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  1. Was clearing the store and came across some tour issued oldies from TaylorMade. Forged TM TP satin finished tour issues irons with face millings. And a couple of Rescue Mids dole stamped as “FW” to pad up the TM FW Darrell Survey numbers each week at the pga tour stops.
  2. This club rocks! Played 9 holes on Sat and this club is forgiving and long, low spin with run as well. This is a JDM offering hence the Japanese spec info on the shaft.
  3. Just received my new TM R1 Black driver. It's a beauty. I can't see myself hitting another white driver. Looks very much like the old TM SQ driver from address.
  4. Just saw a Srixon driver that has an adjustable hosel - and the driver was marked as "PROTO TYPE". Heck, even the headcover had "Tour Issue" labeled on the side. Sole markings state "Srixon Z 525". Top view of the driver is v clean with no alignment markings at all. Face is pretty deep too. There are also 2 adjustable weight ports / screws on the sole of the driver too. This driver looks all business IMHO - guess even Srixon is joining the bandwagon for adjustable clubs. As the Srixon line is all very new to me, my apologies if this club is "old news". PS. Had to tape up the serial numbers to protect the ID of the tour pro who showed me this driver.
  5. I like the titleist 14 way divider stand bag - much better in terms of size and strap compared to the lightweight model. Problem is that I hate the 14 way divider set up too -- does nothing for me, cant put in the extra practise club, training aid or even the alignment sticks, much less getting a putter with putter cover on to sit properly / flush. I therefore am also asking whether this existing 14 way divider can be altered changed. Thanks
  6. NIBSelling a new TM Love driver cover - last one I can get. Mint. $250 shipped and paypaled via registered airmail from Singapore> paypal ID is [email protected] Thanks
  7. [quote name='longbal30' timestamp='1334408366' post='4719978'] Why have it if you cant game it. Put that bag in play. That is where it deserves to be. [/quote] Yes I just might bring the bag out onto the course......
  8. Snakeskin printsJust acquired a rare Japan only Titleist (Vokey) staff bag with snakeskin prints on the bag. This bag is money! Pity is looks too good to actually use on course.
  9. SOLDI have 2 more TM Limited LOVE driver headcovers. Already have one in my bag as well - don't own so many TM drivers so they are for sale. SOLD SOLD and shipped via registered airmail to you (I am based in Singapore). It should take 10 business days to get to you.No lowball offers pls.Thanks
  10. [quote name='CosmosMpower' timestamp='1334325572' post='4714144'] Forget the headcover, sell me one of those 3 BMW 1M coupes for cheap! [/quote] M Power, so much nicer with the M racing stripes too eh? I personally prefer my M3 GTS (Fozen Grey) in the garage.
  11. [quote name='soccerob5' timestamp='1334319788' post='4713602'] I'll take it pm sent [/quote]&nbsp;<div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Situation clarified- seems that the offer was an inadvertent slip when typing whilst driving.......... tsk tsk</div>
  12. I have a new / unused TM Love Driver HC for sale. SOLD paypaled n shipped to you via registered airmail (I am in Singapore). Thanks
  13. Sick!Managed to get my hands on a Matrix Prototype putter shaft. Weight is 130gms and the shaft graphics are pure money! There is also a white version available. Enjoy the pics
  14. Just got my 2012 NP2 SElect today in Singapore. Nice milling marks on the face and the finishing on the putter is sweet. I tried the entire range, include both the CS GoLO and the heel shafted GoLo putters. I will prob go get a GoLo for the simple fact that the finishing is first class and its just an overall nice shape for a mallet - not too big etc.
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