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  1. sounds like you have a good handle on it ! best of luck to you.
  2. Those things are tough. Usually benefits only the seller and the realtor. I see you said you didn't get it. With it being sold with no inspection, makes me wonder why the seller would want that stipulation. You may be lucky you didn't get it !
  3. Had a great week of golf weather , so far. Beautiful sunny, blue sky. Now all i needed was a couple decent rounds. Well, since I am a certified member of Soloman;s mentioned Hopeless group, I will say the beverage girl was good at her job and it was a fantastic early fall day with a couple guys i have known since i was six years old. Cant beat that ! Get out there everyone ! Wont be long before we will be wearing the sweaters, hoodies and then comes the really cold months !
  4. i thought it came thru ! I told him they came in 3's and to put the ball in a crystal paper weight !
  5. Over the last two days our rain gauge says over 4 inches, and we were so dry that my my yard is not even spongy feeling. More on the way this evening, so we'll see. Have not been to the course for over a week now, so i am hoping to get there tomorrow.
  6. On June 7,2021, a guy named Marshall Jim, did not like people that disagreed with him. I know he also gave a negative mark to Soloman1, and he got his removed. I have never sold or purchased anything on BST,and i would like to get this negative mark removed. Thanks for any help
  7. @ Stu : thats all good news guy ! so glad to hear the pain free news ! looks like keeping up with the rehab is working for you !
  8. lol Sounds like most states are the same
  9. I noticed the same thing, Started out wondering why they would do an interview with a youngster, and ended up being surprised by them .
  10. LOL I worked for a State for 33 years, and watched all the garbage programs and the good ole boy system in action !
  11. They come in 3's, so maybe its your turn !
  12. looked for it, couldn't find it. Sounds like it will be a good one
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