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  1. Looking to complete my club shop and would like to buy a Loft/Lie Machine. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks!
  2. If I remember correctly... The lineage, according to Bob Bettinardi from the TG2(?) podcast was as follows: Bob was doing machining work for various industries when he went into a golf shop and saw an advertisement for Ken Giannini milled putters. He either began working with or being mentored by Giannini but disagreed with making the head and neck as separate welded pieces and began milling putters for Scotty instead. When he and Scotty stopped working together (the Teryllium putters after Bettinardi had a white border because Scotty couldn’t mill them as precisely as Bettinardi), Bob br
  3. This. This. This. CBX head blends beautifully with the 0211 and the Rotex graphite is a very suitable match to the MMT 80 Stiff. the only difference is that I have an RTX4 in the lob which creates a really seamless transition between 0211 PW>CBX gap and sand>RTX4 lob.
  4. Older Pro Putt Systems putting green for $20 from Facebook Marketplace. It is most similar to their current Club Champion model (9’9” from cup to cup) that sells for $900! I need to clean the turf of some mud but, overall, it is in good condition. I have a Birdie Ball that is awesome but I wanted something that I can leave out in the basement without fear of my little girls (3 and 6 years old) or the dog damaging it. The durability or lack thereof, is the one knock that I have with the Birdie Ball.
  5. Well, let’s put some lipstick on this pig. Been waiting for a good deal on a Stitch Arnold Palmer camo headcover and this popped up in my eBay saved search. Timing was impeccable.
  6. The Beast. It’s hideous! It may end up getting a lot of play... I’m ashamed.
  7. I’m so ashamed... I had a restless feeling and picked up a putter, from Facebook Marketplace, to mess around with. Now I can’t get it out of my hands. I have several Scotty’s, Olson, Toulon, Giannini, Mills and a Moore. I also have a few vintage ‘60’s PING’s and a YES!. Those are all phenomenal putters but for some reason, I am enamored with this hideous beast... I don’t know what to do
  8. You must have missed my next post or responded before you got to it. I said, “I imagine that it is the growing pains of trying to scale up abusiness without cutting in to your bottom line by adding an administrative assistant. If he was able to find a good part-time, he could recoup the cost with 10-20 custom putters.” I agree with you and think he should address the communication issues.
  9. A former coworker of mine worked his way through the ranks of 2nd Swing for almost 20 years (until a few months ago). He is a big Olson fan and I believe they worked out an agreement to procure some product, directly from Olson.
  10. Thanks to Pendleton Wool’s exceptional Black Friday sale, I have a new towel for next season.
  11. For the record, I don’t have a Vessel, but the material that makes up the stand bag and cart bag is identical so their policy (which could have changed but was such at that time) is asinine. Hence, people were appropriately taking Vessel to task. I also pointed out the audacity that they would “screw” their customers on warranty claims, only to later reverse course and sell (overpriced) cart strap covers.
  12. I, personally, went from “0-100” when a representative from their company claimed a stand bag was never intended to be used on a cart. Seems pretty obvious why people would “hate” that company policy.
  13. That is the answer he gave (it may have even been 1,200). Keep in mind that many people don’t order the avant-garde putters that he shows on Instagram. I bet a majority are run of the mill (no pun intended) Classics, Legacys and Retros.
  14. It is interesting to compare and contrast that my complaint was with the craftsmanship but the customer service was good. However, others experienced the exact opposite. I imagine that it is the growing pains of trying to scale up a business without cutting in to your bottom line by adding an administrative assistant. If he was able to find a good part-time, he could recoup the cost with 10-20 custom putters. I believe he said he made over 1k putters last year but I could be mistaken.
  15. TLDR: Responsive to me, given that Logan is, literally, the entire company. He also paid two-way shipping charges to repair my putter to my satisfaction, even when he probably didn’t feel like it was warranted. I appreciated that we had an honest discussion and he decided my satisfaction was worth it to fix the putter.
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