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  1. If they are trying to break into the US market should be a good move. Honman has some players in the LPGA under contract.
  2. 2018 three 3 putts in 18 holes this year, have hit that about 5 times this year.
  3. They have the yellow in Japan, and they ran an on line yellow special a couple months ago.
  4. Great looking set-up, a little of this a little of that.
  5. I have bought some balls from him, then I found out out he was selling the balls first, after he sold enough he would order the balls in bulk, then ship. Got my refund fast.
  6. Still playing the EXO Rossie, from the day it come out. Like he feel, don't see it leaving, unless a EXO Fang comes out.
  7. Maybe he just wants to know where the club house is during his round.
  8. Wonder if this bring down the price of some other Tour balls?
  9. Sucks that I can’t make it this year, also have a great time.
  10. Some of these sticks bring back memories for sure. Nice to see a pro playing these.
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