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  1. Damn, at $50 a club, thats steep. Did you make sure that didnt include ferrules because thats insane.
  2. Spargo does great work. Brought irons to be bent there on a whim and were done in 25 minutes with no appointment. Youll definitely get what you pay for. Are you bringing your own ferrules or buying them from whoever does the work?
  3. Just talked to Vessel last night. Was told all colors of LUX XV cart bag will be in stock by the end of march. Lux cart 2.0 will not be restocked.
  4. If you don't want to be fitted, i believe global golf has try before you buy. Its $50 or $75 for irons. i think but if you buy clubs it comes off the price.
  5. I could do that, PM me an offer. Had someone interested in the utility but havent heard back
  6. Appreciate the heads up! Just used the google machine and it says "utility cover" so its definitely a hybrid cover, Thanks!
  7. Purging my Scotty stuff to pay for a new driver! All prices are based on ebay sold comps. If you have any questions or would like more pictures, feel free to message me. Thanks! 2010 Club Cameron utility cover BNIB- $85 (putter cover sold) Billet Scotty Dog Belt buckle (never worn)- $old 2010 Circle Belt buckle (never worn)- $75 Red "Circle T" weight tool (BNIB)- $old 2015 Hula cover (BNIB)- $old Jackpot Johnny custom shop cover (never used, no bag)- $old 2011 Cherry bomb keychain/key fob (never used)- $old 2013 Scotty Dog belt buckle (never worn)- $1old
  8. I believe the "warranty" is through assurian or one of those companies. The same company that deals with phone insurance plans. My brother started to file a claim and it was a pain so he quit.
  9. I have one in my basement. Its very used and the face looks about the same. The finish however is not nearly as dark as original. Im not sure how the finish would be so nice and the milling not so nice
  10. Just got an email and checked out what was in the sale. Found these shafts and thought some would appreciate it. 20% code is SAVE20 https://www.hole9teen.com/product/motore-speeder-cb-7-2-x/ https://www.hole9teen.com/product/motore-speeder-cb-6-2-x/
  11. Picked up a set of Nike CCI cast 4-A with slingshot hybrid for $12.99. Just sent them to Scratch for $155 credit (hopefully, just received today)
  12. If you trade them into RBG, they give an extra 25% if you choose gift certificate! Also, their values were a little higher. Got $150 for an old set of Nike CCI irons that i paid $13 for!
  13. Hey guys, was checking out the Nike sale at dicks and was messing around on the website. They have BB1 on clearance for $300 then an additional 25% off. I happened to have a coupon code, not sure if it was one time use. After tax and free shipping it came to $220. If anyone is interested, the code is DMBGS16NeTgSsjz4XHF
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