personal use. When I originally bought them, they didn't have the OG Apex shafts so I didn't feel as bad putting C-Tapers in them
  7. ****IRON SET SOLD**** Hi There, I've got a lovely set of raw 1999 Hogan Apex blades for sale. The refinish and club build work on these was done by Oughton's Golf Repair in northern California. I played six or eight rounds with these beauties and they are by far the softest irons I have ever played, but I quickly realized I'm not as good at finding the center of the club face as I used to be! I'd love to hang on to these, but I'd rather them be in the bag of someone who will really enjoy playing a unique set of some of the best blades ever produced. This set in particular is a 4 through 9 iron set with KBS C-Taper 125 S+ shafts (new, previously unused shafts installed by Oughton's) and standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips (the grip on the 5 iron is a standard Tour Velvet with the logo down so it appears the same as the rest). The pictures speak to the condition the heads themselves are in. The length/loft/lie specs for this set is as follows: 4 Iron - Length: 38.5" Loft: 22.5* Lie: 60.5* 5 Iron - Length: 38" Loft: 26* Lie: 61* 6 Iron - Length: 37.5" Loft: 29* Lie: 61.5* 7 Iron - Length: 37" Loft: 33* Lie: 62* 8 Iron - Length: 36.5" Loft: 37* Lie: 62.5* 9 Iron - Length: 36" Loft: 41* Lie: 63* I also have a 3 iron from the same original set that I haven't had any work done on that I will include free of charge if you'd like. I am asking for SOLD shipped in the continental USA. Not strongly considering trades at this time, but size 12 M FootJoy DryJoy Tours, Icons, Classics, or 1857s in new or really good condition might give me something to consider. Let me know if there's any other information I can provide for you or any questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. Was lucky enough to get to play Preston Trail about a year ago. What an unbelievable experience, truly a "drop everything else you're doing if you get invited" kind of place! GLWS
  9. I've played a VR Pro LTD 3 wood with an OG Blueboard 83x since I bought it off a buddy for $70 in late 2013. I haven't seriously considered another 3 wood in that time. It's the longest-tenured club in my bag in that it hasn't left the bag since I first bought it. The club in my bag that I've had the longest is my Scotty Laguna 1.5 that I've had in the bag since summer 2011, but that got kicked out of the bag for about five months in 2014 by a Scotty California Del Mar. Stupidest decision to ditch the Laguna, hence why it's back in the bag!
  10. (14) Most of my personal collection is Scottys but I have some others. Scottys: ! Studio Stainless Laguna 1.5 (gamer) ! Pro Platinum Laguna Two (getting refinished right now) ! Pro Platinum Newport Two ! TeI3 Newport Two (refinished) ! Studio Stainless Newport (getting refinished) ! Studio Stainless Newport 2 (getting refinished) ! California Del Mar ! Futura Phantom ! Circa '62 Model No. 2 Others: ! Acushnet Bulls-Eye ! Wilson Staff 8813 ! Odyssey White Ice DART Blade ! Laguna/PING ZING shaped Never Compromise Sub 30 ! Ashdon Golf center-shafted mallet On my Wishlist: !! A custom handmade Laguna/PING ZING-shaped putter from a boutique putter company (any suggestions on what companies to consider for this would be appreciated, most boutique putter companies I've found on social media only do Newport/Anser shaped heads, or at least post those to their accounts)
  11. Selling a set of TaylorMade HI-TOE wedges, 50.09, 54.10, and the 58 with the ATV grind. These are in used condition, used for eight rounds with a few practice sessions sprinkled in between. The 58 shows more visible wear than the 50 and the 54, but the grooves on all three have a ton of life left. The wedges are standard length, loft, and lie, and the shafts are True Temper Dynamic Gold S300s with standard white Golf Pride Tour Wraps. I'm asking $300 shipped. I am only shipping to the lower 48 at this time, and am not looking for trades or to split up the set. PM me if you have any questions as I'll get the notifications sent to my phone, that way I can get back to you quicker than I otherwise would. Thank you for your interest and hit 'em straight!
  12. I hooked every hybrid I hit for years. About four years ago, I was fitted for and purchased a 19* Titleist 816H2 hybrid right as that line was debuting. The fitter's solution for the hook problem was simple: 1. Adjust the adjustable hosel to the flattest setting and 2. Use a shorter shaft (the fitter ordered a standard length shaft for a 21* rather than the 19* I was getting). The second point, in my opinion, is the key because the shorter shaft results in an effectively "flatter" lie. I believe you can take any hybrid and make it anti-hook by cutting it down a half-inch or an inch from standard, provided it doesn't make the shaft too stiff.
