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  1. Any news about the release date of the sm9 ?
  2. I think the "Finish him" is more the Mortal Kombat version of it ! Any idea when we will see "leaked" pics of the Apex and Apex Pro ?
  3. That would be great, so they are changing the life cycle of the Apex line ? I was thinking it would be an october 2021 release like the former 2 Apex ?
  4. Any idea of the time frame of the release of the next apex (standard) irons?
  5. Here is the catalog for 2021 ! http://www.sunmountain.com/catalog/2021/bag/
  6. I had the exact same problem with our previous golf trip, 5 is the worst number ! What we did: In each threesome, play a game of "owl" (6 points to share on each hole, 4 for the winner, 2 for the second, 0 for the third) in the twosome, classic match play Winner of the threesome gets 2 points, second get 1 point, third 0 Winner of the twosome gets 1 point Everybody gives its gross stableford score (12 points to share for each course): winner gets 6 points, second 4 points, third 2 points and others zero That way, each twosome or threesome has to go to the end and everybody has somethin
  7. Love it Anyone knows when it does come out ?
  8. Hi I m finalising my orlando trip and have one last round to book, and i can’t decide between Southern dunes Ocn panther lake Championsgate cc What i like is perfect conditionning, great service and fun course , and not too much housing Opinions ?
  9. Hi Greg I will be at the Arnold palmer on the wednesday (playing the proam), how can i recognize you ?
  10. Does anyone consider florida communities like frenchman creek ?
  11. We now have the release date of the epic flash driver and subzero (02/01/2019) Does anybody has the release date of the apex irons ?
  12. I sent two e-mails to true spec golf orlando, and not even an answer in more than 3 weeks ! Did anybody tried true spec miami ?
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