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  1. First up: MODART R51C - $400 - Just as I was starting to play consistently, boom comes a baby. The baby is amazing, but also means I gotta hang up my bag for a while. Ever since I discovered how much of a better putter I was w center-shafted putters, I have become quite the collector. This MODART R51C putter is so so nice and putts so true. It has a nice weight to it and feels so solid at contact. I never wanted to part ways w this putter, but now I gotta find her a new home. $400 takes it, shipped within CONUS. next up: Yamaha Inpres RMX D2 ladies driver in
  2. My set was set at stronger lofts due to my abnormally high ball flight. PW goes about 120-125 and the 48 slides in perfect for that perfect 110-115 yarder. I have always bagged the standard 3-pw, followed by the traditional 56* and 60* setup since the 90’s. With the addition of this “gapper” my yardages are now dialed in. Might not work for some, but def works for me.
  3. My bag: Driver : Taylormade Sim 8* w Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 S shaft Fairway wood : Taylormade M3 19* w Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft Driving Iron : Taylormade p790 UDI 2-iron w/ stock Project X HZRDUS85 shaft Irons (4-pw) : Miura CB1008 w Oban CT-115 shafts Wedges : Miura Tour (48*), K-Grind 2.0 (54* and 60*) all fitted w/ Oban CT-115 wedge shafts Putter : Miura MGP-M2
  4. i have a first love in some honma blades from the late 90’s. Tried to get myself into the 737v, but that excitement was short-lived. got fit into a set of Miura cb1008 that I absolutely love, but also had a chance to try some Epon irons. The Epons felt great but the numbers told me otherwise. I recommend getting fitted at club champion or a fitter w all sets available. from wedges to driving iron, I’m rocking w Miura. Gluck w your search
  5. I started playing the Cleveland RTG’s back in the 90’s, transitioned to the Vokey wedges in early 2000’s and just recently switched to Miura. I absolutely loved the feel/performance of the RTG wedges and have been struggling to find something more current that fits my game. Switching to Miura, I have never been better/so confident inside 110 or around the green. There’s just something about the solid weight and feel of the Miura wedges. I tried so hard to love them, but never got used to the vokey wedges.
  6. I had the same issue. I had the TS4 8.5* paired w an Obama Black and was still launching the ball high like you. I eventually switched back to TM when the SIM 8* came out. I have always preferred Titleist drivers: 975D, 905J, 984K but first switched loyalties w the TM m1 driver. Thought it was time to go back to team Titleist w the TS4, but I’m back w Team TM in the end.
  7. ? them fighting words to some on this forum
  8. Swing was feeling good and my head got too big. I bagged this for a session on the range and will tell you this: i was definitely move the ball left to right (slice city) ........ The SIM is back in the bag ? Gluck w your search ?
  9. Miura CB-1008. I was always a Titleist guy, from the 962b’s to the cb710, the Miura CB-1008 was the iron to pull me away from my Titleist brand loyalties. But I am curious to try the Srixon Z785’s or some of their other iconic offerings. Golfwrx fans seem to love them like no other!
  10. Seems like the more “modern” driving iron offerings all favor the thicker sole design (excluding the few traditional razor like shaped 1/2 irons still surviving the market). If you prefer thinner soled driving irons, I would suggest hitting eBay for some goodies. I was always partial to Titleist, but most players irons from past went all the way up to a 2-iron. Two of the thinner soled goodies i can’t get rid of: titleist cb-series 2 iron and an old honma 2 iron. I’m always going back and forth with thinner/thicker soled driving irons. I currently play the p790 udi the most, but here a
  11. I learn something everyday. Here are my two babies:
  12. Some of the goodies for home practice, and have a center shafted Scotty Cameron Red X in the bag ping anser 3 odyssey (looked like the anser w the black insert) tad moore pro 1 short stuff titleist te13 newport titleist Scotty Cameron oil can Newport another te13 newport scotty Cameron squareback 2 modart center shafted putter scotty Cameron red x center shafted putter
  13. Just ordered the m3 3 wood and 5 wood off eBay because of the comments of how compact the head is. For me, this is number 1 when choosing between fairway woods.
  14. I’m with you. I am not hitting the fades like others on here, but instead i am getting the ultra sexy, high drawing ballflight. But then again I have my current setup like this:
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