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  1. MCCA

    Toulon 2022?

    I heard new line will be out in September on tour, retail will follow few months later.
  2. I agree you do you. hell Bubba Watson uses 7 wraps of tape on his clubs? that's what works for him.
  3. Yes was ahead of the times with face groove tech & weighing systems.
  4. I saw Yes Dawn first choice Yes Callie second choice.
  5. Not sure why it's in my bag, after seeing this post i'm adding a wedge i never use it.
  6. Ok, Anyone have a 7g weight i have 20g don't like it looking for a 7g.
  7. Won Back to Back Club Championships with it.
  8. Yep, Austie remember this one has never left my Bag.
  9. I had the same concern with my Toulon Vegas H7, don't know what shaft you have in yours SL of regular steel. My came with a SS i pulled it and installed a black steel love it,
  10. Love mine 100% feel, looks & i make putts that's the bottom line.
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