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  1. This is what I play but haven't bothered bending the PW. Honestly how much difference would it make bending the PW from 44° to 45°?
  2. Interesting as I have the same irons as you. Only had them a few months but the 5 iron has become one of my favourite clubs. It is the same loft (24°) as my old 4 iron, which I was never especially confident with, but this club has been a revelation. It also gaps perfectly with my 23° hybrid. With the length of my course and my driving length I seem to find myself in 5 iron range (170-175m) quite a lot. Plus I have two par 3's that are about that range too depending on tee/pin placement and wind direction. If I'm in between distances I prefer to hit the 5 iron vs my hybrid. The hybrids are great but a big miss can be disastrous whereas misses with the 5 iron are not usually too bad. Yeah really can't believe what a revelation these ZX5 irons are with modern 'distance' lofts.
  3. Generally driver gets me in the most trouble. If I get my drive in play then generally my other clubs will get me up around the green and how well I score depends on my chipping and putting. But if I'm in trouble off the tee then potentially big scores come into play.
  4. The shiny new ones on the shelf at my local golf shop.
  5. It's funny you say that. I bought them sight unseen, no demo, no fitting. I thought I would do a fitting to get the optimal shafts and check the lie angles etc. But due to the shortage of stock I just took the plunge and bought the stock standard 5-PW with R flex Modus 105 shafts. Anyway long story short I LOVE these irons. Hitting them like a dream, carding some of my best scores in recent times and dropped a few shots off my handicap. If these are not the best irons for me I'm not sure how much better I could hit another set of irons.
  6. My 8 club bag: Driver Hybrid 20.5° 6 iron 27° 8 iron 35° PW 44° GW 50° SW/LW 58° Putter My 10 club bag I just add my 4 wood and an extra wedge: Driver 4 Wood 17° Hybrid 20.5° 6 iron 27° 8 iron 35° PW 44° GW 50° SW 54° LW 58° Putter I think my scores would be just about identical with either setup.
  7. I carry the 14 in my signature on a motocaddy electric trundler during Saturday club games but for casual Sunday/evening rounds I like to carry so I only play 8 clubs. It's just a fun way to play casual rounds and removes any indecision when you have fewer clubs.
  8. I need to get back to a setup like yours. The only difference is I add a gap wedge for 8 clubs. I used to play D, 3h, 5, 7, 9, GW, SW, Pt with my old clubs but with my new ZX5 irons with the stronger lofts the equivalent would be D, 3h, 6, 8, PW, GW, SW, Pt. I've been carrying 13 but it's just too heavy.
  9. I play Driver 10.5°, 17° 4 wood, 20.5° and 23° hybrids and then my longest iron is 24°. In previous sets this was my 4 iron but in my current set it is a 5 iron. FWIW I find the 24° 5 iron much easier to hit than previous model 24° 4 irons. Maybe the number stamped on the bottom DOES matter. Or maybe it is the shorter shaft length? Either way I'm loving my new, strong lofted, 'distance' irons.
  10. With an iron like the Srixon ZX5 I feel I'm getting the best of both worlds. These things are gorgeous to look at and they flat out perform. Probably the best irons I've ever owned. Looks definitely matter to me but performance is most important. I like the look of every club in my bag and they all perform great for me. I wasn't really a fan of Ping irons previously with that brushed metal look and the G series (G2-G30) were huge. But recent models like the i210 look great and even the current G series (400, 410, 425) have improved in appearance. I would happily play any of those models now. And before any Ping fans jump down my throat I tried earlier model G series in demo and hire sets and whilst they performed fine the performance wasn't any better for me than more aesthetically pleasing irons so they weren't worth the switch. So at the end of the day looks do matter to me. Performance is king of course but if two clubs perform similarly then the better looking club goes in the bag.
  11. Having just upgraded irons to the ZX5 I'd just replace those. Then add 50° CBX 2 wedge and 54° and 58° wedges with the latest model. I'd then test the latest drivers to see which fits me best then add a 4 wood plus 19° and 22° hybrids. My putter is probably a model that is still available so I'd stick with that. So the latest and greatest woods and hybrids would be the main difference to my current set.
  12. Agree with all of this. Even a more recent example my new Srixon ZX5 irons are way more forgiving than my old 2006 R7 TP irons. I thought the R7 TP were pretty forgiving but these ZX5 irons are on another level in terms of forgiveness. Modern shafts must factor in too.
  13. But don't you want to brag about how far you hit the latest Taylormade driver? Who cares how far you hit your irons?
  14. Can't believe everyone saying Mizuno because they play the irons. Who cares? It's all about THE BIG DOG BABY. So it has to be Ping (or Cobra in my case).
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