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  1. Love mine 100% feel, looks & i make putts that's the bottom line.
  2. Love both of mine SL 7 's & Toulon H7 Las Vegas both with SS shafts 34"rh:
  3. I’m in would love to have this putter, was actually looking at one the other day.
  4. Hate to disagree but these inserts need to be standard, I have a tour wh insert in a tour model #5 favorite for feel period.
  5. I have a Graeme Proto back up putter sitting in my basement, love the looks just to light.
  6. Love the WH insert, why can't they be standard in Stroke Lab #7 models??
  7. Oh Less that that Strick is the Man, this just confirms New stuff is just &^%$#@ is bullshit:)
  8. WoW, No Issues with mine maybe you should contact Odyssey.
  9. > @jobin said: > @MCCA. Is that lead tape on the bottom of the White Hot #7? I've got a #5 and not inclined to weight it up but maybe original weights do differ. Yes only one strip it still feels very light I’m guessing .340/.342?
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