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  1. I defer to @Wander Bread as I haven't played the NJ courses in about 5 years since moving to New York. Good to know Heron Glen and Neshanic are still going strong.
  2. @woofelfin Did Woodcrest go fully-private within the last couple years? I haven't played the NJ courses in the last 5 years or so since I moved to NY. I played it when it was semi-private.
  3. Does anyone have an idea if the course drains pretty well? There is forecast for rain overnight tonight (with flash flood warnings) which ends tomorrow morning. I have a tee time at noon and trying to gauge the likelihood of the course being playable tomorrow.
  4. I don’t know much around the Philly/Delaware area but I can confidently say that it wouldn’t be worth crossing the bridge to NJ. The only one that I would even consider traveling to is Woodcrest CC in Cherry Hill but I’m sure there’s much more convenient options in PA/DE.
  5. If you can grab a tee time at Neshanic or Heron Glen and even Berkshire, I would prioritize those over a Royce Brook. Not saying RB is bad by any means, it’s a solid option but I feel there’s a bit more wow factor with some really memorable holes at the other three courses.
  6. Would you take the NJ Turnpike down? If so, there’s Neshanic Valley, Heron Glen and Royce Brook all within the same area. You won’t be disappointed as they are some of the best courses and can challenge Ballyowen and Wild Turkey as being some of the top public courses in the state. There’s also Berkshire Valley that’s awesome but it may be a bit too far off your route.
  7. It does sway around a lot and does get annoying though so I would still consider treating yourself to a new bag if you find one that can fit your shoes. I remember New York Golf Center near Penn Station had a decent selection of bags. I’d suggest looking at the bags there in person and then once you find a model you like, go online and order a color scheme you like if the ones in the store are limited.
  8. I’ve also done the train commute from NYC and know your struggle. Another option that I used to do was just use a generic shoe cover/bag with a carabiner that you can easily hang onto the accessory loop that all bags have for towels/brushes etc.
  9. I have a Sun Mountain 4.5 and can easily fit my shoes in the big side pocket. They just have to be arranged where they are stacked and soles facing towards the zipper instead of just flat next to each other and still have plenty of room. I’m assuming that if the side pockets for the 3.5 or 2.5 are the same size you have a good shot. I’d recommend just going to the golf stores in the city and looking at the bags and stuffing some shoes in to see.
  10. I've had this on the list to play for a couple years now, but it has always been too far for me to make a day trip out of it. A couple of weeks ago, my family spent an extended weekend in Montauk and I finally got a chance to play it and I was extremely impressed. After thinking about the round for a bit now, I think that I might prefer it over Bethpage Red and could be the up there as the second best public course on Long Island behind Black. For anyone within 30-45 minutes drive of the course, I think they are lucky to have that course be so accessible. The only negatives of the round was the extreme humidity, amount of bugs, and the sand traps could use a little more sand. Otherwise, the conditions and layout was extremely memorable and fun. Glad I finally played it and well deserving of the recognition it receives.
  11. @Drwoods2017Just make sure you coordinate with the NYS resident and have them log on and be ready at 6:58pm (tee times open up at 7pm, one week before) because even if you are a resident, the tee times on Black are gone within the first minute. Non-residents at 5 days before have no chance for a tee time and are basically checking the night prior for cancellations (12 hour policy).
  12. I replaced my Nike Air Hybrid 14-way stand bag after just normal wear with a Sun Mountain 4.5 14-Way. I’ve never had any issues with club tangle and I found a club order that works whether I’m carrying or riding and haven’t changed it since. I have a secondary bag with 4 way dividers as well and just prefer the 14 overall.
  13. There's a dedicated bag section that you might find useful. Here's the latest post talking about Ultra Lightweight Bags that may be useful:
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