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  1. Typically one finds their ball in less than 3 minutes when it has not been hit into a dicey area. An extra 2 minutes rarely produces a found ball. Many people already have trouble keeping pace and giving them extra time to fruitlessly search for wayward balls just adds to the problem. Hit a provisional.
  2. Our club without real estate uses 100% of each member's playing handicap. The USGA recommends 95% except when the field is less than 30 players. We flight our tournaments with four flights of about 25 players and that is our rationale for using 100%. As was mentioned, if one is competing in a format other than individua play, the recommended allowance may be less. From the USGA Handicapping site: C/1 – Impact of Field Size on Recommended Handicap Allowance Field sizes have an impact on equity and should be considered when determining handicap allowances for a specific event and format of play. The recommended handicap allowance for all individual stroke play formats of play is set at 95% for medium-sized field net events, of at least 30 players. For a field size of fewer than 30 players, the recommendation would be to increase the handicap allowance to 100%.
  3. Would not rotating the ball be a better way for one to allow an opponent to identify the ball without actually lifting it? I once told an opponent, only slightly in jest, that if he lifted his ball to identify it, I wanted to replace it.
  4. My thought is to convince the three players you were supposed to be joined with to play as a foursome. If they flat out refuse, then proceed ahead of them but that would be a last resort. A single on a full course is always a problem. It is not fun to play through a succession of groups and it is disruptive for the groups to let a single move through. The fact that you were walking makes it even more of an issue. Frankly, I suspect part of the reason you hit into the group in front is that you felt pressure to not be on the tee when the next group came along. Rather than wait until it was really clear, you hit when it was probably clear. Latch on to a group in the future. Venture out as a single only when the course is mainly empty, and be prepared to skip holes.
  5. Anyone played Dunham Hills in 2020? They killed all the grass on the back nine in 2019 and had to re-grow the entire side. The greens were not fully growing in last August. Is the entire 18 playable now and how sketchy are the greens?
  6. I'd say a majority of the courses I have played in the past couple weeks had no shallow cup arrangements. A few had pool noodles but none did the upside down cup set-up anymore. Also, rakes are returning. Lyon Oaks had rakes as well as Washtenaw Golf Club. Everyone I play with just leaves the flagstick in all the time. I do not know if there are course restrictions anymore about removing the flagstick I now have a designated cart friend and when we play together (often) we ride together. Otherwise, I have walked or gone solo in a cart. A small bottle of hand sanitizer and a face mask in the golf bag have become standard items.
  7. Every course seems to be a bit different. The upside down cup is okay if they sink the hole enough to let most putts remain in the hole. The "noodle" also works except when the darn noodle is level with the green surface. Pierce Lake below. This is Green Oaks but Leslie Park and several Metro Parks have upside down cups.
  8. Radrick has a far superior practice area and has great pace of play. I also think the conditioning is better, often a lot better, than U of M. As much as I like the Blue course, there are so many times where the pace of play becomes a crawl that I just don't enjoy it. Great layout and poor execution.
  9. I have been happy to see that the local courses are performing some degree of spring maintenance like cutting the fairways, blowing leaves and sticks off the course, fertilizing greens, etc ... If/when things open up, conditions should be decent.
  10. I consider Monday, March 16 as the "start" of the Corona Virus issue in Michigan. That is the day our Governor started shutting down some of our public facilities. We are approaching the one week anniversary. I have managed to play three rounds since the announcement (Whitmore Lake, Fox Hills, Stonebridge). No symptoms yet but with the 14 day incubation period, who knows. Whitmore Lake was fairly busy. Fox Hills was eerily quiet. I paid the young woman in the Golden Fox clubhouse and gave her a $5 tip for hanging in there and working. Once I got on the "Classic" it was apparent I was the only one on the course despite it being almost 11:00am. By the time I finished maybe a half dozen people were playing. Stonebridge was similar. We had the course to ourselves after starting at 10:00am. It started to pick up as we were leaving at 12:30. I expected more people based on all the schools being closed, businesses shuttered, etc ...
  11. My solution was to play a lot of Tournament rounds. We are not going to be at our best every time, unless one is a sand bigger. If one has 10 to 12 events a year, there is less pressure associated with any one of them versus building up to the single big event. And certainly playing for a few dollars during casual rounds is a good way to practice making the putt or hitting it solidly when money is on the line.
  12. With the clarification from the Governor's office, courses are re-opening. The ones that will remain closed appear to be tied to a university (U of M - Radrick/Blue, EMU/Eagle Crest) or government entity (City of Ann Arbor/Leslie, Ypsilanti Twp/Green Oaks, Oakland County/Lyon Oaks and other "Oaks" courses, etc... My sphere is the Ann Arbor area so things might be different on the east side, etc ... In my area, Stonebridge, Lake Forest, Whitmore Lake Golf Links, Fox Hills are open. There are others, I am sure, that are also open. I noted today some foursomes at Whitmore were using 4 carts. Frankly, if one is that concerned, possibly playing golf should be avoided. Or maybe I am not sensitive enough to the issue. If this goes into May, 4 carts may be a non-starter. When the Governor orders all of us to stay home, I will obey. Until then I am going to keep playing, washing my hands, coughing into my elbow and try to enjoy life, as short as it may be.
  13. An optimist! Yes, after that unexpected foot of snow in early November it has not been bad. No polar vortex or heavy snows so far. If we could have another weekend like the beginning of the month of February, all this snow would be gone before the SE Michigan Golf Show.
  14. I suspect www.groupgolfer.com is better in some states than others. In Michigan they offer some decent deals. The catch is one must purchase the round now with the plan to use it later. One can't decide "I want to play Moose Ridge tomorrow" and get a tee time. The site is really best for people that want to try a course some time in the future, not in two days.
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