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  1. What everyone above said. I received mine and returned it the same day. I wanted to love it, but it didn't do anything for me.
  2. Thanks all. Will definitely be trying some of your suggestions. I picked up a Tour Black Itsy Bitsy because I liked my newer Tour Black so much. The Itsy Bitsy doesn't look to setup the same and the sound is different. Higher pitch and not as solid sounding. Anyone experience the same thing?
  3. I've been gaming a Spider Tour Black short slant for a few years now. It was my first mallet and I don't think I'll go back to a blade. I love the putter, but always have the itch for something new. I just had my Phantom X 5.5 delivered and I don't think it's making the cut. I had high hopes for it. For those of you that have gamed a Spider Tour, I'm wondering what putters have beat it out?
  4. Rantonio

    Spider FCG

    I agree with the guys saying it was too light and not as stable on the takeaway.
  5. You liked the increased offset of the flow neck. Did you notice the decrease in toe hang, or did it mess with your stroke at all?
  6. I bought one and received it yesterday. Returned it after about 10 putts. Not as stable as my Spider and I didn't like the feel or sound.
  7. Scooped up a Taylormade Spider Tour Black Itsy Bitsy this morning. I've been gaming a Tour Black (red bottom plate) that kicked my DH89 and Redwood Anser out of the bag most recently.
  8. Funny, I was just going to post the same thing. It said there were 2 available. I grabbed 1, so there should be 1 left.
  9. I used to carry a 3hybrid, but don't have any in the bag now. I fall in line with the Titleist guide above and still carry a 4 iron. It also helps with that low punch when I'm in trouble, haha.
  10. Like many of us here, I love to buy and sell putters. For me the majority have been Scotty Cameron because I liked how they looked. I've had everything in the bag from the Classic 1 to 009's. Then I got "tired" of Scotty and played around with more affordable putters like the Ping Redwood Anser. I also went through a Byron Morgan phase and ended up with a DH89. I'm still surprised by it, but I now I have a TaylorMade Spider Tour Black that's been in the bag for the last 2 seasons. I never thought I'd game a mallet, especially one that looks like the Spider. For me, the perfor
  11. I often revisit Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. Though not always reading. Sometimes I'll listen to it while hitting balls at the range.
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