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  1. Still in love with my 913 d2 but I’ve updated the shaft a couple times. Currently have the Diamana blue board 60x from the 915 series.
  2. Ultimate Tapered are a slimmer fit imho
  3. Didn’t we have a sneak peak by now.
  4. My set is pw-7 mb 6-4 sc 3 fli hi
  5. I have a combo set of pw-7 mb and 6-4 sc of mp18. I find th sc to be easier to hit than the mb. Must be the fact the sc has a longer blade.
  6. I love my Mizunos. Awesome clubs. I prefer the feel of these to the titleists
  7. My 915 hybrid. First and last hybrid I’ll ever buy. They just are not for me.
  8. I love my mp18s. Just wondering what swing weights everyone is playing?
  9. The mp18s are awesome. Great design and feel. I can’t see how someone cannot like them. I’ve had my set for a few rounds now and think they are better and better every time I play them. They are starting to get a couple bag chatter marks and I might have to get covers before they get to bad.
  10. I just got my set of mp18 mb pw-7 and mp18sc 6-4. And absolutely love them. Very solid yet soft feel. My last set was 714 ap2s and loved them as well but they were getting worn and wanted something with less offset. I would say the Titleist are a wee bit clickier but it never bothered me. I was looking at the 718 but I fell in love with the looks and feel of the mizzys. The price difference was definitely a factor too.
  11. I find the mp18s look a lot like the Titleist 714 ap2s minus the offset. I love the look of these irons. I guess I’m just used to it.
  12. I called them the other day. The guy at the studio store said the 34” was 350 with the weights.
  13. Is the weight of the putter heads listed anywhere. Just wondering if they do weigh more this year.
  14. What length did you try? I found the 34” to be a bit heavy feeling but otherwise good.
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