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  1. Actually played yesterday afternoon got 13 holes in before the thunderstorms. Played real golf on my own ball. Our fairways are coming in nicely and the greens are still sketchy but somewhat playable. Shot 39 on the front which is +3. Wind got up some but I was even par on 10 thru 13 which is our " Amen Corner" I will take that any day on those 3 holes. I did not do it conventional style but did it. Not really ugly but kinda Stu style---- Did 2 ups and downs not due to poor shots but due to the fact the wind was really up and the course wet and I could not get to the green. Main thing I did n
  2. I actually went back to my old V-Steel 3 wood at 15*. Wish I had done it earlier--- I had been having trouble with the Adams 16* I have carried the last 4 years or so. In fact I sold the Adams Thursday. That V-Steel is beat to hell and back but still hits good. That and the V-Steel 7 wood is all I need for Fairway Woods even though at times I do throw the V-Steel 9 wood into the mix. Yep I went back to the older stuff and am glad
  3. Yep and others on here know this---- I absolutely refuse to game a putter I have to use a cover on
  4. What is fun is if you are on the range ( and no I do not hit range rocks with my persimmons) and start hitting a persimmon good. The clank guys ( modern drivers) will start looking because of the sound. One guy asked me why I was hitting that antique junk. I told him because I still can!!
  5. NAAH aint gonna hurt you--- Got a chuckle of the LFF thing though stamped on the face. Got to thinking and still laughing I bet 95% of the golfers when that driver came out do not know what LFF is. I bet now it is more like 99%. Now the shoe is on the other foot so do not hurt me. I actually took some cheap stick on letters at Wally Mart and had LFF on the toe of my Homna driver. Had a lot of folks ask me on that and I would tell them the previous owner was named Larry Floyd Franklin. I figured if they do not know I am not going to waste my time explaining because they would not understand an
  6. The Cleveland versions are great-- I have a designed By that I have had some 20 years now.
  7. Yep and I see you are not afraid of a little lead tape either
  8. Love it especially the Ping Man grip bet that gets the Ping Fan Boys going
  9. OH absolutely!!! Any hickory shafted putter has a buttery feel to me. I have a Hickory shafted Otey Calamity Jane style that has a wonderful buttery feel. Only problem it is too light for our thick Bremuda greens and it is such a beautiful putter I do not want to put lead tape on it. I know that seems dammed odd coming from me because I am Dr Lead tape.
  10. Yep the toe hit thing is an old school thing. It can be a hard to do a consistant thing with a balanced Anser style putter. Now my wife and I was watching Congaree yesterday and those greens were slick slick. I told her if I was playing there the beloved Santa Fe would be at home and one of my beloved Ironmasters or my Lil David 8802 would have been in my bag. What you described would be one of the reasons. But I will admit one has to knuckle down and concentrate to hit those dime sized sweet spots. One of the reasons sometimes when practicing putting I will use one of my Ironmaster styles ( I
  11. LOL OMG you ought to see me hook a hybrid off the planet! That is why I ditched the Hybrids and went back to my old V-Steel 7 wood in the bag and sometimes my V-Steel 9 wood.
  12. Yep I had that problem for a while and in my present condition of not being able to turn well yet it will basically bind me up or as others say get stuck. With me I am a feel player and I have a lot of upper body strength and I will muscle it through leads to some nasty shots including my dreaded rope hook. I had a nasty rope hook problem when I was young and it crops up from time to time when I muscle it through. My swing and style depends totally on timing and with nerve damage in my back and me being a feel player it throws me off bad. Yes sir my rope hooks are nasty more like left laterals
  13. I will say impressive but I will also say that you and your partner know how to golf your ball. You also hit an outstanding shot under pressure on the last hole. Yep IMHO you 2 guys are a well matched team and tough to beat as partners
  14. Not a swing or teaching guru by any stretch but like your stance set up and shoulder position at address
  15. Yep I remember those days someone actually called me an idiot and said I was backwards. I could play a little bit back in those days and still gambled. I told the guy to bring his clubs and billfold stacked with money down here. Never has showed up to this day. In those days I would have sent him packing because I was a hustler and could make a game I might add to my advantage before I teed off. Like I have said many times there is no one etched in stone way to properly swing or play this game---- Like I have said also Stu golf is ugly even when playing good and scoring good. LOL good example
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