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  1. Got a hoot from this bloke and his HIO with his mates. Hitting into the group in front, Ha! The "Old and Bold" group. Made me think of Tol. An OZ thing, not an age thing. Maybe seen it, maybe not.
  2. No. Been quite some time since he's posted. Miss his contributions and perspectives to the chatter, from the other side of the world. Perhaps taking a sabbatical from the daily WRX thing. Need to do that periodically, when one gets into a funk with this place. Although I do note he logs in/shows up daily. If you're watching Bro Tol, hope everything is cool with you and yours.
  3. Got a solution to random calls from peeps I don't know. Don't anser the phone! Quite easy to caller ID these days..."Don't know anyone from BFE." Or shows up as SPAM CALL. When I get an area call, that's not in my contact list, I push the side button once which stops the ring. A caller doesn't know I've muted the call, can still leave a voice message. Can read said message at a glance, don't have to listen to it. If it's irrelevant, gets deleted immediately. Don't even listen to it. Fella don't fool around with calls from solicitors, crank callers. Don't want to play games with any of them. Not big on phone yakking with anyone for that matter. Fella appreciates brevity in a phone call. And have become really bad at wanting to talk with someone on my time, rather than theirs. Become almost a habit, callbacks are frequently employed, even if it's just a minute or five. "Hey, was tied up....Couldn't get to the phone in time...Saw that you called." Yada Yada. Except with the Mrs., Fella ain't stupid. When you rarely anser the phone, the number of unsolicited calls is not exorbitant.
  4. Absolutely, Zings are .355 tapers (Ping has never used anything but taper). Unless they've been reamed to .370 for some reason. If they have the OE shaft, they're taper. Which presents something of a problem. Limits your "cheap" graphite options, as most if not all are .370. Furthermore, splitting the weight difference between 105g and 70g puts you in the ~85/90g gram range. Inexpensive .355 at that weight are a unicorn. You're inquiring about graphite, but have a couple steel options listed. Only the 950 is available in taper, and "low launch" is not a trajectory usually attributed to 950's. If you're doing the reshaft work yourself, could sand a .370 graphite down to fit into .355. Only the last .5" is tapered. And after the correct tip trim. A builder, perhaps not. They may or may not want to mess with it. And would add to the expense (time is money). Lastly, are you looking to reshaft an entire set (3 - PW/SW) or something less. All this before facing a swing weight issue moving from the typical OE Zing shafts (JZ or KT/KT-M) to lighter weight graphites. Old school Pings with steel typically had SW's in the C9 range. Lighter weights are going to make the SW's lighter as well. If that's of concern. If it were me, which it isn't, would be shopping for an appropriate (tip, weight, trajectory, length) set of pulls. Off the Bay, a WTB request in that forum, other venues. If you can accept utilizing used shafts. Some can, others cannot. Older ping graphites (TFC 129 - 189) show up periodically, and with prudent shopping, can be had for a decent price. It's the value play. Have to perform your due diligence on how they spec out relative to shaft lengths and condition. Going to be lighter than your targeted weight though. Didn't intend to over complicate your inquiry. But you did ask about thoughts and recommendations, and these are the issues as I see it from afar. Lot of gymnastics to configure a "cheap" set for the expressed purpose of being able to leave them in your vehicle 24/7.
  5. Only a little? I engage in a whole lot of confirmation bias. I don't make poor, misinformed acquisition choices. More a case of the implements not quite panning out as planned. And takes some play time to have the perceptions match up to reality. Always a process of YTBD for an indefinite period of time. Or shizzle changes along the way. Undergoing reality checks as the season winds down. Some of the stuff is not giving me the requisite positive vibes. Getting crazy notions of veering off in a different direction with the tools. LW, easy swingers, with wide bottoms, max SGI. P & S. Toey mishits, no problem (tech). Stronger lofts, ball goes far (hit a high carry from 145 with an 8 iron). Six wedges to wield from 125 yards and in (covering all the gaps). Time for some 100% old guy clubs? Want some "hush puppies". IDK. Poking around pondering options.
  6. Once had a Ping G25 23* hybrid regularly in the bag. At the stock playing length, didn't hit it all that reliably, "catch it clean". Installed a 1" extension and had improved results. Did the same to my golf league partner's same club, and he was 3" - 4' shorter in height than me. His ball striking improved as well. Might be worth a try. The G25 is now history, replaced by the 9w that I currently use. The Maltby 5w with A flex shaft is becoming a favorite club. No problem with trajectory, maybe a bit too high. Maybe a wee bit shorter in total distance than the prior, but have been hitting consistently good shots. Confidently straight, solid thump to it. Not sure whether it's the head, shaft, or a combination of both. I'm really liking the LW (~50g), flexy shaft. So easy to swing, while maintaining directional control. Definitely going to move in that direction for next season. Shaft only (shimmed) into the existing V 7w, or new head and shaft YTBD. The current 7w has always been something of an outlier with how well I hit for some reason. The other day, playing a nemesis par 3, plays at ~180 yards, slightly uphill, with large sand trap guarding the front (that gobbles balls). A steep slope left kicks most shots missed on that side into the shrubbery, always have to play towards the right side. I rarely get on in one. Playing at a measured 178 on the day. Nutted the 5w pin high, 20' right of the hole. From ball mark to where it stopped was about 15'. High trajectory proved beneficial. Two putted for par (rare on the day), was happy.
