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  1. I’ve got a mixed bag of brands which is why I go with neutral manufacturers to avoid this matching dilemma entirely (Sun Mountain, Nike). Plus regardless of what brand is stamped on the bag, the materials often come from the same third party factories. But, it has been said that Sun Mountain is a classic brand known for their quality bags. In terms of pockets and divider layouts, you’re not going to see major differences across the brands since it’s all generally the same. You just have to check how many full length dividers there are as that is a huge difference in club tangle. The top divider may be a different number than the number of full length dividers. It may come down to smaller things like an insulated beverage cooler pocket vs a water bottle sleeve. So this part is a little difficult to distinguish. I think it comes down to the look and color scheme you are gravitating towards and also comfortability of straps, especially if you walk. But you wouldn’t go wrong from any major brand. I’d just stay away from the offshoot brands that are cheaper, that’s where I think the quality becomes a difference maker. (Granted there may be some hidden gems but I wouldn’t know).
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, I did a quote on parcelmonkey.com and just put in two destinations New York to California and it gave me around a $45 quote. Definitely way lower and more acceptable than the initial quotes I was finding.
  3. Lol, echo the previous responses. I think you are just going to basically decide on if you want a leather headcover, a wool/fabric one, a knitted pom or a combination. But in terms of color, you've got endless possibilities.
  4. Can anyone shed light on if Jones goes through colorway rotations over time or are the available colors already set until a new model is released? For example, I know that there was a 'midtown grey' and a standard 'olive' colorway available for the Utility Trouper 2.0, but are currently no longer available. Also, does anyone know when Jones typically releases new models (every year, two years, etc.) Currently searching for a used Trouper that's in the olive colorway or Grey colorway.
  5. Looking for either version, preferably in the olive color but open to others and prefer a clean stock model without any custom logos. DM me with pictures if you have any that you're looking to offload. Thanks
  6. I just based the dimensions on the calculator as a standard box like 15x15x38” at 8 pounds and came up with those estimates. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
  7. As a reference, I can see why the latest Ogio woode bags with the plastic dividers are weird looking but if you like the concept of the woode divider system, here’s an example of an older model with the traditional fabric top. https://www.playitagainsports.com/product/11497-S000119956/used-ogio-stand-bag-golf-stand-bags
  8. $30-40 seems reasonable. I must be doing something wrong but I used the eBay shipping calculator and put the dimensions a box that would fit and it was over $100 across USPS, UPS and FedEx.
  9. The latest Ogio Woode, the middle one looks like they went with some sort of plastic divider instead of the traditional fabric. If you like the concept of the middle, you may be able to find an older model with the fabric woode top. The last looks like my SM 14 way. Here is a picture of my club organization that works well if I’m walking or riding.
  10. On the fence about clearing some space and selling this old hoofer. But there’s a part of me that thinks I’ll regret it afterwards just based on nostalgia. What do you think I could get for this as I see some on eBay going for $150 (including shipping) that’s in worse shape than mine. This bag is in great shape without any rips or stains and all zippers working.
  11. @williaza Bought it in 2017. Used for a couple rounds and then it stayed in my basement as I preferred a 14 way bag. Been sitting in plastic for the last couple years and I currently need to clear some space. Edit: Found the order receipt and it was actually May 2018 when I bought it brand new, but not sure exactly on the actual model year.
  12. @bhj83I was unsure about it as well so I went through extensive conversations with poshmark customer service reps and confirmed that they only have weight restriction, which is 10 pounds. Not size so their standard labels fit within the parameters. Edit: I will be shipping these bags myself instead of Poshmark per the forum rules.
  13. Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag – $140 OBO includes shipping. — SOLD Used for less than 3 rounds, like new condition, rain hood included. Ping Hoofer Stand Bag – $200 OBO includes shipping. Great condition. No rips, tears or stains and all pockets/zippers working.
  14. Looks like last year’s models (or maybe longer) are on sale at rock bottom golf for like $142 at the moment.
  15. https://www.ogio.com/golf/woodē-8-hybrid-bag/spr5469440.html if you’re not so keen on a 14 way, you should like something between 6-8 way bag. You’re probably going to face the same issues with anything less. There may also be 5 way dividers with a dedicated putter well that could work. I think the Sun Mountain C-130 is a model that has this.
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