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    Sorry, didn't see this earlier. I do use the stickers to get club data, just not all the time during the season as I don't like taking the stickers on/off. During the offseason I will have them on there permanently. Mis or non-reads are very rare in my experience. Still no regrets going into my second winter with it.
  2. SIM w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black is sold. Let's get the rest gone, make an offer if you don't like the price!
  3. Got 3 things to clear out today. All prices shipped and willing to listen to offers if I'm off base on pricing. No trade interests at this time, thanks! Taylormade SIM2 9* Driver - HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.0 Shaft - SOLD - Still in plastic - Standard Length - Comes w/ headcover and tool - Golf Pride Z Grip 360 Grey/Black Grip Taylormade SIM2 9* Driver - HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 6.5 Shaft - SHAFT SOLD HEAD $380 - Still in plastic - Standard Length -Comes w/ headcover and tool - Golf Pride Z Grip 360 Grey/Black Grip Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 6X Driver Shaft w/ TM Tip - SOLD - Never hit, never had a grip installed - 44.5" tip to butt, should play 45.5" in SIM family drivers SIM2 w/ HZRDUS Smoke Black SIM2 Driver w/ HZRDUS Smoke Blue Ventus Blue Velocore 6X
  4. Couple items here today. If someone wants these both let me know and we can work out a deal. Always willing to listen to offers if I'm off base on any pricing. Hopping on a plane in a couple hours so won't be able to ship until Wednesday morning but if you buy they will ship out as soon as I get back! Taylormade SIM2 10.5 Degree Head - $400 - Brand new in plastic - Comes w/ headcover and tool Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Gamma PVD 60 6.5 "Hulk" Driver Shaft w/ Taylormade Tip - $300 - Brand new, never hit - No Grip Installed - 44.5" from butt to tip (should be "standard" length in SIM2) Taylormade SIM2 Project X HZRDUS Green Smoke PVD
  5. Hoping those ADG 3’s restock. Can’t believe I missed them and then 13 is gone.
  6. Can anyone US side confirm that the Volt colorways of the ZIT and the 270 will be coming to the US? I'm tempted to buy on the UK site and have them reshipped here... just don't want to spend the roughly $50 extra per pair if they will be here soon.
  7. 10.5 Degree head sold. Dropped price again on the 9 Degree. Gonna keep it up until tomorrow night then off to the bay.
  8. Just a guess but I don't think we're seeing any more US Open shoe stuff from Nike direct. Outside chance other US retailers tomorrow but even with that I think if it was going to happen there would be marketing emails going out all day today.
  9. Unless someone else saw different, the only sizes available for US stopped at 11.5... but there are bigger sizes available in the UK? Makes sense for the US Open release
  10. 13's were there in the Air Max but not the ZIT. ZIT sizing right at 9am CST was only up to 11.5, almost like that was the extent of production. Strange.
  11. I didn't see any thing larger than 11.5 either. Weird and unfortunate for us Size 13 guys. ZIT is my favorite golf shoe too... For those asking why it wasn't on the website, this was an app only shoe. They've been doing that recently in the US. I think the PGA Seersuckers were the same way.
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