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  1. Come on man it's history being made on the last hole. While they shouldn't be mugging Phil, following him up to the green is pretty cool.
  2. Bit off topic here but I'm looking to go to the PGA. I know that they have a reduced capacity for fans and I've heard some people have had their tickets refunded to them. But it looks like tickets are available on the PGA ticket exchange. Is it worth taking a chance on these?
  3. Cobra LTD Pro head with adjustable 7-10 degrees of loft. Comes with headcover and spaceport tool and wrench. Screw will be included but sorry, no adapter. $75 shipped.
  4. Selling my Mizuno JPX 921 SEL set in 4 through gap wedge configuration. Beautiful set with the always great Mizuno feel. 5 iron measures 38.25". Standard loft and lie. Shafted with KBS $ Taper 120 stiff shafts. Standard size GP Z Cord Grips. Bought new and only used 2 rounds. I ship insured anywhere in the US only please. $950 shipped.
  5. Feel free to message me for any questions. I ship insured anywhere in the US only please. Message me for paypal info. 1. Ping i210 irons 4-pw Shafted with x100 shafts. Shaft labels were starting to peel off so I went ahead and took them all off. Comes with GP Tour Velvet cord standard grips with 3 wraps on bottom hand. 5 iron measures 38.75". Standard black dot loft and lie. Asking $600 shipped. 2. Taylormade P770 Gap Wedge Shafted with tour issue x100 shaft. Standard GP Z Patriot grip with a couple wraps on bottom hand. Asking $40 shipped.
  6. Echoing what some others are saying: Reed is not as chubby as he looks. Their swings are so smooth and effortless. Watching Tiger on the range is an absolute treat. They hit the ball very high. They make me want to quit.
  7. 1. Scotty Cameron Futura X7M. 34 inches in length. No shaft band. Comes with Lamkin deep etched grip and original headcover. $old shipped anywhere in the US. 2.Dynamic Gold s400 iron shafts 4-pw. Come with standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet cord grips. 355 taper tip. $old shipped.
  8. Mizuno MP20 SEL 3-pw. The 5-pw are musclebacks and the 3 and 4 are the HMB's. Shafted with $-taper 130x shafts. Standard size MCC +4 grips with Arccos capability. 5 iron is 38.5" playing length. Standard loft and lie to my knowledge. I ship insured anywhere in the US only please. Asking $850.00 shipped. Titleist u510 1 iron. 41.25" playing length. Standard loft and lie to my knowledge. Project x 6.0 hybrid shaft. Asking $old
  9. After watching Rick Shiels' review of them, they look wayyy to scary for me. Love the look of them though.
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