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  1. Yep I always knew Robot knows his stuff on Mac woods and now it has been confirmed by none other than Charley Penna himself.
  2. Charlie is originally from the Ft Mill SC area. When he left the GC he moved down here to North Myrtle Beach and is doing some kind of local golf show which I have not seen. He is also doing some commercials for Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday. Even though I am from basically the same area I have never met him. He did some promotion for a Charity golf event in NMB last year
  3. Far as for me I could give 2 hoots less. I did wear different hats because a friend of mine passed away and he was a hat collector. His wife gave me close to 100 hats and visors 15 years ago. I have been known to like wear a Ping visor and not a Ping club near my bag. I have also been known to have a Ping Hoofer bag and not a Ping Club in it. The last 3 years or so it has been floppy hats with a course logo on them because another friend got skin cancers on his face and neck. But I do like some of the Titleist and PXG floppy hats I see and would not hesitate to get one. Now a bud of mine did get a set of PXGs fitted and got a hat. He hates ball caps so he gave it to me. I have been known to show up with it on toting a Jones Bag full of rusty Macgregor irons with rusty Cleveland wedges and a rusty Santa Fe to boot--- Like I said I do not give two hoots. Now lately LOL by circumstance I have turned into a borderline TM fanboy-- It started when working in a scrapyard I found a nice R-9 stand bag I would describe as a cross between a carry bag and cart bag and it had a remarkable price as in Free. Really in great shape full of POS clubs but did have 3 new Pro Vs in a sleeve. I had been playing a bunch of V-Steels anyhow and found a M-6 that I loved. Now due to a back injury last year I traded for a set Of TM TP CBs-- Now 9 of the 12 clubs I carry are TM. LOL I guess I am borderline fanboy but like i said I could give two hoots less what anyone thinks or says. I also could care less if someone has a Nike shirt a Titleist hat and a bag full of Callaway clubs
  4. there may be others but the only 2 successful ones that I have seen that transferred from the broomstick to other putters have been Keegan Bradley and Webb Simpson and they are using like a long arm lock putter. Carl Peterson has dropped off the map. I knew Carl's golf coach at NC State and he said Carl had putted anchored all his golfing life.
  5. Lanny hates Bernhard for some reason--- I heard from a reliable source in Fla that the GC and NBC had to get him to back off because a lot of people were complaining because Lanny was constantly running his mouth about the long putter
  6. Tell you something else from experience--- Anything you do with a broomstick can be exaggerated-- Say you pull a putt with a conventional putter 1/2 inch it will be the full inch with a broomstick. I tried the broomstick about 6 or 8 years ago for kicks and giggles and then last year while I was rehabbing from a devestating back injury. I am back putting conventally using a claw grip
  7. First off thanks for your service as a Police Officer----- Yep some prudes got on the bandwagon on that one and the press got ahold on the mess---- But no one Police wise got fired or disicliplined---- I got invited because knew a bunch of Cops and the guys I played with needed a ringer. Trust me I will be dammed if I remember if we won or not but it was fun. My wife saw the reports that Monday on local TV--- I told her BS they are trying as usual to make the Cops look bad
  8. Fella did the research and our buddy Nitram was the last to post back in April and Ninja has surfaced too back in April
  9. We played up in NC for a Shriners charity. I always support anything the Shriners do--- This guy on my team I knew well. His dad was a MD and big in the Shriners in the area. Anyhow there was a crowd on the first tee and my partner swung at the drive hard showing off. His belt broke and his pants slid down to the ankles. Kicker was he was going commando--- everyone just about died right there--- All during the day you could hear some clown singing in a Frankie Vallo falsetto voice " theres a moon out tonight ohh wooo". That night I did sleep curled up in the passenger seat of my Vette too blasted to leave
  10. I think the craziest one I ever played in was down here when I first moved to the beach--- Just to give a teaser the beer and liquor flowed and there were several adult enterainers running around topless or completely naked--- The real kicker was it was a benefit for the Police Benelovent Association.
  11. Yep it is the enterainment value--- And yes it is also crappy and raining in the Grand Strand area of SC too but no excessive wind so I can somewhat relate to the Windy City
  12. Damn!!! --- I knew he does great work but this is over the top stunning !!!!!
  13. You know I had to say it---- FERGIE STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!
  14. I will say there are quite a few guys on tour and in the real world playing Ping 400 and 425 drivers-- I am as brand agnostic as one can get and I alway say play what works for you brand name or company marketing or politics be dammed. Myself lately I have inadvertantly had to switch equipment from the signature set due to age and injury. LOL I may be accused of being a TM fanboy now with 9 out of 12 clubs being TM. But say today if I find for the sake of argument here a set of Ping irons I hit better pain free then they are in the bag. May be Cally or PXG never know
  15. I am going to agree with you and really it goes for players versus all brands. For example look at DJ he has played TM since college. A lot of it I say too and this goes for all brands too--- Say you get a player that is used to the feel of a certain brand and combined with a fitter and tuner that knows the product and the player well then there you go. Good example is Sergio and TM for some reason Callaway equipment or the fitter did not mesh and he went back TM. Not saying Callaway makes bad equipment but it did not mesh for Sergio. Same for Lydia Ko and PXG coming from Callaway and no I am not running down PXG either----- Now in another spectrum Jon Rahm switched from TM to Cally and has done needless to say quite well
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