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  1. If the ZX5 6 iron was 'like cheating' vs the ZX7 any reason you wouldn't play ZX5 7 iron or even the full set?
  2. Interesting observation. For years the DG S300 seemed to be the 'stock' offering in 'players clubs'. I'm interested in combo'ing the ZX5/7s without a chance to demo. Modus 105 in the 5s and 120 in the 7s. What does that tell me?
  3. I guess the Ping i series are smaller club heads which makes them appear in the 'better player' category and might be considered 'too hard' to play for some despite having plenty of forgiveness.
  4. In all seriousness the Titleist T200 and 300 are good options in terms of the loft options. Ok the 34° is the 8 iron but the 4 - GW is basically the old 3 - PW (20°/21°-48°) and doesn't have the crazy 5° and 6° loft increments you see in other sets.
  5. Just get a set of Titleist T400s 6 - W2. Why does it matter that the 33° says it is a 9 iron?
  6. Isn't the long miss left likely with any club? Because you close the face and deloft the club and that 7 iron becomes a 5 iron. This would be true of GI, distance irons or players irons wouldn't it?
  7. Well Crossfield's ZX5 7 iron is 31° which is my 6 iron. I still feel like I can play a 27° club no problem but the 24° iron is my tipping point. Trouble is I hit the hybrid replacement further and I'm not skillful enough to play the variety of shots/distances that Crossfield does with his 22/23° 'rinkie'. Lol
  8. LOL One way of putting it. Another way of putting it is that playing forged blades is like dating a slim, sexy, smoking hot chick. She's so beautiful just one glance at her turns you on. Walking down the street with her makes heads turn and other guys jealous. She's highly strung, high maintenance, slightly psychotic and scarily unforgiving which keeps you on your toes. But all of that is worth it just for the ecstasy of making love to her. Playing large, chunky, cast GI clubs on the other hand is a bit like dating a frumpy, plain looking fat chick. She's low maintenanc
  9. In terms of Drivers I'm the same as you and less face it drivers today have evolved to a point where they are unrecognizable from woods we were playing 20-30 years ago. Even 15 years ago when they introduced the 460cc limit the designs today look so different from the 1st generation of 460cc drivers that were introduced in the mid 2000's. When it comes to irons I think I prefer something slightly smaller just because it reminds me of the Maxfli blades I used to play when I was a kid. Nobody complained about how 'hard to hit' they were back then. Of course the 3 and 4 irons weren't
  10. In short good players can shoot close to par with blades or oversize super game improvement irons. Conversely high handicap players struggle to break 90 whether they're playing blades or oversize Super game improvement irons. Lol
  11. I'm sure he meant: Full swing 175 Three Quarter swing 150 Half swing 125 Quarter swing 100 Using the Dave Pelz clock method of course.
  12. What is the difference between the ZX 7 and the ZX 5. In the irons the 5s are more forgiving and the 7s are more the players clubs. Is that basically the same concept with these two drivers? Are both adjustable?
  13. Me too! I'm so happy with my F9 but these Srixon clubs ... ... have me drooling!
  14. I disagree. Forgiveness is not overrated but the forgiveness of cavity backs over blades is certainly overstated.
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