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  1. Kinda looks like an older fubuki one the first pic
  2. Personally there is too much possibility of human error to make each shaft play consistent shaft to shaft with each other. You can watch how they hand roll a HZRDUS shaft here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvxIHZLk9XQ
  3. Personally I think the MP20 is the best blade they have ever made. You get good enough looks, great feel and are easy to play. The lofts are typically 2 degrees stronger than most and if you don’t like the offset bend them 2 degrees weak and there you go. I’ve hit all the blades out there and own quite a few from Muira MB001, Mizuno MP 4, Mizuno MP 33, Mizuno MP 68, Titleist 718 MB. They are all apples to oranges and look similar. The MP20 is the easiest to play and feels the best to me.
  4. He’s playing the JPX 919 irons as of The Players
  5. How does the ventus blue compare to the TP?
  6. Glover plays JPX 919 still. And Those “free agents” that went to Titleist and Ping are more than likely getting some sort of compensation for sure
  7. How could a shaft that’s hand rolled be more precise than a machine made piece. I would assume there is slight variations between the small batch stuff compared to the “made for” stuff. Like Graphite design isn’t hand rolled and they are so consistent. I don’t trust it
  8. Dude Mizuno doesn’t really pay people to play there stuff. If they had the money that Taylormade did you would see DJ and Tiger playing them. Also look at Rose playing the MP20. If Rosey is playing them they are good. He’s very peculiar with his irons.
  9. Thanks! What about the VR? Actually doesn’t seem like that would be much of an improvement.
  10. AD IZ 6s would be good and jump the spin up a tad
  11. That’s a defect on Titleists end. Bring it back
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