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  1. USPS shipping, priced to move. Trade interest would be iron sets, i210s top of the list. 1. Mint Callaway Epic Max 9* head only with cover. $SOLD 2. New, in plastic, Swing Caddie SC300. $SOLD 3. Graphite Design Tour AD VR 6 TX, Callaway adapter, just over 43", plays just over 44". Brand new NDMC plus 4 align grip. $SOLD 4. Graphite Design Tour AD HD 6 TX, Callaway adapter, just under 43", plays 44". Brand new NDMC plus 4 align grip. $SOLD 5. Ventus Black Velocore 6X, 42.5" with no adapter. Cord grip. $SOLD 6. Mint P
  2. USPS shipping. Open to offers. Only trade interest might be 21 Epic/Mavrik diamond heads and Callaway driver shafts, or new golf balls. 1. SWAG Concentric Skulls Azalea Mallet, NIP. $SOLD. 2/3. Mint Taylormade SIM2 Max 15* 3 wood head/SIM cover $SOLD. SIM2 Max 18* 5 wood head/Sim2 cover $SOLD.
  3. USPS shipping unless we work out something otherwise. 1. Perfect Cobra Rad Speed 9 driver head. Was new earlier this week, pulled the plastic off and hit a couple so it's now used and a different listing item, probably going with the new red version myself. Get a screaming deal here, Head $SOLD OBO shipped. 2. New PING G425 4 hybrid head. Origninal hheadcover included $SOLD OBO shipped hybrid.
  4. 1. New, in plastic, Taylormade SIM2 8* driver with Project X RDX black shaft, 45.5", headcover included. Standard TM tipping to my knowledge, see photos. $SOLD OBO shipped Fedex. 2. Ventus Black 6 X, 44" Taylormade adapter. $SOLD.
  5. USPS shipping unless we compromise otherwise. 1. Excellent PING G425 Max 9 driver with Alta CB 55 S shaft, standard length, headcover included. Also can include extra 32g weight if you wish. $SOLD OBO shipped. 2. Srixon ZX7 AW, Modus3 120X shaft +1/2", MCC +4 grip. $SOLD OBO shipped. 3. PING Ventus Black 6X, 44" with Winn midsize grip. $SOLD OBO shipped. 4. Callaway Ventus Black 6X, 44.125" with MCC +4 grip. $SOLD OBO shipped. 5. 10 new Golf Pride CP2 jumbo grips, 9 pro and 1 wrap. $SOLD OBO shipped.
  6. Forged tec, not as pretty but they just fit me. Yes, yes you are. Read it again, I even said there's a hint!
  7. Prices include shipping with USPS, we can discuss any option though. 1. Srixon ZX7 iron set in excellent shape, 4-P +1/2" Modus3 120 X, NDMC midsize grips. $SOLD shipped OBO. Lovely as all get out but couldn't unseat my Cobras. 2. Excellent Cobra F9 tour length white/black 10.5 driver with Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 7S. Jumbo CP2 grip. Used twice, was pulled out of the wrapper last month. $SOLD shipped. 3. Cobra SZ Big Tour 13.5 3 wood, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70 6.0, standard length and jumbo CP2 grip. Has a few buff marks on the hood. $S
  8. OEM'S don't pay retail for shafts, that would be silly. That 350 shaft you buy costs the manufacturer <75 to make and probably <100 for an OEM to buy in bulk. Driver cost for them is still maybe ~175 with that shaft? They sell to you for 500, or to a retailer for half that, who sells it to you for 500 still. They're making their money on the driver. Whether that money can cover marketing and operating costs is another question but that has to do with if they are good at running the business or not.
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