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  1. 18 tomorrow....forecast to be in the 60's and thats great for this time of year. I use to play all the way down to low 40's. I admit i have gotten soft in my old age, 50 is now my number ! Any colder and it takes some of the fun out of it for me ! Anyway, hope all of you guys can get another round, And best wishes for the upcoming Thanksgiving !
  2. I'm with you Sco. As i have mentioned before, we have a group of 7 to 10 of us who have been together since childhood... And the virus has been spreading and increasing badly here in Ohio. We now have one of us in intensive care, and two others are in hermit status. We have decided no more groups until this thing gets under control. One of them in quarantine will probably be in the hospital before long. The one already there isn't doing well at all. Very sad way to end a lifetime of being a first responder. Hopefully the drug makers have got it right and have found a fix . S
  3. Toj, my friend, a lot of us have watched with total disbelief and a lot of dis-like for the insults, dirty playing, and down right lies, and from both sides, not just one. I for one, am totally fed up with it. the TV to day has no news on, and will have none all evening. LOL The one thing i have discovered over 74 years is that other than a war, it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference which party is in power. One side gets the rich richer with tax breaks, the other side gets the rich richer by getting the middle class more wages, and they spend it, making the rich ric
  4. I'd love to get an 84 ! I would be extremely happy with it ! I got 18 in yesterday, and my numbers were a little higher than 84. Hit some good iron shots, and some others in the "lets try that one again" bracket. Tee box was the best aspect, other than distance. I am more than happy with my 225, but that voice in my head keeps mumbling, calling me " billiee"..... rain and more rain today...nothing like Conrads, just a wet soaking almost 3". high 50's next week, hope to get a couple more rounds in.
  5. On a more serious note, i will be leaving for the course shortly. Going to try for 18, but the sky is looking dark to the south thru the west. Autumn is rapidly closing here. Most of the trees are almost bare. Colors weren't that great this year. My Sugar Maples and Sweet Gum trees are usually bright red with the maples having a lot of orange color too,. This year was pretty dull with only a little red. Hope all of you guys can get out and enjoy the last warmer days before winter sits in.
  6. I'm like Conrad. I grew up playing baseball, with the last four years i played being at a higher level . And i did not even watch a single inning of this years so called world series. played 1/2 a season, with almost 1/2 the teams postponing games, fake fan noise, announcers yelling , trying to make every game sound like a huge crowd of fans were there. Even fake fans in the stands. Wonder who thought that was a great idea? lol . cannot believe they didn't stop that. And then, to cap off all the silliness, almost 1/2 the teams made the playoffs, and the series play
  7. Been absent for a few days. Experienced computer issues. And when finally got a new one, i could not remember any passwords, so i had no recovery email either. after several tries over a couple days,the folks here corrected the issue perfectly. got my old account back ! NOTE to self: Write the ......things down !
  8. You guys are lucky. I get 18 in with my grand daughter and usually a couple of her friends. the youngsters ,being polite young ladies, are very nice and do not make many giggling comments as they out drive gramps. they do make a few, especially after i utter a phrase from Everybody Loves Raymond (his dad,Frank uses it a lot)....as i watch some of their tee shots i mutter it a few times...holy crap ! and they giggle !
  9. glad you had a good day on the course ! Sorry to hear about your friend. The last four years of my life have made me a believer that EVERY day is a bonus I was always an outdoor person but i have become obsessed with watching the sunrise each morning ! Love the colors ! Hope your next round is even better !
  10. beautiful sunsets, and wild animals , up here our wild ones are limited to fox,deer and the rare hawk and owl. Most of the rattlers and copperheads are really deep in the woods. Got a nice 9 holes in today. 62 and sunny made for a nice day out there. The high school teams are done with their games for the year so the course has quieted down a lot. Got a lot of practice in. hit more good ones then others and only 2 that were really awful. Hope all of you guys are enjoying the mild fall temps !
  11. Hang in there Sco. The one thing to keep in mind is that we are not pros. We are just average guys who love the game, and we all have these ups and downs. You'll come out of it.. Either by getting more frequent rounds or just by either figuring out whats going on, or getting a little help from someone you trust. Conrad: You are correct about the rangefinder. I am still using my SkyCaddie 2...lol it still works fine. A difficult course for is one with a lot of bends....either direction. Worked my fingers to blisters and fought it for 4 years and finally got a straight dri
  12. Played 9 four days last week. The two things i became aware of: #1: it really feels good to be hitting golf balls again. #2: The "Proper dress on the course" group on here would go crazy seeing what the younger generation are wearing while teeing it up ! I played on 4 different courses, and i saw tennis shorts, basketball shorts, muscle shirts, cut off jeans, and many many hats worn backward ! While I didn't care, it did make me think of the proper attire brigade on WRX !
  13. Wait until you go somewhere...another room...the garage...a store....and cannot remember why you went there. Happened to me last year. But since i was in a rather nice electronics store,i came home with a new Laptop !
  14. LOL It can get funny as long as you both have a sense of humor ! Conrad and Stu, get your john boats ready ! Thats a lot of rain!
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