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  1. I love having the opportunity to share my passion for this game and life with others whom also share the drive. In the process, I became interested in knowing about what unique things have helped others become better at this sport and how I can continue to improve.
  2. It was really smooth. Much like the Ten Fidy Barrel Aged, I almost prefer the standard Expedition than the Black Note.
  3. Picked up Bell's Black Note Stout four pack for $11.75
  4. The following items are for sale today. The prices include shipping CONUS. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Vokey Belt size 33-36 listed on the inside. $OLD Vokey St. Patrick's day belt buckle. $OLD Scotty Buckle, comes with pin and sticker. $OLD Scotty 2013 British Open Divot Tool. $OLD
  5. I have a few items for sale, not currently looking for any trades. Shipping will be CONUS only. If you have any questions, let me know. Cameron Putting Alignment Aids: $OLD Scotty Futura X 35": This has never been gamed $225 Odyssey Versa 1W 34": This putter is in mint condition $80
  6. Victory's standard beers are above average. Where they separate themselves is their specialties that come in 750ml. Hoppy Quad, Tart Ten, Java Cask, and Sour Monkey. The Sour Monkey could not stay on the shelves with how popular sours have become. A friend of mine is helping me acquire half of a case. But the Java Cask is my favorite bourbon stout to date (14.3% too)!!! If anyone wants to trade something once the Sour Monkey is in, just let me know what you have...
  7. Just picked up the w00tstout from Stone. Looking forward to this 13% imperial stout w/ pecans. The next month brings Victory Sour Monkey, which is a 9.5% sour that is beyond delicious!!
  8. Got a case of Weyerbacher 21. This is delicious. If anyone is up for a trade on some of this, let me know. Here is a description: We’re turning 21 and we’re celebrating with a delicious chocolate cake with bourbon bacon icing (in a glass…). Cocoa nibs and cocoa powder give this big beer its rich chocolate flavor. Vanilla beans and Munich malts add a cake layer of flavor. Where’s the icing? We’re blending this already amazing beer with its bourbon barrel aged counterpart, while smoked malts bring a touch of bacon. In Weyerbacher’s traditional celebratory fashion, this big stout comes in at 11.9% ABV.
  9. Will sell the Red Hot Roller and the 2012 stock headcover combined for $80
  10. Mint, I used it for one 9 hole round after taking it out of the bag to start the year.
  11. Unloading the extra headcovers. Prices include shipping. All of these are in excellent shape. Scotty Cameron Red Hot Roller headcover $70 Oak Hill Squirrel headcover $OLD Scotty 2013 Member headcover $OLD Scotty 2012 Newport Stock Headcover $20
  12. Tried Heavy Seas Siren Noire, and it is a delicious imperial stout w/ chocolates aged in bourbon barrels. Looking forward to the Peppermint Victory at Sea and Victory's Tart Ten tonight.
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