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  1. It certainly was. Well said. Sometimes the only way to learn something is to wear it.
  2. Yep, at my daily wedge practice session this morning I hit four in a row with a gap wedge hitting a little 90 yard shot. It just confirms to me that I can (no disrespect to Mr. Nelson) stand too close to the damned ball.
  3. Tour Edge Exotics CBX-119. As small as the CB2 and longer.
  4. I've bagged Miura's for the past 15 or so years with MP 32's, J40 CB's, and S55's mixed in there. I can't say the Miura's I've wielded have outperformed the others mentioned but they have a better feel to them that has me continuing to use their irons that are approaching 7 and almost 9 years old respectively.
  5. The previous owner has stripped the chrome finish, possibly due to some rust on the chrome. And as previously mentioned, the shafts weren't available two decades ago.
  6. I've averaged 200+ rounds per year for the past decade. Back when I was maintaining +4 hcp I lived and died by my score of the day and especially focused on ball striking and putting. A few years ago as father time caught up with me I saw my hcp rise as high as a -5 and it was nothing for me to shoot a 84 and back it up with an 87. So I had a choice, talk about how good I used to be or go work and figure out how to score with the decreased swing speed middle age has blessed me with. It was while struggling and I mean STRUGGLING to get back on track that I began to appreciate the game of golf. I mean think about it, going from regularly shooting in the 60's from the tips to not breaking 80 in about an 18 month period. It could've driven me insane and quite honestly, it did for a bit. But as I've explained before, after my little pity party I had a change in mindset and went about re-learning the game. It was during this dark period that I learned to appreciate the two or three good shots that went according to plan as opposed to the dozen or more that didn't. And I kept building upon those good shots and putting in the work to where they became more common. Still had a few bad shots but I realized 'so does everybody else.' So eventually I regained confidence in my golfing ability and accept the fact I can't do everything I used to do. But even better I can now accept a bad round without beating the hell out of myself. It's still a struggle at times but it's getting better.
  7. 108 with driver +1 4 last revision 2019 TP5X and currently testing Tour B XS with good results.
  8. All of the iron sets I played from the late 70's to the early 2000's had a PW of 50-51*. I distinctly remember ordering my new Mizuno MP-32s in late 2005 and my guy asking me if I wanted a gap wedge. I had no idea of what he was talking about or why I would need one. Luckily I was still playing OG eye 2 wedges and didn't want a GW. FWIW: OG Eye 2 was 50.5 with a 44* 9-iron and 57.5* SW. Eye 2+ was 48.5 with a 44 9 iron and 53.5 SW. Eye 2 +no+ (late '89 early '90) have the same loft and rounder sole shape as the +.
  9. I understand you focusing on the cupped left wrist but don't overlook the positives of turning left through the ball.
  10. I've used these for the past five years or so and average a little over 200 rounds per year, plus practice my short game almost daily. Naturally my 7-iron thru wedges get more use and I re-grip them at the beginning of each season. Whereas I was going through 2 and sometimes 3 sets of GP MCC's on the same clubs in a season. FWIW I switched to MMT 125TX shafts last year on everything with a metal shaft and have yet to re-grip anything and don't need to. So no, they don't wear down quickly at all. Prior to switching to the No 1 Pro 50 from the MCC I played Gripmaster leathers and even rolled my own with Neumann's. Nothing lasts or feels like leather and one day I may return to them as I have a set on my vintage irons. In the interim, I will continue to use the No 1's as IMHO they are the best rubber grip you can buy.
  11. It just means you're "puring it" Sco.
  12. We'll have to agree to disagree then.
  13. You're right, laziness on my part in the interest of brevity. I bought my first 001's in Oct-13 and my 57's in April-15 and according to a former Miura executive, the 001's were produced and forged in four different "batches" over a four year period, beginning in Apr-13 and ending in May-16. This would incorporate the time in which the 1957 series was introduced and the forgings would be the same. The 001 project was lead by Yoshitaka Miura and the same guy who later applied his grind to the 1957 wedges. Again, for the sake of brevity I called it a Y-Grind. Thanks for the correction.
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