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  1. For those w/ ADG 3's, what did you settle on for sizing? I normally wear 13's but there have been a couple Jordan golf releases where I have had to go down to 12 (the 5's for example). I also wear 13's comfortably in the ADG 1's. I tried on both the 13's and the 12's in the ADG 3 - 12 feels very tight but room in toe, 13 feels comfortable throughout but excessively long in the toe. Not sure what to do.
  2. Any insight on whether those Masters Jordan IV's are going to hit retail? Haven't seen anything else about them up until now.
  3. That's certainly true. The Primeknit material is more porous and they don't have that waterproof overlay layer over the first inch or so like the non-Primeknit do in some areas.
  4. I won't myself, no. Don't have a Callaway tip and wouldn't want to take on doing it, but you certainly could on your own.
  5. The PrimeBlue CodeChaos were probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I bought last year.
  6. HZRDUS Blue Smoke, SIM2 Head and GD AD-IZ 6X Driver shaft sold. Price drops on remaining. Let's get these moved!
  7. A few things for sale today with some options... Always willing to listen to offers. Only trade interests would be probably be a Buck Club Top Gun Maverick headcover. Taylormade SIM2 10.5 Degree Driver Head - SOLD Bought this to test against my SIM. Going to go SIM2 this year but decided to order a mySIM2 to get the colors I want so this one has to go. This head only hit about 20 balls on my indoor sim using Birtees, head is pristine as you can see in the pics. Headcover included. Taylormade M5 10.5 Degree Driver Head - SOLD This has about a season of use on it, still in really good
  8. You think they didn’t know she was funding her son’s business back in 2018? The kid was even younger then and was purchasing significant amounts of shoes. No one thought he was spending his own money.
  9. A Nike spokesperson said that she disclosed her son's business back in 2018 and they determined it to not violate company policy. I think what changed was it being out in the press
  10. I think they cared about it being put out in the press. Evidently she disclosed her son's reselling business in 2018 according to a Nike spokesperson. They didn't do anything about it until the Bloomberg article came out last week.
  11. Anybody have the Broken Stripe Polo? https://www.adidas.com/us/mesh-broken-stripe-polo-shirt/GM0239.html Ordered both and neither have buttons for the collar. Taking a close look at the pics on the website it seems like that's how it should be but just want to make sure. A little strange.
  12. Any body notice the White Cement IV's are gone from the Nike App and NDC? Wonder if there could be a delay.
  13. That's my experience too... and I'm well versed, going on about 65-70 pairs of shoes in the current collection For example, for me, I wear 13 in ZIT and it's snug but good. 13 in 270 is a little bigger but snug enough where I couldn't size down. I bought 13 in the AJ5 Fire Red and they were so big I couldn't even comfortably wear them. To each his own but I have to be careful about just buying the same old size, especially on these limited releases where I can't just exchange.
  14. Any of those that have the IV's already can you speak to sizing vs the V's last year? I have been 13 in all Nike shoes as long as I can remember but I had to size down to 12 in the V's or else they were way too big.
  15. I think that's just their bot detection from refreshing, etc. Clear your cookies and then reload, usually fixes it.
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