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  1. 15* Titleist 970.....Brand new Grafalloy ProLite 35 shaft and brand new Lamkin full cord grip. As the pictures show this club has been taken extremely good care of. I must sell it due to mounting medical bills. My price is $200 and that includes shipping and insurance.
  2. Absolutely beautiful brand spanking new men's Tiffany Mark watch. Not only is this watch new, it has never even been tried on. I received it as a gift and due to a family emergency it must go. This watch can be found in any Tiffany store in America and retails for $2000.00 plus tax....about $2160 all total. It comes with a soft calfskin leather band...pure luxury. I will take $1400.00 for it. It is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic and genuine in every way. What an amazing gift this would be....especially at this price. Any questions are welcome.
  3. Titleist 970 15*....easy 9 out of 10 condition wise. Absolutely ZERO cosmetic flaws to the crown or top line. Shafted with brand new Pro Lite 35 and a brand new Lamkin full cord grip. My price is 225 shipped. I recently encountered a serious family emergency and I am selling this club for that reason. I hate to part with it but family is more important than golf.
  4. Absolutely BRAND SPANKING NEW Mizuno MP-29 irons.....3-PW. These clubs are NOT refurbished nor rechromed or anything like that. They are still factory fresh just as they were the day they were made. These clubs originated from a very well respected member here on GolfWRX...and he can verify and attest to the fact they are brand new. They are shafted with DG S300. My price is 600 shipped....and I will be sure to individually bubble wrap each head for protection. I dont have to tell anyone on here that these irons may be the finest forged clubs EVER produced. Finding them in this condition is vi
  5. This custom Callaway S2H2 3 wood is the tour only version. It has 13* of loft which is signified by the 2 dots on the sole of the clubhead. This head was acquired in Las Vegas at last week's TOUR stop. I did not know these heads were still available but I was obviously wrong! It was shafted by the Callaway van with a Fujikura Speeder 652 in stiff flex. I requested stiff since that flex fits a much wider range of players. It has also been INTERNALLY weighted/foamed much differently than the retail version. I was told the COG has been moved for a hotter more boring flight. It is in absolutely ge
  6. Plus Cally tour headCallaway RCH 36 Pro Series shaft in strong flex. This is THE definitive players shaft. Extremely hard to find these days and this one is in great shape....easy 8.5/10. Absolutely zero nicks to the surface. Fred Couples used this exact shaft and swore by it. It was pulled from an S2H2 Tour series 3 wood. I will sell it for 20 bucks shipped. If you can handle this shaft there is none finer.
  7. The ACT and/or SAT is not the determining test....lets poll everyone's Stanford-Binet test....mine was 158. Thats serious heat boys.
  8. I have a friend at Nike that got this jersey from the Alabama athletic department. It is the absolute real deal game jersey....not a retail model that can be bought in any store. It is what the players are wearing on the field. If you or anyone you know is a Bama fan, I will make you a good deal on it!
  9. Cameron Futura Mid length putter. It is in MINT condition...easy 9/10. Price is $145 and that includes shipping and pay pal.
  10. Hi Judge....the 2 dot is 13*, one dot is 14* and zero dot is 15*. The 15* was the retail version. You are correct....this club is incredible. You can buy newer or pay more money, but you wont get a better wood. It is solid as a rock. To find one is this shape is almost like a needle in a haystack.
  11. This is the 14* Tour version of the S2H2 3 wood. It is in absolutely UN HIT gem mint condition. The shaft is a brand new Grafalloy Pro Lite 35 and the grip is a brand new Lampkin full cord. This head is extremely hard to find....and near impossible in this condition. Price is $115 and that includes shipping and paypal.
  12. 9.5* 905R...head is great condition...solid 9/10. $130 shipped!!
  13. I have a 9.5* head only in mint condition. Let me know if you are interested.
  14. One dozen brand new Callaway HX 56 Tour golf balls.....34 bucks shipped!!!!
  15. As photos have proven, Hogan's shoulders were quite open at impact. What ball striking errors/ ball flight problems would be most prevalent in a swing where the shoulders were square or even slightly closed at impact? Slicefixer?????
  16. ADDED: 1 DZ NEW HX TOUR.56Absolutely brand new Callaway X-Tour 15* 3 wood. Shaft is Aldila VS Proto 70 stiff flex. This club was custom ordered from Callaway with this premium shaft upgrade. It was NOT installed by a 3rd party clubmaker. My price is a ridiculously low $210 shipped! This club retails for $319 PLUS tax and shipping. You are saving a TON off retail price!
  17. Hey Slicefixer....2 quick questions for you. Good players know about a flat or slightly arched left wrist at impact. But.....is the flat wrist "manufactured" by the rotation of the left forearm coming down...or does the flat wrist happen automatically? I think it comes from the rotation. Secondly, in chips and short pitches it seems the flat/arched wrist hoods the wedge so much that the chips/pitches are low. How can we get that wrist flat and leading and yet still hit high chips and pitches?
  18. If Vick truly did what the idictment claims....then they can shoot that piece of scum in the head and I wont lose a minutes sleep.
  19. One and only one price drop.....235 shipped. That is the best price you will ever find on this club in brand new condition. The shaft retails for 175 by itself!
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