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  1. Ah yes The typical weekend warrior injury!! I tore mine last May and played my first and last round by Sept. Just take it easy. Do the rehab diligently as others have mentioned. If you’re generally a healthy person ( no smoking, drinking, etc), you should heal within 3-4 months. Good luck.
  2. blueprint over the new apex mb's after demoing both. slightly better feel on the pings imo. I still prefer the '18 mb. Im not liking that screw in the back.
  3. To those of you who have had ver 1 or both, is it worth it to buy ver2 or is the price difference not really worth it? Im looking at a ver1 deal that includes a rovic rv1s and the other is just the ewheels with zero bag. The price difference is large enough to make me lean towards the ver1. I wanted to see what others have observed through use and opinions. Thanks in advance.
  4. Damn i just bought A diff forged set glws
  5. as title states... Scotty Cameron Newport SS 2.5. Should be in decent condition. Thanks
  6. i was under the impression that Reunion will only allow you to plays its courses if you stay onsite?? if you're off site at a timehare, will they let you play still?
  7. Gamed twice. Doesn't suit me. Club looks new 9/10. Comes stock with stiff Aldila Voodoo SVS60 shaft and white NDMC grip and head cover. Has minor face marks (see pics)and no idiot/skymarks on the crown. SOLD!!
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