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  1. I'm in. Guess I must have a pod or two to catch up on. Didn't hear about this there.
  2. I was fit for the exact same shaft, only difference -1 CPM from you, with the Callaway Epic Max LS at 10.5*. How long did it take for your club to arrive?
  3. Not a doubt in my mind that he would apply pressure to the ball to ensure that it was "embedded".
  4. I can take a full swing with my 60* LW and know that it will go 15-20 yards less than my 56*, without having to finesse my SW, which usually doesn't work well. It also gives me another option, depending on the condition of the sand. Sometimes the 60* suits the specific sand better than my 56*.
  5. I've been listening to a podcast with Tim Briand, and it gives me a good deal of confidence that TruSpec probably will do a good job fitting me for the proper club. I need a new driver (currently gaming a used G20). Really happy with the Avian irons bought from Redbird in Seattle, but want more diverse set of candidates for a new driver. There's no TruSpec near me, and travel seems like it will be restricted until at least June, at the rate vaccines will be produced. Does anyone have feedback on GolfTec or Club Champion? They both have locations within driving distance to me.
  6. That's interesting. Pin placement is one thing I haven't seen a problem with. My problem is seeing the club I'm planning to swing on the watch, and still not finding that stroke on the console later.
  7. With USGA and the R&A being concerned about distance, and all the talk about how the major OEM's have a stake that is hard to take into account, wouldn't it be possible to just put a limit on how few degrees of loft that a driver can have on the PGA Tour? Pick a number like perhaps 9*, and say that's the minimum loft on a driver on PGA Tour, and a lot of the distance is taken off the table, OEM's can still compete on technology, balls can still differentiate from each other, etc.
  8. I played my first round with the latest firmware update today. I don't know that it was appreciably faster in connecting, nor did I experience any other improvements. It still defaulted to driver when I hit 5 iron off a tee that gives me fits because it's a narrow chute. It assumed driver on a tee, when reviewing in the web portal, when I know I saw the watch recognize I was using 3W. It still missed a few shots completely. Nothing has really changed on this firmware update for me except it seems to record the distances more accurately when it does record the shots properly.
  9. Are you saying that 2.2.76 is faulty? I haven't used it since updating the firmware to this version, and haven't heard of any problems with it.
  10. I'm still using my Garmin G6 for this very reason (I know how far I hit a slice from having seen enough of them). Since it sits on my cart, it's not really interfering with using the V3, and since I use it to manually enter my score, it gives me a comparison to what V3 says I shot.
  11. I got the same deal, plus I had a reward coming from DSG, so I ended up paying like $165 total. I think the size is great. I have small wrists, and am using the third hole from the watch to latch the band. Battery life has not been an issue at all, but I play late in the day, when few are out on the course, and I can finish 18 in about 3-1/2 hours. The face is easy to read (not always true with my Garmin G6). I havent' had an issue with putts not being recorded, but the distances are sometimes off, even though I register total putts made right at the pin. The big problem I have is shots not being recorded, or the wrong club. I've been working with tech support for several weeks, and they've been great. But it's weird to upload my round to the watch, and then look on the computer, and see that I hit a 318 yard drive, and have the 2nd shot missing. I'm a duffer who is very pleased when I hit one 230. The best help they've been able to offer so far is to take a few practice swings, but that doesn't always get the club to register. I've found that I can touch the tag to the watch band if the practice swings don't do it. So the tags are working, but still, if I have to remember how far I hit each drive so that I can clean up 7 or 8 holes, and have to remember which club I hit next, it's not operating as designed. What else is strange, is that it seems to be getting better. Maybe because my first few rounds with it were at courses I hadn't previously played? Now I've played my home course several times with it. I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting better at stopping to check if it has the right club on the face? The firmware update added that feature, and it was a great addition. The time to sync the round to the watch is minimal, and it shows up on the computer interface immediately. I love that. Also, I lost a tag through my own dumb actions, and the tech support guy I've been working with said he'd send me a new one, so I didn't have to buy a whole set of new tags. That's great customer service. I believe they're out of stock now, so hopefully they have a little breathing room to work on the various issues. I sense that they're very committed to getting it right, and making it right.
  12. I like the argument that Costco making what looks like a high end putter will exert some downward pressure on prices across the board, but I wouldn't expect too much, as the bespoke and big OEM's still have engineering costs to try to recoup, Costco does not. Personally, I don't get what the fascination with trying new putters is with low handicap golfers. My index is in the high 20's. If the rest of my game was as "on par" as my putting, my average score would be a 68. Putting is the only easy part of this difficult game we're all obsessed with. I'll stick with my ($10 on eBay) Model 400 until I'm convinced that a missed putt is the fault of the equipment and not my read.
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