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  1. Shirt came in - went Medium (usually small in FootJoy) and it seems to be a good athletic fit compared to their usual. I will wear it Saturday once this rain clears out of New England and report back.
  2. I think if the single is a low handicap he will benefit from hitting multiple shots in a row. However if he's a 12-20 cap he may not benefit hitting another if he's just hit a terrible first shot. Low caps don't often miss two shots in a row, but mid to high caps do.
  3. I am going to give the shirt a try, I went with medium because it claims its a more slender athletic fit. We'll see!
  4. I am pretty similar, and again today when I was swinging smoothly the combo was an absolute dream. I can get up to 110 if I want and possibly even a bit higher, but I’ve always had my issue be a very quick transition. My usual large draw/hook was a piercing 2-5 yard draw. I honestly should just accept this as a success... but I know as I groove the smoother swing transition I’ll want more and more SS... for better or worse.
  5. Damn, am I going to have to buy a 505x now?! Maybe later this summer once my swing grooves more and more and I decide to chase the extra 15-20 yards.
  6. I am driving the ball better with the 505 than I have in a couple of seasons. I do think I should have gone 505x, as I’m much more consistent than ever, but I can’t really go after it. That being said I’m not playing 7000 yard courses, and 250-270 in the fairway is better than the alternative!
  7. That shirt looks sick. If I can get it without buying an $800 package I might go for it.
  8. Branden Grace testing it at Valero.
  9. Heritage Village also went through an ownership change this year, and will have a SIGNIFICANT increase in membership and play... So if you're mostly after the ease of access to play and quick rounds it might not be your best bet. Source: I was a member there for 7 years and left when it got sold (moved to Waterbury CC)
  10. I went with the 505, but I'm slightly tempted to try and get a trade for a 505x. I really like it when I am swinging smoothly, but sometimes my transition becomes a little aggressive and I have trouble squaring it up.
  11. Holy crap the new version of the RLX cashmere is so comfortably. Highly recommend.
  12. I have no self control, so I’m gonna get one. Think I’ll try and Sim head in it to start.
  13. Have those of you gaming these at the moment gotten any more rounds in? Very interested in this shaft and I’m looking to sell myself on it.
  14. How responsive were they when you emailed them? Been a few days and haven't heard anything.
  15. Have you washed yours at all? I’m a bit afraid to considering the cost.
  16. I am dying to try one of these out, but can't find anywhere in CT that has one to demo. Seems insane to buy a shaft that expensive without testing it but what are golfers if not a little crazy?
  17. Our opening weekend is this weekend... I have not paid for the year yet, because being in CT means my season is already shorter than I would love. Becomes not worth it if I lose the first 2-3 months of the season due to this crap.
  18. Have my bachelor party planned for the last week in April. It's four of us, planning to golf twice a day for 5 days in Maryland. We're 100% planning to go as long as interstate travel is not banned between now and then. I also don't foresee tee times being an issue.
  19. "You would expect it maybe on a budget airline" I dunno I travel between 6-10 times a year and I've yet to see anyone take a leak in an aisle.
  20. > @MountainGoat said: > Would anyone here really want to play this course with rain and a 25 mph wind? Not me. This is exactly how we played it. I had to hit 3 wood hard on calamity corner and barely got to the front edge.
  21. I hope he’s alright I truly enjoy his candid nature and what he brings to the game.
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