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  1. I had a similar dilemma as I recently purchased the ZX5 irons 5-PW (44° PW) and wondered whether to get the set GW or the CBX2 50°. I wanted the set GW but there would've been about a two month wait whereas the CBX2 was available immediately. So I bought the CBX 2 and I'm pretty happy with it. Fills the distance gap in the set very well and seems solid on full swings as well as being versatile around the green. I think I probably would have been happy with either TBH.
  2. No your use of the word superfluous in this context is perfect.
  3. Gap wedge has always been a valuable club for me but I'm generally talking about a 51-52° when I played a 47° PW. I've recently upgraded to the ZX5 irons with a 44° PW. I've added a 50° CBX 2 but I'm finding the majority of my chipping duties around the green are with my 54° wedge. I still rely on the 50° to fill a vital distance gap and also as a chipping club for the stronger loft when more of a bump n run type shot is required.
  4. When they look quizzically at you follow up with "You don't have an attack wedge? I wouldn't be without my attack wedge!"
  5. Just brag that you hit your 'attack' wedge and used it to attack the pin.
  6. Not sure I agree with the gist of this post. My 80 year old Dad bought the T300 irons and didn't think he needed the 48° wedge but is glad he did get it. He reckons it is the most used club in the bag especially chipping around the green. YMMV of course but I don't think you can generalise that older golfers/shorter hitters don't need a gap wedge.
  7. Do you know what DNA stands for? National dyslexia association.
  8. My trusty Garmin G6, which has given me years of reliable service, stopped working after I played with it in torrential rain. I thought it was waterproof but in reality I guess it was really only 'shower proof' and I should have tucked it away in my bag when the rain got really heavy. Anyway I was looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest. The G8 has been discontinued and the G30 is smaller than the G6 and I always liked the idea of upgrading to a larger unit with a bigger screen. I wasn't really looking for a launch monitor but reading through this thread has me intrigued so I bought the
  9. T300 is a great set of irons you can learn and grow with depending how seriously you intend to take this game. The T400 seems a weird iron with ridiculously strong lofts (38° Pitching wedge). Well not ridiculous actually if you ignore the number on the sole. But with the T300 you'd likely play 5-GW whereas the T400 you'd likely play 6-GW2. T300 gets my vote.
  10. Lol - I am happy with my ZX 5 5-PW and CBX2 50° wedge but must admit getting the ZX7 in 7-PW as an 'alternative' setup to try/play from time to time is very appealing.
  11. I've played with 47° PW for may years and usually played 52 and 58 as my next wedges. I've just upgraded to modern clubs with a 44° PW. My first thought was to get a 48° wedge to fill that spot but in the end I went for a 50° CBX 2 to combo with RTX 54° and 58° I already have. The CBX 2 sure is a nice looking wedge. It's a bit bigger than my ZX5 PW but not a lot and it sure would combo well with a lot of iron sets out their. I had the RTX 2 CB wedge and the CBX2 is noticeably smaller at address. Just have to hope now that the 50° provides the right gapping to my 44° PW.
  12. I've got 5-PW and just bought a CBX 2 50° wedge so I'll have to see how that goes. I would have bought the set GW but I there would be a couple of months wait on that whereas the CBX 2 was available immediately. I'll see how the gapping works out but I hear you re the newer tech. These things are definitely power bats but I am finding they launch the ball higher than my old 4-9 which are the same lofts apart from a 1° difference between the old 43° 9 iron and the ZX5 44° PW.
  13. I've just bought a CBX 2 50° wedge to round out my ZX5 5-PW. I'm talking NZD of course but you are correct. The CBX2 was $229.95 whereas the Srixon irons are $250 each. And Srixon are one of the cheapest OEM's when it comes to irons. The equivalent Callaway Apex irons are $369 per club!
  14. Must not read, must not read, must not read .... Lol I've just added a CBX 2 50° to round out my ZX5 5-PW in combo with RTX 2 54° and RTX 3 58°. I was perfectly happy with my old wedges but reading reviews like this gets me thinking ...
  15. I'm a digger and after 3 rounds with the ZX5's my results are not really any different to any other iron I've played. But it's early days. Certainly nothing negative about the VT sole but not really seeing anything dramatically different in terms of my divot pattern or turf interaction. It's winter here in NZ and we've had a lot of rain lately so fairly soft, wet conditions underfoot. Love the irons though. Shot my best score in months (82) first time out so it was a good start.
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