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  1. Does anyone have any information on what shaft Louis is using in his putter at the U.S. Open? @pga43
  2. Don't start the backswing with a hip turn nor resist them turning on the downswing.
  3. I'm right there with you brother. No freakin' way I'll go back to X100 or any steel and these composite shafts are just going to keep getting better.
  4. I agree with everything you've written here. I haven't missed a fairway in the three rounds I've played this combo.
  5. That's partially the answer. I will do this with a grain and/or elevation change within the putt to get a better idea of the speed needed from this point.
  6. Make sure you are playing the correct length driver that fits your swing. Check out this thread from Howard, it's worth the read.
  7. He's a troll. PM a mod and explain what happened and that it is nothing to do with BST. They can change it back.
  8. So after more testing I've decided to switch to the Red 6X tipped 1.5" and playing OAL 44.75". With the JDM TSi3 head this combo is so consistent and I can hit my little 5-7 yard fade higher than my Black 6X/Bullet combo and still get a ton of roll (fairway conditions permitting). So while I am a quarter inch less tipping that what TXG used in their Purple example, I'll say this tipping the Red really works for those who may struggle handling the Black. The numbers between the two (for me) are basically a wash and the Red, even tipped as much as I have is a little easier to swing than my Black
  9. Sol, I know you've literally been around the world and back and endured the jungle heat of SE Asia as a young man and also later in life. However, the following is something I do once the temps reach 90* or the humidity gets above 80% and over the past decade has proven to work very effectively and eliminated cramps and most heat exhaustion symptoms. Pedialyte, Grape tastes the best to me although it's nothing to brag about. Mix it 1/3 PL to 2/3 water and drink the whole quart of PL throughout the round and afterward. I also recommend ammonia soaked towels from the ice chest, especially around
  10. Ya know Tol, most folks (especially with one child) don't want to be parents. They are more interested in being "friends" with their child. We can all agree that it's easier to spoil a child rather than impart discipline but it creates a helluva problem for the rest of us to deal with once their precious darling reaches adolescence and later adulthood. And with the decline of the nuclear family where single moms are working and someone else is raising the child prior to them going to school, where pacification has replaced reading. writing, and arithmetic for the most part. Discipline and resp
  11. I can get 'em for roughly $15/per. Admittedly I haven't tried Kirkland although I've tried several others and all are good. I just prefer the Players because I've used them since they were introduced and have never had a mis-size, misplaced seam, or found a better glove. As far as what else I wrote, it was an attempt to poke fun at the commercials running these days about centered balls. Now as far as your CC golf comment, to each their own. No one is telling you what club, ball, or glove to play. If you want to bargain shop, good on you. I'm guilty of that myself. It's a free coun
  12. Titleist Players. Consistent and perfectly centered, every time.
  13. Go buy you some Pedialyte (grape tastes best to me) and mix it 2 parts water and 1 part PL. Start drinking it on the way to the course and make sure you're drinking at least 2 liters (4 water bottles) per 9. More if you're walking. Wipe down regularly with an ammonia towel (see link below) from the ice chest, especially around your carotid and wear a straw hat or something similar for shading. https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrEZ7a0RcZgiEgAFB4PxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1623635509/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fgoneoutdoors.com%2fuse-ammonia-make-co
  14. You'll become a better "golfer" by playing golf simply because there is more to playing golf than ball striking. Unless you are working on something specific spend more time on the course and learn the best way for you to get the ball in the hole.
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