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  1. Forum sponsor Discount Dan's is a Wilson retailer.
  2. I was ready to order a set of Staff CBs last week, but was advised Wilson is out of heads and doesn't expect more "for weeks."
  3. I would really appreciate Jake's contact info.
  4. David Mills told me to use 3-In-1 Oil or Johnson Paste Wax on the carbon he recently made for me.
  5. I ordered a G425 driver (upgraded shaft and custom length) and irons (stock shafts) on 01.15.21. They were received by my retailer on 02.02.21 but can't be released to me until 02.04.21.
  6. I ordered G425 irons (stock shafts) and a Max driver (custom shaft) on 1/05/21. They arrived yesterday at my retailer; however, they can't be released to me until tomorrow (02.04/21) which is the national release date.
  7. Yes, the stock Arccos grip can be declined when ordering.
  8. Just got the call from the shop; the Srixons are in. Ordered on 1/05/21 and received 0n 01/13/21. I ordered custom lengths and lies, stock lofts. Nippon steel in the irons and the stock Recoil in the utility.
  9. I ordered this exact set-up last week. will post thoughts upon receipt.
  10. Not exactly responsive, but I placed an order for ZX5 irons and the new utility two days ago (1/6/21), all with custom specs, and was told everything would ship in 3 - 7 days.
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