  13. > @"Sonja Henie" said: > What’s the loft on the g400 3 wood? Thanks It's 14.5* Can't believe I forgot to include that. Thanks for pointing that out!
  14. Hey y'all, I got a wide variety of stuff in this thread that's looking for a new home. I apologize to my neighbors north and south of me as well as across the Atlantic, but I'm only shipping in the USA at this time. Not really looking to trade, but if you're so inclined, X-flex graphite shafted driving irons (19* or 20* of loft) are my current weakness. Reasonable offers are welcome. If anything you see suits your fancy, just give me a shout! Here we go... **1. Tour Issue Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver head:** An 8.5* tour issue head gamed for about a season and a half. Absolute bomber. Wear is typical for a driver gamed for that length of time, but the crown looks perfectly clean at address. No matching headcover, but I can provide one for shipping. **$90 shipped** **2. 2017 TaylorMade M1 460 Driver head:** A used 10.5* 460 cc head that was gamed for about two seasons, with wear typical for a driver gamed for that length of time, with the pictures telling that story. Full disclosure: there are two small nicks on the crown, a small one down towards the heel and another up towards the toe There's also a slight grey discoloration above the nick on the toe. No matching headcover, but I can provide one for shipping. **SOLD bundled w/ the Kuro Kage** **3. PING G400 14.5* 3 wood:** This 3 wood was gamed only for a short while, with the level of use and wear well illustrated in the pictures. It has the stock Alta CB shaft in a stiff flex at 65 grams. Also plays at 43" with a minty standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip. Headcover included. **SOLD** ~~ **4., 5., and 6. Tour Issue Raw Cleveland 588 Precision Forged Wedges:** This is a wedge set (50.08, 54.12, 58.12, all two-dot) I acquired used some time ago, but I didn't really play them for all that long. They're the softest, most buttery wedges I've ever played, but the tour issue DG X100s were too much for me with the wedges. I never played the 58.12 because I wanted fewer degrees bounce with that loft, but the 50.08 and 54.12 were gamed by me for just short of a full season before moving on. They are completely raw and rusting. I removed the paint from the 50.08 and the 54.12, but not the 58.12, in order to try to achieve a cleaner look. They're used, but the grooves have plenty of life, and I did my best to illustrate such in the pictures. The first face picture is of the 50.08, the second of the 54.12, and the final one of the 58.12. The 50.08 and 54.12 have standard Lamkin Crossline Cord grips and the 58.12 has a standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Playing length measures in at 35.75" (50.08), 35.5" (54.12), and 35.25" (58.12). Looking to sell as a set only. **$120 shipped** **7. Titleist 710 AP2 Iron Set 3-9 w/ True Temper DG S300 shafts:** This iron set was gamed moderately for a few seasons. The pictures should tell the story here. The pictures of the faces start with the 3 iron, and work their way down from there. All told, they're in pretty good shape, with most of the wear found in the 7, 8, and 9 irons. The set is standard length, loft, and lie with standard white Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips. I will include a chrome 46* SM4 wedge if my initial asking price is met. Great set for someone looking for an inexpensive set of players' cavities. **SOLD** **8. Titleist SM5 58.04 L Grind Wedge:** This wedge was used, but not for very long. Has nicks and dings from typical play, but the grooves are still fresh with plenty of life and zip left in them. The pictures tell the story. Standard length, lie, and loft with the stock wedge flex shaft and a standard white Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip. **$45 shipped** **9. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6X driver shaft w/ Callaway Epic/Rogue/Epic Flash Tip:** A great driver shaft. Originally had a TaylorMade tip on it but I had a new Callaway tip installed when I picked up an Epic Flash and wanted to try out different shafts. It's untipped, and is 44" long uninstalled, meaning it will play at 45.25" installed. Has a standard Lamkin Crossline Cord grip. There's a slight rubbing of the graphics, which I did my best to illustrate in one of the pictures. It's small and purely cosmetic. **SOLD** **10. Kuro Kage Silver Series tini DualCore 60X driver shaft w/ TaylorMade M Series Tip:** Factory installed TaylorMade M Series tip. It's untipped, and is 44.5" long uninstalled, meaning it will play at 45.75" installed. Has a Golf Pride Multi-Compound grip. The shaft and its graphics are in excellent shape. If you want to combine with the M1 460 head in this listing, I will do **SOLD bundled w/ the M1 driver head**
  15. If I had $400 to spare, I would buy the putter and run off like I stole it. I had a Scotty (albeit not a TeI3) refinished about eight years ago through their Custom Shop and had the paint (not the finish) stripping off in a matter of days after I got it back from them. I've since had three different Scottys done by BOS Golf (including a TeI3) and have received service superior to that of the Custom Shop as well as a superior-looking product (in my opinion, not that it matters) at a similar or better price. Sure, many Scotty enthusiasts like any refinishing work done by the Custom Shop, but I'm not necessarily sure you're getting as high quality of a job when you do. Anyway, just my unsolicited two cents. Good luck with the sale!
