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  1. PXG “black boxes” have a market too. As a PXG owner who no longer has boxes, ask me how I know.
  2. I have a Callaway Heavenwood (4 wood head size and length with 7 wood loft) and PXG Gen 1 0311X followed by 0211 5-W and could not be happier. 198 carry for the Heavenwood (high soft landing approaches) and 178 on the 0311X (low running chasers). Both end up right in the 200+ total distance range but offer vastly different flights, despite having the same loft. Both are very easy to hit but if I needed 200 yards and wasn’t forced to carry anything I’d hit the PXG.
  3. Agreed. I really like what Logan is doing and I think he’s heading toward much bigger things. I’d put his craftsmanship up there with Tyson Lamb (dare I say better ).
  4. Olson Legacy in stainless with deep milling, welded neck, naked tri-sole and site dot.
  5. Olson Legacy in stainless steel from today’s flash sale... Bought on a whim but I’m 40 yers old, married with kids. Cheaper than a Corvette so I’ll consider it midlife crisis prevention.
  6. I paired my 5-W 0211 with a 4 Gen 1 0311X and love it.
  7. Anyone? I’m sitting on a nice little gem for the long game
  8. I’m a very steep digger and usually do well with irons that have lots of camber. I have no problems with the 0211’s and wonder if the listed bounce is an effective measurement as opposed to actual? I may be confused but I believe more camber effectively creates more bounce.
  9. More oddball golf lifestyle purchases from eBay. Another Tiger Woods rookie card. C’mon , get something going so I can watch these “investments” skyrocket!
  10. Here it is after hitting it with some glass bead from the blaster. Not 100% perfect as this was my first effort but so much better than the previous mirror-polish.
  11. Picked up this little “gem”... I know it’s not PSA graded but for $25 out of pocket it’s with a shot.
  12. Club ho, obviously, but I‘m also an avid lover of the game so I like to post my oddball contributions. Used my $25 eBay coupon to pick up a gem mint 10 (not PSA of course so who knows) Tiger Woods rookie card! For $25 out of pocket it was less than a raw card and I might get lucky.
  13. Who refinishes, horribly, a Circle T and beats the hell out of it? The whole thing reeks. Seller is a young kid whose ignorance about Scotty’s is only surpassed by his arrogance. I tried buying an off the rack 350g Studio Stainless from him and had to explain everything about the putter to him. After I did, we negotiated a deal but he goes silent on me for several days only to relist for twice the price. Now, he shows up with all of these questionable Cameron items... Hard Pass. The lack of milling marks, which may have been buffed out, and the overall condition/appearance of the CT gav
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