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  1. Exactly! Just wait till it happens all over again with the arm lock. Bryson has figured out how to reduce face variation in the stoke with his method and putter. Anyone who has followed Kyle Berkshire’s YouTube channel can attest to the remarkable change in Kyle’s putting since adopting Bryson’s techniques and putter. Sure, he’s had to practice it but that amount of change in such a short period of time eludes to a mechanical advantage rather than what players normally get with a trip to Faxon for him to uncover you “natural” stoke. The standard argument is that everyone would do it
  2. Anyone care to share any knowledge or wisdom they might have about these IT boot camp programs that many Universities are promoting. Anyone finished one of these programs? Do they provide enough valve to actually get a job in one of those fields with previous experience? thanks
  3. More than likely your ground reaction forces you produce allow the early stall and throw release to be faster. If someone wants to try to switch to the hold off release their Horizontal Anterior/Posterior Force “rotation” must be very high because that’s their main power source. Dj, koepka and others bowed wrist folks have low Vertical force compared to A/P force.
  4. The fade that scott is describing isn’t what most people would call a full release fade it actually the opposite. Most of the speed is supposed to be supplied by the pivot. In this particular model you need to have a lot of flexibility to maintain the external rotation of the trail shoulder that late into the downswing. Scott didn’t get into wrist and angles in such..he actually only touch on a very small portion to the things needed or desired for the fade pattern. I’m currently working on one of his “constant radius” patterns
  5. Pretty standard stuff..Scott didn’t put anything out there that you couldn’t find on his instagram except possibly the right hand to left thigh. Basicially get the right arm externally rotated on the back swing..don’t allow the hips to trap the right are and make it internally rotate.
  6. If it was me I’d post a swing on here. If you have a decent fundamental swing the answer is yes you can probably benefit. If you do something that only you have figured out like a furyk type of move then probably no and I’d stop visiting the instruction portion of the forum asap.
  7. No, that’s not how modern society likes the world to operate...the a hole isn’t the one stating falsehoods, the a hole is the one who brings it to light..makes sense right?
  8. The more the shaft is leaning forward of the shaft the more the face opens
  9. In the 1st scenario yes..it doesn’t matter whether it’s your 2nd shot or 15th..fairway is fairway 2nd scenario..nope that’s not where it lies. The changing of the rule would just make greens and fairway symmetrical as far as the rules go. The designer intended it to be a preferred area on the hole it should get preferred treatment just like a green If it was originally in the rules this way..would you all purists try to change it? No, I don’t think you all could make a case for that but go ahead and try.
  10. I still believe he’ll too good not to have 1 hot putting week and win at least 1 more major. If they nerf the ball or clubs his ball striking will be worth more..he still has shots nobody else has.
  11. Yes I understand why they banned certain ones. All I am saying is that imo they should ban any method that allows the club to touch other body parts other than the hands unless you have a disability as in no hand or hands. The reason being only the end range movements of one joints/muscles/tendons/ligaments should be the only thing restricting movement. Allowing any part of the club to touch another part of the body other than the hands limits movement and is not in the spirit of the game in my opinion.
  12. Absolutely not forgoten..have you forgotten that the strokes on the right were “legal” not long ago. It’s the ruling body’s prerogative to change what is “legal”. My opinion is that the arm lock should be put on the right side as well.
  13. Against the forearm Everything can move..so you are telling me that I sway my hips side to side my belly or chest wouldn’t be fixed? They can swing just like a arm.
  14. That’s exactly the point...there shouldn’t be a method that allows wrist positions to be fixed period. The forearm doesn’t have a pivot point that could breakdown..same with the chest.
  15. The end cap including the sides which is still considered to be part of the butt of the club in my opinion. Otherwise if I had a hugge belly button technically a belly putter’s butt wouldn’t actually be touching anything but the sides would
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