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  1. Regular flavor was rough enough now this fu fu type stuff--- UGGGGGHHHHHHH!
  2. That was why I posted the question to begin with
  3. No No NO not 714 Disco Biscuits---- You know disco this way disco that way disco hit the floor
  4. I had a "near death experience" with Boones Farm grape back when I was in the Navy--- Aint drank any Boones farm since
  5. LOL those old balata balls cut easy especially if one skulled one with a butter knifed leading edge on a wedge. I have cut them so bad that the blue stuff oozed from the core. One time in a high school golf match I hit a overhead power wire and it cut it so bad the blue stuff was flying as it tumbled slowly to earth. Come to find out it was a local rule if you hit those power lines it was a do over no penality
  6. Out of all the putters I own a PGA brand Ironmaster is like that. For some reason that one putts more solid than any others I own and it is the only one I have with the "A" alignment aide. LOL a few years back Augie told me when he came down he would bring his and I could hold it even putt with it but NO WAY COULD I KEEP IT OR BUY IT FOR ANY PRICE. Back during hurricane Florence when he lived up the road from me we kept in constant contact via phone during the storm. I tongue in cheek offered to bayby sit it because the storm was worse up there than here. No dice nice try Stuey.
  7. August Golf ( Augie) and myself have been in a conversation over on Macgregor collectors on FB--- He pretty much knows his stuff and he says they were made from 1935 to 1939 but I believe they ran all the way to 41. Yep what little I have used one they have a unique feel. I firmly believe the pre war steel had something to do with the weight and feel.
  8. IMHO that green pyratone shafted Ironmaster is the holy grail of all Ironmasters and no I do not have an original-- I do have the green shaft remake with the composite shaft---- Those pyratone shafted ones have a unique feel to me
  9. It will also stiffen the tip too especially on long hosel irons--- Also using heavier hickory or oak plugs adds hosel weight too--- The real old timers like my old man referred to it as being "slugged in the hosel". I had been messing around with a old 985 1 iron I have had for years and years going back to the late 70s--- I realized by feel that it was slugged in the hosel and remembered I had either Harold Dale in Charlotte or Boyd Huff in Greenville fix it for me way back when. Took it home and tore it down and it had a Hickory plug in it. I could tell it was Hickory by the smell. My wife was walking the boys and stopped by the shop in back. She asked if I was "cooking BBQ in the shop"? Yep it lightened it up quite a bit. Can not hit it like I used to but I am 40+ years older too but It is serviceable for vintage rounds EDIT----I got to thinking about that 1 iron and went to the vintage bag and looked again ( it was in the front bed room) and it has a Hogan Apex #3 shaft. I think this may have been an early Harold Dale Machogan conversion. The club Boyd Huff fixed for me was a Hogan PC that I gave a young friend about 6 years ago now and he still hits it. Since my accident which I had a concussion too my memory comes and goes and sometimes it takes a while for everything to come together
  10. LOL kinda a threadjack so I apologize in advance---- Had to throw the 3rd V-Steel in the bag--- It is getting to be that time of year and Saturday I was pushing the 4 and 5 irons kinda hard--- Ended up getting m back flared up again so I dithched the 4 iron and put the 9 wood back in
  11. Fella-- I used to always love the pumpkin festivles in the Midwest--- Used to run US 30 throught Ohio quite a bit and went to pumpkin festivles along that route during the fall season.
  12. I always thought it was Greenville--- Most states have a Greenville
  13. I have the G-7. I was lucky enough to get to test it for another golf site and Motocaddy--- The main thing was help for me after having a traumatic back injury to the L-2 section. It did help me a lot and got me back on the course some and to the range. I have gotten to the point I can walk a couple of holes due to the use of the Motocaddy. Yes all in all they are a well built well engineered product. It is cooling off weather wise here so I am looking forward to my vintage walking rounds
  14. LOL back when I was really on the road drivers ran the CB radio and sometimes you could pick up a name that way. Also especially in the Midwest and UP of Michigan there were quite a few base stations too. LOL you could pronounce a name wrong and usually someone would chime in with the proper pronounciation.
  15. Hey being OCD as I would say with matched sets etc that is doing your thing which is great- I always say do your own thing. LOL me I am the opposite I have never played a perfectly matched set and do not think I can. I always mis matched. But that is what makes the world go round variety
  16. You think it that is bad you ought to see the educated bubbleheads they employ on our local stations. In SC we have a town and county called Lancaster--- It is properly pronounced here Lankk aster. The news people all of them on our local stations pronounce it Lan caster with the caster prnounced long. Now that is ok because that is the proper prounciation if you are in Pennsylvania but we are in South Carolina. I am not the only one who gives them crap over that
  17. Was curious of how many of our Canadian friends are coming down to the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand area after the border opens Nov 1st? I was wondering if gas prices may halt things and if it was too late in the season. I know quite a few of the Snowbirds that visit every year.
  18. OK Uncle Cardy lets see #1 works well for me now been claw gripping going on 3 years now #4 Been doing that for many years learned that at a young age from none other than Raymond Floyd he was a friend of my old man On the clubs I agree on #1 #2 If Scotty saw my Santa Fe he would cringe but when he saw how many putts I made with the rusty lead taped old thing he would relax and say carry on
  19. Thats what my running partner Bear tells them. Back when I was still talking to those clowns I told one guy I would sell for 125k. He said he would like to look and I told him come on he had the address anyhow somehow. He never showed I figgured he programmed it in his GPS and when he turned into our Mobile Home Village I guess a light bulb may have clicked on in his pea sized brain no mobile homes in here worth that. But since we quit answering unknown calls our rings have dropped over 75%--- Me I may be the worlds biggest hermit-- I can go a week at the time and never use the phone but I will see the list of missed calls.
  20. That kid who won that race was born and raised just up the road from us in Shallotte NC. I do not know him though. Lets go Brandon is real popular around here for more than one reason.
  21. Would not bother me either. I guess I am strange in the modern world I am one of those folks that do not carry a cell phone everywhere I go. I do not do E mail either---- People of all ages think I am touched in the head--- Someone asked me the perverbial question the other day--- What would happen if your wife needed to get in touch with you at the golf course?---- I told them she knows where I am at and the clubhouse does have a land line and everyone knows me. They can do like they did 40 years ago send someone out to get me. I was at Home Depot the other day and got some shop supplies ( solvent epoxy and tape) the lady at the checkout asked for my E- Mail. I told her I did not do e mail. She looked at me like I had dropped my pants and mooned her!!!---- I told her if I needed a e-mail to get supplies then they could stuff them and I would just order on line. She shut up then and processed my items. Something else I found out the other day about phones. When I was laid up bad and flying without any wings or leaving the house I used to answer the sales calls and mess with them. Also some of the calls they hang up when you answer. They are checking to see if it is an active phone. If it is active they bombard you with sales calls. They also use a system of relays I call them now you can get calls from like overseas ( mostly spam calls) and they will reroute it somehow and it shows on caller ID as a "local" area code. Now I do not answer a phone unless the number shows that is someone I know. Hey I do have voice mail. Had some jerkwater call 3 times the other day when I was on the course and he left a message. He was one of those among many around here trying to buy real estate. I never called back. He blew my phone up Sunday afternoon so I answered. He said he had left me messages. I told him yeah I knew. He said well I did not respond-- I asked him who died and made him King? Told him I was a free American Veteran and paid for that phone and I would choose when and whome I talked to. I also told him in no uncertain terms I did not do business with people who solicited on Sunday and I shouted leave me the blank alone!!!! I blocked his number out
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