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  1. It's down at the bottom now. A little bit under "Send Us Feedback".
  2. Would have loved to get the BOA's but I'm a size 13 and I haven't seen any BOA options available in that size.
  3. All personal preference. I was really looking forward to the ZIT's and, for me, they paid off. I am a golf shoe addict (50-60 pairs in my rotation right now) and the ZIT is my favorite out of all of them, hands down. Like the traction/look and they are the most comfortable golf shoes I have. Bought all the colors except the Tie Dye bc I like them so much. Also a big fan of the 270's, those are my #2 this year. Love my Tour Premiere's as well.
  4. Still seems like something is different - either more stock produced for these or the system isn't tracking inventory properly. The US Open Wings ZIT sold out in less than 3 minutes on the larger sizes. It's now been 2 hours and only 12.5 and 16 are sold out on the larger side.
  5. Look at the Swoosh, is it possible these were original designed to go with the Open Championship release? Didn't that have that same broken Swoosh logo?
  6. I'm an idiot. Didn't even think to use the app even though I was using SNKRS at the same time to buy some other shoes. Just blanked on that one.
  7. Anybody else getting a "Site Down.Time Out" error when trying to Get in Line? Can't get it to do anything and now sizes are gone. Lol
  8. Ya, I think so. I was hoping somewhere would have some stock of larger sizes because I didn't get one the other day but no dice.
  9. As far as I can tell you can't actually check out any sizes - web or app.
  10. I'm hoping these other major packs are good. The Tie Dye really wasn't my style but it was still good. That along with the Olympic Gradient Pack is a solid start.
  11. Cool, thanks. I thought I remembered the ZIT's coming through on the expected ship date as well, just checking. Really want to get my hands on those White/Blue ones.
  12. Anybody else order AM 270 G's from Golf Galaxy back when they released in mid-July? If so, have yours shipped yet? My order still says "Preparing for Shipment".
  13. Just one thing to list tonight. No trade interests at this time unless you have a pair of the Infinity Tour NRG Size 13 you're willing to part with :) Always willing to listen to offers if my price is off here.Taylormade 2019 P790 4-AW w/ KBS Tour Stiff Shafts (120g) - SOLD- Brand New, never even taken out of the box - Standard Length & Lofts - Lie 1 Degree Flat - Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Standard Grips
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