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  1. Yessir! Freshly made tortillas with Masa Harina are 'da bomb. Buy the 5 lb. bag of Maseca when we find it, otherwise Bob's Red Mill. The old tortilla press (thrift stored) broke, so we started flattening the ball out with a heavy cast iron pan between wax paper. Haven't replaced the press. The Mrs. and I get a production team thing going when we're making up a batch. Use the toaster oven air fryer to make fresh chips. No Mas to store bought.
  2. Have a thing for old Pings as well. Seem to play as good as modernist irons, the 140 yard club hits the ball 140 yards. Which is nice.
  3. IDK if this is what you're referring to. But content does get saved if you inadvertently navigate away from this posting box. Displaying a "Your previous content has been restored" message. If you log out, then content is lost. Just tested by closing the browser entirely and returning to add this last sentence. WTS, have gotten into the habit of saving (control C for OSX) a longer composition that I'm working on or thinking twice on whether I want to post it. _________________________________________ Yesterday while out and about with the Mrs., we made the trek (~ 25 mil
  4. Sweet corn season here starts in mid-August, extending for about a month. The popular variety is called "peaches & cream", we have it 3X a week. Always buy from local growers which are plentiful when it's corn season. Boiled in large pot on the quick; however, the fav way to prepare is roasted in the husk on the grille until the kernels begin to become "browned". Nothing better than roasted sweet corn. Slathered in serrano powder infused butter. Still have a fair amount frozen. The decision for the accompanying veggie for today's dinner has been made. Livestock feed fri
  5. I like the the retro hipster look. However, to nitpick after browsing the wares. The longest inseam for the "Players Pant" is 29.5". Evidently made for smurfs only. And wouldn't call 100% cotton tech fabric. The "Players Button Up" with 97% Rayon (???), with only two colors of pastel, for a Benjamin? No thanks.
  6. A full charge at SuperCharger location take ~45 minutes. Definitely longer than it takes to fill up a gas tank. The M.O. primarily is overnight charging at home. EV's range is impacted by high and low temps by a % factor (read appx. 20%). So does running H & C. My understanding of the lithium batteries used, is they maintain operational speed without loss until fully discharged. Not unlike how a laptop works. Tesla's battery warranty is currently 8 years, 100K miles (70% retention). The forward goal is 15/150K. Replacement and disposal IS the dirty little se
  7. Very big thing! Has been forever, the Red Wings being one of the "Original 6" teams in the NHL. They had a great run of Stanley Cups and playoff appearances beginning in 1997. Other Swedish players of note: Henrik Zetterberg (Captain), Tomas Holmstrom, Johan Franzen, Nicklas Kronwall, Mickael Samuelsson, in addition to the great Nicklas Lidstrom. One of the best defensemen to ever skate. Arguably better than Bobby Orr if you take into account career longevity (NL - 20 seasons v. BO - 12 seasons).
  8. Your pump price is ~ $1.00 higher, filled up yesterday at $2.67. Was $2.15 before the Texas freeze. There are federal tax credits ($7500) to incentivize an EV acquisition, although haven't investigated whether they are fully refundable or partial. Nor have I calculated the cost/kwh to charge. And a at-home charging station would be required at ~$1700 installed. One doesn't charge EV's on 120v. Information I've read though indicates that on a cost/mile basis, electric is ~50% less than gas. Depending on the fluctuations in the representative costs. Have only made a cursory e
  9. Yes, the Detroit Lions. Those that reside in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula), are typically Green Bay Packer fans. Due to being closer in proximity to Green Bay, WI than Detroit. Yoopers support a winner.
  10. Check the posted link above. Finally figured out how to get the spreadsheet attached. Hopefully you can open it. Toggle "Hogan" on the tab bar.
  11. Link is to a historical thread where the OP creating a spreadsheet with Hogan iron specs. Full credit to the originator, all I did was save it. Sadly and once again, all the attachment information was lost with the site hosting platform changes. The spreadsheet of specs. The '72 Apex E is listed at 51.5*. hogan_specs.xls
  12. There hasn't been a respectable NFL team here in like forever. A waste of my time and fandom lending them a modicum of interest. And the more things change, the more they remain the same. New coach, new QB, new GM, all these draft picks stockpiled, same tired storyline about how things are different this time. The last big spin was they were going to model the "Patriot's Way". How'd that work out? The only thing that stays the same is Ford family ownership. A cesspool of incompetency, year after year. SOL (Same Old Lions) since 1957. I watched zero minutes of their games
  13. Found a box of NOS 90 Tour Balata balls at a garage several years back. Got all excited to play them with classic wood and blade. Only to discover they felt like mush and didn't go anywhere. And carved up if I looked at them wrong. So much for getting acquainted with balata. Wasn't a golfer during their time, so have no fond recollections. Finding that I prefer a mid-compression ball with wood, and modern. One that has a bit of "pop" to it when I make decent contact. Really like playing the '17 (?) vintage Wilson FG Tours. Felt good, liked how they performed, a very good
  14. Perspectives are always beneficial for comparison of such matters. Thought are utility costs were not exorbitant relatively speaking. We average around $150 during the winter for gas heating and water heater, dropping significantly during the summer. Electricity has been about $140 during the winter, that goes up in the summer to about $190 dependent on the A/C required. A few years back added 8" of additional insulation in the attic which helped. And I exterior caulked every nook and cranny I could locate. The house is pretty tight now. Our furnace is older as well, rated at 80% effici
  15. Ha. Even comes with a "how to" video on youtube. Maybe I've been doing it all wrong. Didn't think it was all that big a deal to brush in some paint and wipe off. The kit would have been a non-starter for the ISI paint job though. Trying to maintain authenticity to the original colors proved more challenging than anticipated. Searched for quite some time trying to match the gold used on the ISI's. It's a distinct tell for BeNi, didn't want to deviate from it. Thanks to information discovered elsewhere, it's labeled as "antique gold". Finally matched it with craft paint o
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