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  1. Anyone have a code? I promise I'll pay another forward when I get one. Snipers, please let me pass!
  2. I worked directly with Nic, the owner, but that was because of my unique situation (trading a “historic” bag back to the company). He was awesome and responded to every email within 24 hours. Basically I went through their gallery and picked bits and prices that I liked and he made the mock up. I think what you’re describing is the infinite possibilities that aren’t available through the online bag builder. You would be correct that whatever you can imagine, they can make but it will require some personal attention. My finished bag was perfect.
  3. I found them on Facebook Marketplace. I think they pop up every once in a while.
  4. Mini Masters flags (3) for my indoor putting green.
  5. PS, I’m still waiting for you to explain the “dirt from the putting mat” (yes, those are quotes from YOU) that have somehow changed into shaft trimmings... You’re a unique fellow. I also repair and build clubs but would never do that over my putting mat in an office. Strange. And one more thing, what’s with the two different WRX accounts claiming you’re the buyer? Is one a burner you use to hose people? Explain that please.
  6. Get out of here... You’d make that deal because you dented the damn putter and you’re trying to save face and clear your guilty conscience. How about YOU admit you damaged the putter, drop your dispute and let him keep the $182 that he rightfully (in my mind) sold it to you for?
  7. I don’t know the “brother” as patsy seems fairly popular. Definitely a strong contender for most used excuse.
  8. Congratulations on the sale, your holiness.
  9. So we’re the negatives yours or your brothers? You seem to have very intimate knowledge of the transactions and be passionate about defending them if they weren’t yours. Also, I am still waiting to hear about your putting mat setup. I have both a Birdie Ball and Pro Putt but am very interested in you real grass/dirt mat. Sounds interesting, please elaborate.
  10. So your eBay account is not “perfect” and you have received negative feedback. What is with this rash of deadbeat “brothers” constantly messing with golf club transactions? You guys Oregon Ducks fans by chance? Here is the point: The putter did not have a dent in the face when it is was photographed for the for sale ad. We know, for a fact, that it happened sometime between then and now. Therefore it was either damaged by the seller before that packaging, the carrier or you. In that equation we know that you (or your brother) have had previous issues with deceptive practices (4 negative, 2 neutral). We also know that your “new” club was not factually new. I also don’t know how “dirt” would transfer from a “putting mat” to a club so I can only surmise that you are being deceptive about that, as well. Given the totality of the circumstances, I do not believe your story. Is it so odd that someone looked at your employer, etc? Unfortunately, your (or your brothers) previous practices would make me question your authenticity also.
  11. I had a few concerns about his auction: How does one get “dirt” from a putting mat? Do you have a real putting green in your office? If so, do you often take full swings on it with clubs? “...check my eBay record. It is perfect.” No, it is not. You have 4 negative feedbacks and 2 neutral feedbacks as seller, based on deceptive descriptions.
  12. It’s an awesome club just not as versatile as I would like (for my swing/game).
  13. Not at all. They refunded me for all 25 grips even though 15-20 were usable.
  14. That’s kind of what it is like but they seem way too new for that. It was so strange. They were stiff and extra crispy.
  15. Buyer beware on the $.99 Tommy Armour cords... TLDR: I could crunch some of mine like a handful of potato chips.
  16. Give them a roll and pinch, as well. Some of mine would make a cracking noise when I did that but remained flexible enough that I couldn’t snap them like a dried twig.
  17. Beware that you may end up with some unusable grips. Out of my 25, 5 of them are made out of something that I can only describe as styrofoam-like. Golfworks was great and refunded what I paid but I have never seen anything like it, besides 20-40 year old grips. I was able to crush them, like potato chips, “crunch!” Sound included.
  18. Nail polish. Get as close of a match as possible and buff it out afterwards with buffing compound.
  19. I was hunting these like a hawk on eBay, Facebook and Craigslist. Typically, they sell for $450+/- with bar. I believe they are designed by the same guy that does the True Blue machines.
  20. I should clarify that I said that for me the Rogue White was mid launch/mid spin but it is actually a mid launch/low spin shaft by design. It has definitely taken some spin off of the driver and fairway wood for me but I am such a high spin player it is really a mid spin, for me.
  21. So you missed the part where your source gave you largely incorrect information. For “more” people, decreasing the loft and, therefore, bounce would not increase playability. This is not a wedge and those swing characteristics shouldn’t pertain (steep angle of attack and fear of blading a ball on delicate shots). But I stand corrected, not every single person will see the benefits of having more loft and bounce on a driving iron. More will. 7D8FF84C-D1E0-426F-BD87-8E08E0DC2B99.webp
  22. For anyone that cares anymore about this train wreck... WRX’s own, Ryan Barath weighs in:
  23. So you don’t know? Good, now that we’re in agreement, can we move on to that apology for you accusing me of saying something that I didn’t? I’m assuming that you’ll avoid that in the same manner that you’ve avoided my initial question.
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