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  1. Post the actual video so someone can tell you why you are doing it because there is a reason. Fixing that part of your swing might or probably will make you hit it worse.
  2. I’ve had good success in the past with “voodoo flossing” which kinda does the same thing. Also I have heard people getting rid of it by going on a carnivore diet.
  3. The tour does that because it’s the only time the majority of pga tour guys hit a long iron other than to lay up on a par 4 or to a green on a par 5. If they made all the par 3’s 160 or less yards someone would eventually replace the 4 and 5 iron with extra wedges.
  4. What does a major have to do with anything? Phil as much as anyone has tinkered with his equipment so he is the last person I want to here any whining about having to go back to a length driver that he has played in the past and won with. Also Phil has and will currently use whatever rule they have in place to maneuver the situation in his favor on and off the golf course as a example the ping eye 2 wedge and inside trading so the usga and him have no love loss. Wouldn’t surprise me if they had his major win in mind when concocting this change.
  5. Bryson is a above average intelligent person as far as I can tell and he has surrounded himself with much smarter than him. I wouldn’t have surprise me if Bryson or one of his team let the cat out of the bag so to speak why is 48in driver experiment failed. Once the problem is known and their is money to be made solving said problem their will be several entities trying to solve that problem for profit.
  6. You are kidding right? A transition period to learn how to hit a toaster on stick the same length or couple inches longer than their 3 wood or driving iron? Oh and their driver was probably 46 inches or less in the past couple of years ago. I think they are heading of the RB are heading off everyone going to 48 inches in a few years with the advance in shaft technology among other things. If anyone thinks the brilliant engineers and the money hungry companies don’t have ideas for improving every part of the equipment for the next 10 years already in the product development phase, they are living in fantasy land.
  7. Council Fire is very nice and you will probably meet someone who can get you on at the honors course.
  8. The Nashville area is fast becoming will a place you will not want to retire or stay long term. We are well on our way to being the new “Atlanta” but with even worse infrastructure planning.
  9. If everyone would just stop spending and just save their money until prices normalize things would be so much better for everyone. Alas FOMO is too strong it seems.
  10. I was once a plus when I played 72 holes a week and practiced as well and now closer to a 7 now that I only play 9 holes a week if I’m lucky. For most competitive people it seems their best is the level they expect even if it isn’t realistic. What I hate is when you play with some people you played a lot with in the past when you played your best and they tell the other people in the group that don’t know you..how good you are and you stink up the place
  11. Pureball striker I don’t think it’s made anymore. You can make something similar by cutting a foam practice ball in half and shaving out a part for the shaft.
  12. Nothing is better than the planemate for inside takeaway imo. I’m not a fan of it for any swing past hip high thou. You can make the same thing for hip high swings with a bungee cord or some elastic tubing duck taped around the shaft where the Com should be and attach it to your belt.
  13. I really like CM game but he’s young and already using the claw. Nobody seems to putt better as they age so if he does do it he better doing quickly.
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