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  1. Hey all, just a few things for sale today. Items include free shipping anywhere in the US only please. My PayPal is [email protected] 1. Cobra and Taylor Made driver heads I have two Fly-z+, an LTD, and a Rocketballz tour 10.5 for sale. Would like to sell these altogether. The black Flyz+ has some sort of matte spray on top from previous owner. The LTD spaceport stays tight but the plastic piece has a small rattle to it. No adapters are included. $old 2. 7 Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 and One +4 grip. The 360's were pulled from a new set of Srixon z785s. These a
  2. Good stuff man, I was also there in the mob on 18. I almost didn't follow him that day because of how big the galleries were. Glad I did!
  3. Sadly he has made that same statement before with another player using a Ping putter.
  4. Hey all, selling a few extras that i have. I ship insured anywhere in the US. Feel free to PM me for any questions and Paypal info. Callaway X-Forged heads 2013 Model. 4 through pitching wedge. Standard loft and lie. Gamed these for a couple of years, great set of irons. $200 shipped. Dynamic Gold x100 shafts. Played these as 4-pw. I have included a picture of the lengths. .355taper tip. Shaft bands have been removed. $95 shipped. Golf Pride MCC+4 midsize grip (total of seven). Bought these to experiment with Midsize. Only used for 5 rounds, just prefer standard size grip
  5. Hey all, up for sale is my Spider Tour Red putter. 34 inches in length. Has a superstroke traxion grip that was installed earlier this year. Will also include headcover. Will ship anywhere in the US only please. $old.
  6. Hey all, have some beauties for sale today. Miura CB-301 irons in 4-PW. Excellent used shape with headcovers used each time. Standard l/l/l. The 5 iron measures 38". Shafted with DG Tour Issue x100 shafts. Standard GP+4 grips with plenty of life left. I will ship insured anywhere in the US only please. Asking $1,175.00 shipped. Message me for any questions and Paypal info.
  7. Hey all, clearing out some shafts that i have laying around. Full disclaimer here, these are a bit of a hodge podge, which is why i am selling these cheaper. The PXI's have extensions in two of the shafts as shown. The 7 iron is a brand new uncut shaft. The regular 6.0's have a bit of tape bumps under a few of the grips. I have posted a picture of the measurements of all the shafts. They are taken from the picture containing the #1 in the top right corner. I will ship these anywhere in the US only please. SOLD
  8. Yea i do need to wait and make sure it's a done deal. I went last year by purchasing a 3rd party ticket, I was a nervous wreck thinking we were may not get in but luckily we did. I would go every year if I could.
  9. You guys think it's worth the risk to buy 3rd party practice round tickets? Seeing Augusta in the fall would be a once in a lifetime experience i feel like.
  10. Well great, was looking forward to seeing the course this weekend, hope I can get a refund on our hotel.
  11. Hey guys, having to sell my F9 head unfortunately. Would like to keep it but car repairs have the priority(boo). 9.0 degrees of loft. The 2 gram weight does have a crack but still functions. I will include the original headcover and wrench. First to paypal gets it. $125 shipped. My paypal is [email protected]
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