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  1. Here's my setup i built january 2021.
  2. That putter is OG at it's finest, interesting that it was a double bend & he modified it to a single bend shaft wonder how much hand toe it has?.
  3. It was gone day 1 went to SS GT Tour . 1.0
  4. I wonder why Pro's never gravitated to this line of putter?
  5. MCCA

    Toulon 2022?

    Agree pictures would be helpful?.
  6. My question is how do you know how to get the weight/epoxy balanced? looks good but what would the total head weight be.
  7. Stock 10gm, If you had the stroke-lab 2017 or 2018. I removed the weight on my 34" it was 15gm.
  8. Too me NO, i have #7 it just dull finish
  9. HanadaNo3, I've looked at this post 3 times, i understand your frustration, but you can't blame the mfg. Look at it this way I own a BMW M4 my tires went at 12,000 miles $3,000 to replace them. Should i call BMW dealer or bridgestone? The dealer doesn't make tires they sell cars. I know they should be for good for 8-12,000.Bottom line are you making putts? who gives a s*** how it looks (that's cosmetic) if you are killing your playing partners who cares. I'm pretty sure you spun few putters in the past 2/3 years:) not being critical just saying.
  10. MCCA

    Toulon 2022?

    I heard new line will be out in September on tour, retail will follow few months later.
  11. I agree you do you. hell Bubba Watson uses 7 wraps of tape on his clubs? that's what works for him.
  12. Yes was ahead of the times with face groove tech & weighing systems.
  13. I saw Yes Dawn first choice Yes Callie second choice.
  14. Not sure why it's in my bag, after seeing this post i'm adding a wedge i never use it.
  15. Ok, Anyone have a 7g weight i have 20g don't like it looking for a 7g.
  16. Won Back to Back Club Championships with it.
  17. Yep, Austie remember this one has never left my Bag.
  18. I had the same concern with my Toulon Vegas H7, don't know what shaft you have in yours SL of regular steel. My came with a SS i pulled it and installed a black steel love it,
  19. Love mine 100% feel, looks & i make putts that's the bottom line.
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