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  1. Hi , I’ve been all over the place with golf instructors. I’m trying to settle on someone to work with. I know Monte is a great instructor and if I lived near him I’d be at his door without doubt for in person lessons. My question is, have others who have stuck with Monte long term really been able to make significant improvement with only online lessons? I’ve done a month in the past with his improvement plan and it’s definitely a great value but I suppose I’m still a but hesitant to fully commit due to it only being online. I’d be curious what others experiences have been? I’m loo
  2. I somehow started watching some of Venetos' videos on YouTube. At first I thought it was pretty wacky. I went to the range the other day and started playing around with some of the stuff I watched. I was honestly surprised how well I was hitting it. I'm not even sure how close I was to what he was saying but it's intriguing. Curious if anyone else has updates? Maybe I'm just a skeptical person but it's interesting that some of the glowing reviews on here are from people that have a very low amount of posts.
  3. Interesting...That clarifies a lot of confusion about the MORAD stuff. It makes more since that the approach is a straight line delivery. Do you think that Stack and Tilt is also a straight line delivery since Bennett and Plumber probably took a lot of their stuff from Mac (or so I've been told)?
  4. Why? If it works for this player, then they should use it. It's not about what's in vogue or lost steam but how effective it is for someone. There are still a lot of teachers that use it. It can't be completely crap or it wouldn't still be taught and used. I have friends that use it and are very good, single digit players. Should a PGA player use it? I don't know....Maybe not. But for us average hackers it seems to help a lot of players.
  5. Thanks. BH's concept is a good way to get a similar feel. I started working with an instructor that teaches a Mike Bender type of pattern, who Byrd was working with in the video and using that training aid.
  6. Does anyone know what the name of the training aid is that Jonathan Byrd is using around the 10 sec mark? I believe it's a putting aid that he's using for full swing but can't seem to find the name or where to buy it. Thanks!
  7. Anyone here using the planemate and George Gankas golf system? Seems like they’d be compatible but want other’s advice before pulling the trigger on the GG online system given the $$. Anyone have other instructors (besides Martin Chuck and David Woods) that teach a swing that is compatible with the movements that this aid ingrains? thanks!
  8. Thank you...Yes, it's part of the actual cast part that takes a bit of effort but it's really going from the cast to hitting the ball that I really feel like I have to muscle. I'm also wondering if I'm tensing up from the cast A part of the drill, which could be part of what I'm feeling. I sent video to Monte and got a thumbs up on doing the drill correctly...I'll just have to keep working on it
  9. I'm doing pretty well with the Cast A and seeing some good shallowing improvement. However, I feel like I have to work really hard to get from the 8o'clock position to the ball. Seems like I'm working too hard...Anyone else running into this? Maybe it's because I'm going from a static position?
  10. I'm glad this worked for you...I've always thought this was a good method. I still use a lot of things I've learned. I go back to the body movements and am starting to go back into the club head stuff. Was striking it really well with some of these moves.
  11. Are you sure it's tonight? His Instagram account has one for 9/18. Maybe that's a different one...
  12. That's probably different for everyone....I can say for myself it's when I get into the cast A position with good right elbow position, then re-cocked to hit the ball and let my right elbow fly out which leads to getting my arms stuck behind my body.
  13. This is an interesting thread. Monte has a new video on his website where he discusses how the left wrist goes from flexion to extension during the release. He describes the release through impact like a throwing motion or “cast”. I’ve heard and read Jim Hardy talk about this but for some reason Monte’s explanation was eye opening.
  14. It’s taken several days but I’m starting to make decent contact with the drills. I’ve noticed a couple things: - When I get to the cast A position and pause at 8 o’clock I found I still need to feel like the club head is dropping behind me as I go to hit the ball otherwise I revert back to kicking my right shoulder out towards the ball rather then continuing to rotate down and around - I know we’re not supposed to think about cast B when we’re working on cast A. However my contact is just better when I do cast A then cast B. I know when I’m doing a real swing I won’t be able to separ
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