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  1. - Taylormade 2* Loft Sleeve - Has Maybe Seen 10 Balls - STD Length in M5 - ~~$300~~ ~~$280~~ ~~$250~~ $225 Shipped CONUS OBO
  2. - Taylormade M4 3 Wood: 15* , Project X HZRDUS Red 75 6.5, Golf Pride Z Cord (1 Extra Wrap). Overall the club hasn't seen much use. Unfortunately, I made a horrible swing during a rainy tournament and caught one off of the crown. If you don't care about the mark on the crown or are willing to fill it in with a marker, this is the club for you. Headcover included. $135 Shipped CONUS OBO - Odyssey Metal X Milled 9HT; 34". This is a beautiful putter, I haven't really used it much as it doesn't fit my stroke. Headcover and weight kit included (wrench is in weight kit). SOLD Thanks
  3. Hi, I've recently been fitted into a Taylormade M5 with a Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX. Unfortunately, I'm not trying to spend that kind of cash on a driver unless I absolutely have to (because that combo did feel unreal). Are there any similar shafts that I could maybe look into getting? Thanks
  4. Thanks! I am up in North Scottsdale, actually pretty close to TPC. I think it may be best to not join a CC right away, because I'd like to get a feel for some local courses (And you made a good point about $). Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the offer! After doing a good bit of research, it seems it may be better to get an "annual pass" for the first year for multiple reasons. Number one, fresh out of college, the salary isn't always the best. Number two, I think I'd like to get an idea of what courses I prefer and play around a bit. I'm aiming in that $1-3k range for an annual pass (if possible).
  6. Hello Everyone! A soon-to-be college grad, I've accepted a job in Scottsdale, Arizona (Sick of the weather, I need more golf in my life!). I've lived in Pittsburgh, PA all of my life, and have been spoiled with some very nice golf courses. I need some suggestions in the Scottsdale area on what courses to play! Because I'm only 21 years old, I don't have a whole lot of capital to spend, but I'm looking to join a country club within my first year out there. Does anyone know of any affordable clubs to join? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, My first post to the classifieds is a 2017 Taylormade M2 Driver in excellent condition. Very well taken care of, no sky marks, no dings, scrapes, or scratches. The specs are as follows: 10.5* Head .5" Short (Plays 45", Not tipped) Diamana D+ 70 X (Whiteboard) ($200 Upcharge) Purchased through Taylormade GolfPride Z-Grip Cord Headcover and Wrench Included Trade Interests Include: 917 Driver Callaway Epic Driver But, will listen to all offers (Let me know what you have!) I will let it go for $450 OBRO $410 OBRO (This Driver retails at over $600) (Shipped CONUS) Thanks
  8. It's putters like these that make me consider dropping out of college to use my tuition money to buy stuff like this :swoon2: Great Putter GLWS
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