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  1. I feel that my right hand position influences how much the club face closes. Just a feel/thought and i have no data to back it up, but it works for me.
  2. FWIW, my grip looks almost identical. I feel that it allows me to fully release the club and never worry about the face closing too much.
  3. I know that it wasn't mentioned by OP, but True strike mat for the win. I hit 100-200 balls a day off of it with zero issues. I hit down with all my irons and it hasn't caused a second of pain. The gel insert mimics fat shots fairly accurately, based on Skytrak numbers. Link to package that I use: https://proputtsystems.com/shop/true-strike-netreturn-package/ **zombie thread bump got me***
  4. James Jordan in the Van Nuys area George Gankas in Westlake Roger Gunn in Simi Valley UGP in in Culver City is a good boutique training shop
  5. I lived on the golf simulator forum when I started building my bay out. What I landed on to start was: Skytrak w/metal protective case Net Return Pro Proputt True Strike Single mat Works pretty damn well.
  6. Went a little hog wild, but.. Net Return Skytrak w/E6 Connect TrueStrike academy mat projector and impact screen parts to build a gaming desktop to support E6 software
  7. Get a horse stall mat for ~$45, from a farm supply company. It's a 4ft x 6ft x 3/4in piece of heavy rubber. It should line up nicely.
  8. If there is a significant height difference, you could pick up a 4x6 horse stall mat, ~$45 from a farm supply store, to stand on. Stall mats are .75 inch thick.
  9. Best tip.. Find, and listen to, an instructor whom I connected to..and then, to practice effectively.. Completely changed my golf life
  10. For me personally.. I feel like my swing and setup are the same for both shapes, the only adjustment is the club face. With that stated, My body line vs target line change, depending on the shot shape and how much curve the ball will have.
  11. I don't always hit my sand wedge 170 yards, but when I do; it's from a greenside bunker.
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