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  1. I bought the Lifepro Sonic LX from Amazon back in the summer. I use it almost daily and I can't imagine going without it. Chronic soreness is a distant memory.
  2. Great story Nav. I too have 'kids' that claim me and the wife.
  3. Inside 10 feet is where it really counts. Everything else is almost irrelative.
  4. Vodka Gimlet (Titos) when they can make a good one. If not, unsweet tea, on the rocks.
  5. 1981 Another One Bites the Dust - Queen Start Me Up - Rolling Stones (actually the whole damned Tattoo You album). In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins ( I bet I've heard that drum riff 3,000 times). Honorable Mention to .38 Special, Billy Squire, and Rick James.
  6. Or, a slick 1-owner, low mileage, '75 model Bel Air station wagon...
  7. At least you don't have to worry about a hog problem...
  8. I'd say the price difference is more for optical quality and "stability". They've made these things so compact that holding them steady on a pin 200 yards away requires a little internal assistance.
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