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  1. Love mine 100% feel, looks & i make putts that's the bottom line.
  2. Love both of mine SL 7 's & Toulon H7 Las Vegas both with SS shafts 34"rh:
  3. I’m in would love to have this putter, was actually looking at one the other day.
  4. Hate to disagree but these inserts need to be standard, I have a tour wh insert in a tour model #5 favorite for feel period.
  5. I have a Graeme Proto back up putter sitting in my basement, love the looks just to light.
  6. Love the WH insert, why can't they be standard in Stroke Lab #7 models??
  7. Oh Less that that Strick is the Man, this just confirms New stuff is just &^%$#@ is bullshit:)
  8. WoW, No Issues with mine maybe you should contact Odyssey.
  9. > @jobin said: > @MCCA. Is that lead tape on the bottom of the White Hot #7? I've got a #5 and not inclined to weight it up but maybe original weights do differ. Yes only one strip it still feels very light I’m guessing .340/.342?
  10. Don't know if it's witchcraft or what but since i put my SL #7 in the bag i'm killing my guys. love feel not getting jerky.
  11. Here are mine, some how a stroke lab #7 just made it's way into the bag:) these guys will have to fight it out to remain in play ...
  12. I did until a month ago Commander cost me major $$ bye bye.
  13. > @BogeyLJA said: > Are the pros really using it.... or are they just painted shafts for branding? I just worked on the driving range the 4th of July week @ the Korn Ferry tour @ Peek n' Peak. The response was very very strong the tour truck was building a lot of different combos/head types for them? I was on the putting green 2-3 hrs not sure if it was head style or the shaft but the or over all opinion was they saw improvement front he SAM lab results.
  14. NOPE again. 2020 Masters Tickets Selection We have completed the selection process for 2020 Practice Rounds and Daily Tournament tickets and regret your application was not selected for tickets. Be sure to visit masters.com in mid-May for details regarding the ticket application process for the 2021 Masters. Thank you for your continued interest in the Masters. Sincerely, Credentials Committee Masters Tournament
  15. Doesn't look that different from my San Diego but i like it.
  16. Well to me that looks a lot like Tigers Scotty, wonder why the shift from weighted sole plate? What will the weight be on this putter .350 .365??
  17. Apex CF19 Nippon Stiff:) 7 iron going 175+. & i'm 55 ss driver 109
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