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  1. There are two measurments of MOI, one on the horizontal axis and one on the vertical axis respectively. The numbers you see floating around like 8500 are referring to the added total of both measurements. When you see 5000, that is referring to just the horizontal number probably, so you can't compare the two. I think the limit by the USGA for horizontal is 6000. The G425 Max is said to be pushing 10,000 total which is the highest known to exist so far. The LST would be around 5000 horizontal and probably high 8k range total I would guess.
  2. I've got a fitting on the 5th also, with a fitter not affiliated with one company. I want to hit them all and pick a winner.
  3. Just spit balling here, but someone who uses a 4 wood probably isn't using a 3 wood also, so comparing those may not make sense. One person might go 3 wood/5 wood and another might go 4 wood/7 wood. In which case the relation of the two is important but not the 3 to the 4. Also, someone using a 4 wood might fall into the camp of wanting a more confidence inspiring head that that of a 3+ wood user.
  4. https://www.titleist.com/tour/all-players?gclid=CjwKCAiAuoqABhAsEiwAdSkVVPoBVsybniavACGgA3MuSzHiFiBzNBpYSGNoSDOmG_8mmkRnd_2W_RoC60QQAvD_BwE You mean that page?
  5. Personally I prefer to add head weight and still play at a fairly standard length or a little over, but also like a relatively light swingweight. CB shafts, heavier grips aid that. I would definitely give a CB version a run.
  6. I'm committing to getting fit this time. I need a 12 step driver intervention I think.
  7. One item, a very nice PING G425 LST 10.5* driver head, with cover and adapter. I have a PX Riptide Small Batch 60 6.0 if interested as well for cheap. $SOLD shipped for the head, $SOLD for the driver shipped conus.
  8. ***wood shafts*** The RDX Blue is supposed to fit this profile, haven't seen a bunch of reviews yet. The HZRDUS Smoke Yellow fits this to a degree also. For older shafts, rhe UST Attas 5 was the best example I had found until recently. golfshaftreviews.info has ei charts and goes into good detail on this subject for a lot of shafts. I see now you meant iron shafts, but I'll leave this here anyway if anyone cares.
  9. All prices include CONUS shipping, prices are pretty firm but will listen to offers. No trade interests. 1. TSi3 9 driver head with cover. Slight sheen difference in paint by toe, not noticeable at address. $SOLD 2. TSi2 16.5 4W head with cover. Small mark on topline. $SOLD 3. Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Blue 65 TX, 44.25" with Titleist adapter. $165 4. Fujikura Motore X F3 7X, 42.5" with Titleist adapter. $SOLD
  10. Interested in upgraded shafts, let me know if you have anything to move.
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