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  1. Shows what I know I did not know they were even playing the World Series--- And BTW what is this feedback thing posted under our names???
  2. I think we shut down for 2 weeks around the time of my accident I am still foggy on that period of time Then we started the first service in the parking lot and the second one inside with Covid restricted seating. I do know it rained last week and we did the first service inside with restricted seating and ran the low power FM hook up for those in their cars. On those programs our board of deacons and pastor set things up. We have a strong smart board of deacons and pastor. On the AV end of which I am involved the guy who is over the AV department was elected to the board of deacons last term
  3. Some people especially in volunteer organizations think they are self appointed dictators. I have seen it too much in the Volunteer Fire Department, motorcycle organizations, car clubs and even church. One of the reasons I do not join any organizations now except church. At the church I am now at I made it plain up front I am there to worship and run sound only. Trust me I have been asked to join committees et but decline. The only way I get involved in special events is if sound is required
  4. For me these days it is all about keeping the back from getting stiff. On my rounds by myself I do like you do and play extra shots. But have not swung the real lumber or older blades since April. I have 2 persimmon drivers Richard 77 from over in the classics sent me for a get well gift that I have not attempted yet. May try a half set of the Precisions today since they are the lightest and most limber of all my classic clubs. But yeah by myself I will hang back and practice some. If a group gets too slow and has 3 or so open holes then I will go around them.
  5. Like it especially the bag and the rusty Betti is right up my alley too
  6. Different strokes for different folks. Some guys like to try the latest and greatest and it is part of their fun. Me I am into the classic stuff which is a lot cheaper. My problem is I never get rid of anything. I say more power to the ones who have the means to try the latest and greatest. In a nutshell it is what ever floats one's boat
  7. Like you we are trying to support local businesses. But service what is left of it has went to hell in a handbasket. And sorta to defend them no one wants to work any more. Restaurants and stores are begging for help here local and chain businesses alike.
  8. Me I do not take anyones crap--- I would given her one of my looks which the wife says will melt plate steel and then basically told her to **** off.
  9. I will go for that minus the eggs. I like the Texas Cheesesteak bowl. I have not been to a WH lately most were shut down due to Covid. But they have went downhill like everything else. Hamburger steaks are as thin as a sausage biscuit at Mickey Dees. Now they used to have the best T-Bone steaks in the world but around here they discontinued them. Most restaurants have went to crap as far as service down here since the Covid. My buddy down the street owns a pancake house has done so for 35 years he can not find help. And he is Greek and keeps up with the other Greek owners around here and all o
  10. I am going to agree with Celebros on that one. I think it started evolving in the 70s at least in the Carolinas. I grew up on Ross type courses and copies of those and a lot of push up type greens on owner designed courses. I can remember when the course boom happened here on the Grand Strand of SC in the 70s. My old man took a brief job down here and the courses were different from anything I was used to.
  11. Something I have used is the E- 6000 glue in a tube that you can find in the adhesive section at Wal Mart. I have only used this on putter grips though using salvaged wraps from junk pile clubs and using ladies grips for a under listing. And DJ interesting title you caught me but I was thinking surely he is from California and---- never mind you got me! FYI back in the day I was a expert in rolling the left handed Marlboros
  12. Even though I am a dyed in the wool Cleveland man I will back you up on that. LOL I even have a Eye2 and Zing SW. Both of them spin the crap out of a ball. For some reason I like my Zing better love the grind and the way it sits. Right now at my home course playing in the dog fights I do not need a SW and since the Covid thing our traps are not maintained. If I do happen to get into a match I do slide one of my Hogan Sure Outs in the bag for those traps
  13. You will probably freak out at me--- Most of the time in the summer I do not wear socks at all--- But that is me being me
  14. Ok I will give you credit you make 3 or is it 4? I don't remember
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