  7. Not to imply that I know a dam(n) thing about swing things. But in the depths of my bad driving era, that's how I began to extract myself. Inside out swing move, like I was trying to hit the ball ~20* to the right. Which seemed counter-intuitive as I was hitting the ball way right to begin with. Combined with flattening out the back swing. Dragging the clubhead back, forcing me to turn the bod. Seems to facilitate the I/O move. My tendency is to be OTT, picking up the club. Recognize it quickly when I hit a poor drive that ventures way right. Couple other minor tweaks along the way. Widen my stance (balance), moved the ball position slightly back, and standing a bit closer to the ball (was reaching). Nothing is automatic, requires paying attention every time. Went from being afraid to hit my driver not knowing where the ball was headed, to driving the ball with a D being a relative strong point of my game. Try to do the same thing when hitting a fairway. For some undetermined reason, using the same swing with a hybrid in hand doesn't realize the same quality of ball strike results. Haven't been able to figure that out yet. Gotten to a point that I don't bother anymore. Had a 27*H in the bag Wednesday, one I found in inventory. Used it a couple of times. Didn't hit one good shot with it, catching it low on the face, club felt to short. Guess there's a reason why I hadn't played it in years.
  8. There you go!! Good to read you finally made it out for a round. 46/38 = 84 is solid adventure in my golfing world. Interesting to read that you chose the old(er) implements the first time back out. Amongst the arsenal of new(er) stuff. Familiarity?
  9. Stomped on it. Congrats on the eagle!!
  10. Freely admit to taking note of what other peeps are wielding. (Perhaps not a "real" baller, but certainly not drunk while so doing.) Not to form an opinion, simply out of curiosity. Since I'm always wearing sunglasses, my leering goes undetected and remains discreet. Frequently, it's new stuff, the usual suspects, and not particularly noteworthy or interesting. Never noticed Srixons in anyone's bag while afield. I slog about with the plebeians. How can they be cool if no one knows what they are? Plenty of old(er) Adams though. Must have been cool at one time, eh? Every once in awhile, see a bag of classic implements that catches my eye. And deem them as cool. Anyhow. I subscribe to Keith Richards' descriptive on the general state of coolness: "If you gotta think about being cool, you ain't cool".
  11. Sounds splendid Bill. Know you always enjoy playing a round with your granddaughter whenever the chance. Great day for a veteran young guy indeed. Was a nice day here yesterday as well, sunny with temps ~ 80*. Had to take advantage of the weather to get some things done outside. First priority was to mow the hayfield that the lawn had become. Pulled all the expired plants out of the garden and beds. Planted tulip bulbs in the front bed. Did some raking and general tidying up. Whacked down several overhung tree branches that have been annoying me. Stored the deck furniture. Changed the oil in the new used snowblower. Made a full day of it. Although extended because I have to take periodic breaks. Used to be able to go at this stuff non-stop. I'm outta shape. Was whipped, fell asleep by 7:30. Haven't played golf in over two weeks. Rain, obligations, more rain. Have a foursome together for Wednesday, and it's suppose to be very pleasant. Hope so, because the climatic bottom falls out for rest of the week. Rain with temps in the low 50's. Not quite ready to stop playing mediocre golf just yet.
  12. Classic irons that are played with some degree of regularity get extensions (unless they have leather grips, which I don't mess with). The longest was into a 35" Hogan Sand Iron out to my preferred 36.25" with no issues. Then again, only sees occasional use. My theory. Once the grip is installed, the extension is "locked" in place. Don't know what the swing weight is, never scaled it. It is what it is. On the hefty side, but still feels balanced. Seems to play OK.
  13. Truth. Bag Boy Automatic is a very cool, almost art deco design. Likewise washed, greased and replaced straps (salvaged from a crappy cart). Been replaced with a 3-wheeler which is more stable. But keep it around as a backup/loaner. And looks fashionably correct with a classic kit.
  14. Wasn't all that surprised Alabama dropped to 5th. The pollster's slap on the wrist for losing to A & M. They still control their own destiny though, just that their margin for error is now zero. Could see a SEC champ Alabama and a 1 loss Georgia, especially if the 'ship game is close, making the CFP4. What I did find surprising was Cincinnati jumping two spots to 3rd (AP). They're having a good season, keep posting W's, and have the ND W on their resume. Good chance they will win out, with only SMU in their way. But non-P5 is a problem. Assuming Oklahoma is still not passing the sniff test. But have to reward them by virtue of a being a P5 school, a brand, and undefeated. All this being a "what have you done for me lately" contest (tOSU 3 spots higher than the Ducks) with the pundits. Some clarity begins once the CFP Committee releases its first ranking on 11/2. And SOS enters into the equation. Iowa is certainly deserving, quality win against PSU. Don't know if there's ever been 5 B1G teams in the Top 10 at this point of the season before. All the big games still lie ahead in the B1G East. PSU, OSU, MSU, UM have yet to play one another. My Spartans right in the mix, something I did not envision prior to the start of the season. With a potential HUGE game shaping up against a possible 7-0 UMAA @ 7-0 MSU on 10/30. Assuming the Spartans tcb @ IU this Saturday, then two weeks to prep. One game at a time.
  15. The Grafalloy Epic was uniquely cool. Brushed silvery metallic with black, blue and purple swirls and highlights. Nanofusing.
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