  16. 2001-2002: U.S. Kids Red Series 2002-2003: U.S. Kids Blue Series 2003-2004: U.S. Kids Green Series 2004-2005: U.S. Kids Silver Series 2005-2006: Nike Ignite Junior 2006-2007: TaylorMade Burner (c. late 1990s model) 10.5* w/ Bubble shaft 2007-2008: King Cobra M Series Offset 10.5* w/ stock shaft 2008: TaylorMade Tour Burner 10.5* w/ stock shaft 2008-2009: TaylorMade R7 CGB Max 10.5* w/ Fuji Rombax shaft 2009-2010: Titleist 909D3 10.5* w/ Graphite Design YS6+ shaft 2010-2011: tour issue Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Prototype 9* w/ Diamana 'ahina 60x 2011-2014: tour issue TaylorMade R11s 9* w/ Diamana Kai'li 60x or Tour AD-DI 6x 2014-2015: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 9* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60x 2015-2017: tour issue Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 9* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60x 2017-present: Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60x The Razr Hawk Tour Prototype was my favorite and one I definitely wish I hung on to. I hit some bombs with that thing if memory serves. Somebody offered me much, much more than I had paid for it after I already had a new R11s in hand. I've hit some bombs with the Sub Zero but these days, I really struggle to put enough spin on the ball off the tee when things are a little off, so its time in the bag is likely coming to an end soon.
  17. I was born in the mid-90s myself and must say all of those clubs you listed were definitely ones I wanted at one time or another! Golf nostalgia is a wonderful thing. For comparison's sake, here's my dream set from that era: Driver: TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad TP (or PING G10) 3 Wood: Titleist 906F2 2 Hybrid: Nickent 3DX 3 Iron - PW: TaylorMade rac MB TP 52* and 58*: Titleist Vokey Oil Can Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball Best of luck to you filling out the rest of your set!
  18. I've had both of the new Mizuno drivers in hand and they both look really, really good at address, especially the ST190G.
  19. Hey guys and gals, I've got an iron set and a wedge set looking for new homes. Not really interested in any trades at the moment, I'm pretty happy with what I have in my bag currently. Will ship anywhere in the continental United States. Titleist 714 AP2 Irons -3 iron thru 9 iron -True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100s -Standard length, standard lie, standard lofts -Lamkin Crossline Cord grips -Face pictures are of the 3 iron, 6 iron, and 9 iron. The 6 iron is the club in the bag with the most wear relative to the others, and somewhat reflective of the condition that the 7 and 8 iron are in as well. The 3 iron and 9 iron are reflective of the condition of the faces of the 4 and 5 irons. The grooves on all of the irons still have plenty of life. The pictures are as honest as they can be. $400 shipped $375 shipped Titleist SM6 Wedges - 46/08 F grind, 50/08 F grind, 54/10 S grind, 58/08 M grind -Steel Gray finish -True Temper Dynamic Gold X100s (S300 in the 58/08) -Standard length, standard lie, standard loft -Lamkin Crossline Cord grips -The 58/08 is the most used of the four and the grooves still have a lot of life in them, and the 46/08, 50/08, and 54/10 are all in very good condition. -Not interested in selling the wedges individually $250 shipped $OLD PM me if you're interested or have any questions. I'm open to reasonable offers. Thanks!!! -WestCoastSeminole 3 iron 6 iron 9 iron 46/08 50/08 54/10 58/08 X100s for 46, 50, and 54, S300 for 58
  20. I made the switch from 714 AP2s to a Srixon 765/965 combo set six months ago and can't say enough good things about the Srixons. I got fit for the first time in nine years after doing educated guesswork in the interim. Had the 714 AP2s with tour issue Dynamic Golds. Was spinning the 6 iron in the low-mid 6000s in rpm with a launch angle in the 16*-17* range. That can be problematic playing in the wind out here in the Midwest. Went into the fitting wanting a lower launch angle and lower spin. Ended up with the Srixon combo set (765 4-5, 965 6-9) with KBS C Tapers which got my spin with the 6 iron in the high 5000s low 6000s with a launch angle in the 14*-15* range. While the shaft change is probably largely responsible for those changes, I have found my 965s (and especially the 765 long irons) to be much more forgiving across the clubface than the AP2s, which floored me initially. The v-shaped sole also makes club turf interaction a little easier, especially if you're a touch steep like me. I can't recommend these enough if you have the right shaft for you in them.
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