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  1. The club I am a member of offers 9 hole rates even to the public----- I retired last year and got quite a bit in before breaking my back in a accident. Looking forward to it this year now that I am slowly healing up. It is hard to play our course early in the mornings. We have 2 different Mens groups and 2 ladies groups. In the summer when it gets hot and humid around 10:00 or so it is pretty much wide open. We are also a tourist mecca. Right now the course is pretty much crowded with the member groups and snowbirds which is normal for this time of the year. But yeah 9 hole rounds are a good t
  2. Now I can relate to the Tim Hortons some good stuff there. Love their coffee too--- Always made it a point to eat at Timmys when we were in Canada. Did watch curling one time when we were laid over one weekend in Minnesota. Did not understand diddly about the game itself but drank some good beer ate some good food and met some fine folks in Minnesota
  3. When The Masters is played at the proper time for most of us down south that signals the official beginning of spring. Trust me TV does not do ANGC proper justice
  4. You know I mentioned that to my wife and would love to see a US Open there too----- OHH think of the whining and crying if the USGA tricked out that place. I would love to play there and would not care if I shot 100 from the senior tees
  5. Well yeah there too---- I used to live in Gaffney and Blade lives in the Upstate too=== Yep you gotta be in the upstate if you know about Chesnee--- Used to work some fire calls with them when I was in Grassy Pond. One of my old buds was both Police Chief and Fire Chief in Chesnee for a little while can not remember his name for the life of me. I know he quit that gig and joined the SHP.
  6. And I think Jupiter has to align at least a 65* angle with Uranus and then a 45* angle with Mars. Hell ask Bryson he can tell you
  7. I am basically going through the same thing. I broke both sides of my L-3 and compressed the disc in a accident. Yep I know about the stabbing pain and jumping waiting for it to happen. Now I have healed up some and have been swinging lighter graphite shafted clubs. Even though I had the blessings of my Doc I went at it too hard too quick. I had to take another 6 weeks off and for now taking it easy. But man My thoughts and prayers are with you
  8. This has been a fun read for sure. I was lucky my old man ran a public daily fee course so at an early age I was exposed to a myrid of dress, swing styles and equipment. During the week we had the professional gamblers and hustlers. Like as in 4 playing and 40 watching and betting. Now those guys took weekends off to spend with their families etc like any "working man". Now you had the weekend warriors which was a mix of players. I have always been observent and analytpical. I learned not to judge at a early age. But I have been guilty of it myself. When I was about 14 my old man enrolled
  9. Thats a fact Jack--- It is 4:30 AM and I am on my second--- I am retired but am still up early every morning force of habit from being a truck driver on and off for 40 years
  10. Actually I do the same thing the old Gary Player step through--- I have always had happy feet--- And I am working on it every day especially after breaking my back in 2 places last April. I did it before i ever was injured
  11. Brand agnostic and lead tape too---- Right up my alley
  12. WFO I did not know there was any other setting
  13. Thanks Man he has that Hammond talking!!!
  14. So you know about those Hammond organs too!! I am a big fan of them. I figured if I ever hit a big lottery I would collect them. Can't play one but love the looks and sound. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries still uses one in their music and has done so for decades. Procoh Harah and Vanilla Fudge used them in the 60s
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