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  1. In some cases I'd say 5-GW is the new 3-9 iron.
  2. Thanks Rapidcat, great info. Cheers Kiwi
  3. Thanks. I was all set to buy the Z585s but my local shop told me to wait for the new ZX series. I have a 50° RTX 2 wedge but I only hit that about 90-95m whereas I hit my current 43° 9 iron about 120-125 so about a 30m gap which would be too much especially in such a vital scoring range. I guess until I have the ZX5s in the bag I won't really know how far I hit the 44° pitching wedge. Maybe I'm best off doing as you suggest just play them at standard lofts and figure out the gaps from there. The set gap wedge is probably the best option. The sole grind appeals as I am a digger who takes large
  4. Look forward to hearing your comparison with the JPX 921. A buddy of mine has the 919 Forged and they are lovely clubs. It seems even Mizuno are not immune to this loft creep and even the 921s are stronger than the 919 series. The Hot Metal or Hot Metal Pro is another iron I WAS interested in but they've gone nuts with the strong lofts too. A 22° five iron and 29° 7 iron. Come on!
  5. I'm seriously interested in buying the new Srixon ZX5 irons. My only problem is the strong lofts. The 5 iron to 9 iron are identical lofts to my current set 4 iron to 8 iron i.e. 24° - 39°. Then the loft jumps 5° to a 44° pitching wedge 1° weaker than my current 9 iron which is 43°. My current set has a 47° pitching wedge. Now I know most of the modern sets are now one club stronger and that doesn't bother me but a 44° pitching wedge does seem too strong to fill that spot in the bag and I'm concerned that it will leave too big a gap to a 50° wedge. I note that the ZX7 irons are 1°
  6. Enough already with the loft jacking. I'm just looking forward to the day I can buy a set with a 21° Pitching Wedge and 7 Gap Wedges until I get to the 54-56° sand wedge.
  7. No they will be arriving in a few weeks. Bear in mind I'm down under in NZ. Thought they were already available in the NH, USA, UK etc. Maybe I'm jumping the gun and nobody has hit them yet except for a few YouTube pros.
  8. Yeah if you only own 14 clubs they are your gamers. But if you own multiple drivers, putters, sets of irons etc it's sometimes fun to play different clubs in casual rounds. But in serious competition rounds the gamer i.e. the clubs you prefer/think are best go in the bag. In cycling analogy I own a full suspension mountain bike and a hard tail. The hard tail is used for easy, flattish, bike path trails but the full suspension is my gamer for real mountain bike riding on steep, rugged terrain.
  9. I'm interested in buying the z585 irons but when I made enquiries with my local supplier they told me the new zx5 and zx7 series would be arriving in a couple of weeks and I should wait to try them. Just wondering if anyone has hit both and how the z585 compares to the new zx5. I was ready to pull the trigger on the 585's but now wondering if the new model is worth the wait. I'm impatient by nature and knowing I could be bagging the 585's this week vs waiting a few weeks is tempting. I think I like the look of the 585 better. At least the cavity. The zx 5 and 7 cavities look like overcomplica
  10. I don't have the Comp but I have the original Cleveland Launcher 15° and 19° fairway woods. They are in my 'vacation bag' so I still play them from time to time. Two comments about them. 1. The head size is tiny compared to modern shaped fairway woods. 2. When you nut them out of the middle they are still as sweet as anything I've played since. ?
  11. Apart from the number stamped on them is there seriously any difference between those clubs? I thought the G5-G30 were identical apart from the number and a change in the colour scheme of the decals in the cavity.
  12. I'm not surprised you thought they were a blade. At address the CB look very similar to a blade. If you loved hitting them you'd probably also love the T100 you mentioned in your OP. They are more forgiving than the CB and then you also have the T200 and 300 that are progressively bigger and more forgiving. When you are used to hitting big chunky irons like the M6 it's always an amazing feeling the first time you flush a small, forged players cavity back like the CB. They are lovely to hit for sure but that great experience hitting them on the range doesn't always translate to playing them on
  13. One negative about the Bushnell laser is it chews through the batteries. I think it must be a fault in the system because if I leave the battery in during the week by the following weekend the battery is dead. So in other words it is chewing up the battery even when it is not in use. That is quite annoying and I have to remove the battery from the device at the end of each round.
  14. Like many others I have both. Garmin S6 and Bushnell V3. The GPS gets way more use at my home course and i find it very reliable when i compare distances with the laser. I bought the laser a few years back because on a golf trip i played a few courses where the club had changed the course layout rendering the GPS absolutely useless. Plus all my friends had them and raved about them. The Garmin GPS is fantastic and is easy to update once you find out about new courses and changes to course layouts. Anyway for me I like having both but if I could only have one I would take the GPS.
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