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  1. agree with Pathguy: Heron Lakes (Great Blue) is a fine course. Have played the Reserve (south), Columbia-Edgewater, Pumpkin Ridge (Witch Hollow), Willamette Valley CC, & Heron Lakes (Greenback). I like Great Blue the most. (have not played it but friends say Langdon Farms is a good course & very dry.)
  2. have only played TPC Summerlin & Southern Highlands. TPC is set in a subdivision & is okay. Mostly flat & not memorable. SH is a better course & challenging. Plays longer than the posted yardage.
  3. newg, agree with your comment about Poppy Hills reminding you of Bandon Trails. For me, the PH nine that starts on the higher side of the property has a few greens with sideboards & a backboard that brought up feelings of the Trails course.
  4. Daegyu, have played all of the courses except Harding Park. Agree with your thoughts on Spanish Bay & Half Moon Bay (Ocean). If you can’t play PB on Thursday, you might try Black Horse.
  5. Saltydawg, there are two main shuttles operating out of OTH: Connoisseurs Limousine & Aviation Transportation. I’ve used both & they are reliable. (The latter offers free drinks.)
  6. Cristphoto, you raise a valid point. While the cheap guy doesn’t grab free food, the course has a policy of ‘free cup of coffee’ during a frost delay. Sometimes we think he shows up during a guaranteed frost, has coffee, waits 30 minutes, then goes home.
  7. RSinSG, thanks for the information. (I won't tell the cheap guy because before he brought the old balls then the wiffles, he used to walk out onto the range & collect a dozen range balls to use as warmup. The rest of us would tell him he was essentially stealing, but as a member he felt entitled.)
  8. one of the guys in our regular groups is cheap & brings a dozen old balls to hit as a warmup. A maintenance fellow saw that one morning & patiently told him that the range balls are a slightly different size than regulation balls, so his old balls can clog up the range machinery. The guy then bought a dozen wiffle golf balls to hit near the practice area, & that worked fine (they only travel 20 - 30 yds).
  9. Hawkeye, I think your design could work. The stream would prevent some players from laying short & right of the green. That would make the tee shot quite important, as opposed to a routine 190 yd lay up.
  10. ryu123


    Shuswap, when we last played there 2 years before it closed, it was $225 (Cdn) per player for all day golf, lunch & powercart. It wasn’t walkable for most people like us although one day we saw some young guys hoofing it. (A rumour floating at the time was NHLer Jarome Iginla jogged the course.) We paid for our hotel in Merritt because the cabins weren’t finished. We all thought $225 was reasonable, but as 2bGood noted some days we were the only group on the property.
  11. SRS06d, I was @ Bandon in Jan 2020 & the pushcarts were in good shape. At that time players were allowed to take their carts right across the green surfaces. (Check with the respective pro shops about their policy when you get there.) As others have noted in previous discussions, there are spots where carts are inconvenient, such as walking from Pacific's 13th green to the 14th tee box. But if you are with a group with a caddie, ask the caddie where to leave the cart.
  12. Oak Quarry is a stronger course, from a design point of view. But PH South is pretty, set close to the coast.
  13. Hawkeye77, your 245 yd par 4 looks interesting. (What are those sphincter-ish things on both sides of the green?)
  14. Played both 10 years ago. Both are pleasant courses on the same piece of land, but not particularly memorable. (‘Views’ are similar for each course.)
  15. Scottc25 & Dutz both nailed it. Keep up with your group. Don't worry about score. Nobody cares about anyone else's game (unless there's betting). Look around & enjoy the experience, because next to Monterey CA they are most beautiful courses I've seen.
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