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  1. Solid Tour stuff here. Great seller. I'd buy the hybrid but I already have the exact one. The thing is a rocket laucher!
  2. Offers are definitely encouraged. All I can do is say no. I'd prefer to sell both pairs of shoes together. If both pairs are accounted for, I will split them.
  3. I also need to note that I do not have the original box for the shoes. I also do not have the original insoles any more. They were some of the worst insoles I've ever seen so I took them out and put in different ones.
  4. I have a Titleist 913H 19* with a Diamana+ Whiteboard 92 X-Stiff. It has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. The club has been hotmelted to achieve a D4 swingweight and also produces a very solid sound at impact. Club has been used for about 3 rounds and has minimal face wear and sole wear due to the face and sole being black. The crown is in pristine condition. This club is about as close to new condition as you will find. Maybe hit 15-20 balls. This is a great club but not quite what Im looking for. I am asking $200 shipped and paypaled. Next up are 2 pairs of Nike TW 13' Golf
  5. [quote name='NCGolfDude' timestamp='1367175923' post='6932619'] Thanks so much for your help--- I'll be sure to look out for your ads-- One of the BST rules is: [b][color=#FF0000]No negative comments regarding sellers asking prices.[/color][/b] [/quote] Im not sure where I said anything negative about your asking price. You can ask whatever you want to ask. I just think it's pretty funny when your ad is basically a straight up lie. Im looking out for my fellow WRXers. If anyone wants one of these shirts, I will go to my local TJ Maxx and buy you one. Just send me a PM.
  6. You can pick these up at TJ Maxx for $30.00 LOL. Exact same color. Just a heads up. Ive seen them at multiple TJ Maxx stores too.
  7. [quote name='LexLuther18' timestamp='1366839079' post='6910717'] This is a great price!! [/quote] Price has been dropped, so now it's a REALLY great price!!!
  8. [quote name='LexLuther18' timestamp='1366839079' post='6910717'] This is a great price!! [/quote] You should buy it, lol. It's still available!
  9. [quote name='krsgolf' timestamp='1366833080' post='6910007'] Good looking club and exactly what I'm looking for. Don't have the club you're looking for though. Just a New TM RBZ tour 18.5*. GLWS! [/quote] The club is for sale, not only for trade...
  10. It's amazing to me how quickly people will jump to defend tiger, and attack people who ask legitimate questions. There is no doubt that Tiger took a questionable drop. Nothing will happen because he IS Tiger, but he definitely took the liberty of dropping 2 yards farther away to avoid hitting the flag stick again (his own words). That is against the rules.
  11. [quote name='Guia' timestamp='1365821502' post='6825745'] NMBOB: Tiger took the most advantageous drop under the situation, and it was correct. He did not have the option of dropping where the ball hit on the other side. The stakes are Red on that hole, which means you must return and hit over the hazard. Had the stakes been white then he could have dropped on the green side of the hazard. [/quote] What are these white stakes you talk of? Do you even play golf? The stakes are Yellow on 15. There are no white stakes. Only yellow and red. White stakes are OB stakes. I think yo
  12. [quote name='Guia' timestamp='1365821129' post='6825683'] The rules were clear, he had 3 options and took the one where you can go back as far as you want, keeping the drop on a line from where it entered on a line to the flag. Do some reading, USGA.com [/quote] Seriously? The ball entered on the other side of the pond. There is no going back as far as you want.
  13. [quote name='memphishorn' timestamp='1365820560' post='6825601'] Actually since Tigers 1st ball cleared the hazard I think he could go back as far as he wanted as long as he kept the entry point between him and the flag. Someone could confirm that [/quote] The entry point was on the opposite side of the pond, the green side.
  14. [quote name='SPIF' timestamp='1365820491' post='6825591'] It's not an illegal drop. You have multiple options when it comes to your options in that scenario. One being his drop decision. Learn the rules. [/quote] I know the rules and I even quoted what the rule states in my original post. Maybe you should learn to read. Tiger dropped about 2 yards farther from the hole than his original spot. He could have dropped it much closer to his original spot.
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