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  1. I have the trouper 1.0 and at first the straps were a wonky fit but I realized one particular strap needed to be under the other and I haven’t had a problem since. They were originally clipped on the wrong way which is what caused them to feel tangled and uncomfortable. Maybe I’m missing something?
  2. I’ve been a 14 way guy forever and always preferred it. I have a Hoofer 4 way as a backup but never really liked it. But, I snagged a Jones Trouper with this 5 way and it’s surprisingly awesome. There are plenty of 5 way divider designs but this layout might be the only one I would consider moving forward.
  3. I’m interested in switching it up and intrigued by Sub70 and their customization options just make it easier for me. I’m not getting rid of my Cleveland Launcher so I can always go back to it. I just didn’t want to select a shaft that’s completely on the other side of the spectrum in comparison to the Diamana Red that I have.
  4. Looking to possibly upgrade my old reliable Cleveland Launcher DST 3 Hybrid which has a stock Diamana Red 74v SL stiff shaft with a Sub 70 hybrid. Given their various shaft options, can anyone recommend which shaft is most comparable to the Diamana?
  5. Also, just bought a 1.0 Trouper from another member and noticed the straps were awkward at first but then looked at the video showing how to do the straps and realized they were clipped on incorrectly. I adjusted the clips and it was fine. Then it was just adjusting the length/tightness of the straps. No issues since.
  6. FYI for those who may have missed the email. The Jones Black Friday sale starts tomorrow.
  7. @jdl Seems like the C-130 has served you well and it's more a club organization issue. I have had a 14-way divider for 8 years now and previously had a Nike Air Hybrid and now a Sun Mountain 4.5 and have used this club arrangement whether I'm walking or riding and its worked out well. I have my putter and woods down the side. I use my wedges fairly frequently since GIR is the weakest part of my game, which is why I have them up top instead of the bottom for easier access next to the putter.
  8. Update: Sold and shipped two bags that were just sitting around recently. 1. ParcelMonkey worked great for a sale I did through another member here using standard PayPal Goods and Services. 2. The other bag I put on Facebook Marketplace and when I selected a prepaid shipping label, they gave me a flat rate quote of $19 (just had to enter weight, no dimensions). Facebook took 5% of earnings, which isn't too bad. So it seems like these two options are the best ways to ship a bag. I'm sure there may be other ParcelMonkey competitors as well.
  9. Thank you for this helpful insight. I’ve tried to experiment with different grips or feet positioning just based on what I’ve read and seen online and haven’t had much luck. So it’s good to know the root of this issue. Been able to get around with my swing but always looking to improve. To clarify on this screenshot you pulled. The club head should be more pointing towards the camera correct?
  10. @mantan Yeah of course I hear what you are saying. I actually have spent plenty in the PGA Superstore and go to them for anything I need. I don’t change equipment much so I don’t do what I mentioned often. In fact I’ve only done it once. I went through maybe 5 different drivers and shafts trying to find one I liked based on reviews and not hitting them before purchase.
  11. I think you should visit a local Golf Galaxy or PGA Tour Superstore and demo a bunch of the latest models since there is no cost or commitment to purchase. An associate should provide with you with a ballpark idea of good shaft options. Take note of the options and the ones you like and then go researching the used market for the same shaft and an older driver head. It's not a true fitting but at least gives you an idea instead of going in with a blind purchase based on reviews. For example I did this years ago with the GBB Epic when it first came out and found the right shaft for me. Then I went on Callaway Preowned and found a Great Big Bertha from 2015 for $150 with the same shaft, and it hasn't left the bag for me.
  12. Technical question, but can anyone see the video? It's showing up when I'm looking on mobile, but I don't see it on desktop. I just uploaded the video from my phone but not sure if that is the proper way, do I need to host it on YouTube or something? Edit: Looks like the video on desktop is showing up when it's Safari but not Google Chrome.
  13. Been playing for about 8 seasons and picked up the game fairly quickly. Never took a lesson and basically went with a few tips from my uncle when I was first starting out. Only this past round was when I decided to record my swing for the first time and I’m curious on everyone’s general thoughts. I’ve never been able to hit a draw, my shot shape is straight or cut/fade. I’m curious if anyone can pinpoint a reason to as well from this video. FullSizeRender.mov
  14. @Jvoom30 Jones has a video here on the bottom of the page: https://www.jonessportsco.com/pages/customer-service
  15. On my backup bag, I use a Cleveland Classic stock driver headcover and then use the Cleveland Mashie pompom style stock headcovers on my three wood and hybrid. On both of my putters, I've used random blade headcovers from Odyssey, Cleveland, Nike. I have a Scotty and refuse to put a Scotty headcover because of the sticky fingers fear that someone mentioned above.
  16. @Jvoom30Yeah, I'm definitely waiting until Black Friday and/or possibly February/March when they have a new release scheduled.
  17. @13ITZ Thanks for clarifying this. I actually reached out to Jones customer service and he mentioned the same thing. I'll definitely hold off until February or March unless I find an Olive Trouper because I'd be happy with either version of it. The part that is going to be tough is pulling the trigger on a bag for Black Friday as I've heard their sales are extremely good.
  18. I've been on the hunt for a Utility Trouper in Olive, but haven't had much luck so I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the sand colorway that's currently available online. But, my only hesitation is the light color being a pain to keep clean. Does anyone have any experience and familiarity with cleaning the fabric of their bags?
  19. Black Sun Mountain 4.5 14-Way stand bag in excellent used condition. May have about 10 rounds of use and has been sitting in my basement for the last couple seasons. Great bag, just decided to walk/carry more so I went with a lighter minimalist bag. No rips, tears, or stains. All zippers/pockets, stands working properly and rain hood is included. Asking $180 OBO including shipping. Price is flexible based on shipping costs. PM me if you're interested.
  20. Sounds good, thanks for the quick reply
  21. Still learning how this all works. I had a previous ad that I changed the title to sold and then got instructions to use the moderation options but it only gave me one option which was “lock” which I did. Am I now good to go to post another ad, I accidentally did this before locking my previous post so it looks like it was deleted. Do I need to redo and repost or do the mods have the ability to just make my previous ad visible?
  22. Moderators, this was my first listing not sure what I need to do to close this listing besides update the title?
  23. I’ve got a mixed bag of brands which is why I go with neutral manufacturers to avoid this matching dilemma entirely (Sun Mountain, Nike). Plus regardless of what brand is stamped on the bag, the materials often come from the same third party factories. But, it has been said that Sun Mountain is a classic brand known for their quality bags. In terms of pockets and divider layouts, you’re not going to see major differences across the brands since it’s all generally the same. You just have to check how many full length dividers there are as that is a huge difference in club tangle. The top divider may be a different number than the number of full length dividers. It may come down to smaller things like an insulated beverage cooler pocket vs a water bottle sleeve. So this part is a little difficult to distinguish. I think it comes down to the look and color scheme you are gravitating towards and also comfortability of straps, especially if you walk. But you wouldn’t go wrong from any major brand. I’d just stay away from the offshoot brands that are cheaper, that’s where I think the quality becomes a difference maker. (Granted there may be some hidden gems but I wouldn’t know).
  24. Thanks for the advice everyone, I did a quote on parcelmonkey.com and just put in two destinations New York to California and it gave me around a $45 quote. Definitely way lower and more acceptable than the initial quotes I was finding.
  25. Lol, echo the previous responses. I think you are just going to basically decide on if you want a leather headcover, a wool/fabric one, a knitted pom or a combination. But in terms of color, you've got endless possibilities.
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