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  1. I have always played heavy clubs and my set up has been the same since 1980. My current set is Driver D5, 3WD-7I D6, 8I D7, 9I D8, P-LW D9. I don't know why it started out that way but its worked for me pretty well over 40+ years. I have tried/tested lighter woods and long irons and hit them on the range ok at times, but never hit them well enough (consistency) to bag them in a round. I'm sure I'm losing 1-2 mph but it's a worthwhile tradeoff for me to be able to feel the club head through the ball.
  2. Yes. Someone posted a study about this subject recently and performance gains over the past decade are minimal and not enough to stop most of us from taking advantage of good pricing. Durability is the only thing (I can really tell) that has increased in the newer offerings.
  3. Tourstage Z101. The 302's are very similar but the 101's feel a scosche better.
  4. Those folks don't know what they're missing if they've never had some early summer sweet corn. Now the majority of corn grown in the U.S. is used to make ethanol, syrup, and feed. Only 12-15% goes for table food.
  5. I can't see it land but it's impressive he can make as solid contact as he does.
  6. Miura CB57 and most anything Tourstage/Bridgestone made in the last 15 years.
  7. Good story Ben. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Around 2010, the Miura's went to the US and Europe to see what conditions the professionals were encountering. After spending around six weeks they went back to Japan and designed what would become the 1957 series of irons and wedges. In these designs they incorporated to one degree or another the Y Grind in the irons and also part of the wedges. The other wedges offered were a C Grind. These irons include the MB001's, CB57's and Baby Blades. To this day the 001's, CB57's, and the "Yoshi" wedges are at the top of my list of all-time favorites. There is also a subtle difference in the metal of
  9. Nailed it. The MB001's incorporated the "Y Grind" and IMHO, it's the best all-around grind Miura has developed.
  10. As a cattleman I can tell you first hand, even where I live, this carbon credit 'issue' is coming down to placing a carbon tax on each head for their contributions to 'climate change'. I promise I'm not gonna get on my stump and will stop my opinion right here but this BS has got to stop, as common sense has left this whole conversation.
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