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  1. I agree with this as well. Why not take one of his wedges and go 2* flatter than it is now as a starting point?
  2. I was lucky enough to "know someone" and received the 510TP a few months before it was released to the masses. I gamed it for three years and is in the top 3 I've ever bagged.
  3. I've never had a HIO. NEVER, in over 40 years of golf. I've witnessed dozens and come as close as one-freakin'-dimple- on more than one occasion, but never been able to get it done. As Stu mentioned, I've had 3 Albatross and never saw any of them go in. But hey, that's golf.
  4. Ok David, I went out to my home course this morning and conducted this little exercise for the 2nd time this year. After reading the other thread you've started about the 80-130 yard question I decided to try them both today. First, the 95 yard drill and greens were relatively soft @ 7:30 this morning. 1-Downhill to left-center pin playing 88-90 with downhill lie. 57*SW hit past the hole 4-5 yards and spun back to 9 ft. Made the putt. -1 2-Uphill to a back-right pin playing 108 with uphill-sidehill lie. Choked 9'o'clock cut 47*PW hit about 105 and rolled to 4 ft. M
  5. Check out the Tourstage Z101. Endo forged and the best feeling iron I've ever hit in over 4 decades of golf. Bridgestone J33 MB. Same Endo forgings as above and one of the best ever made. Hogan '99 APEX. Also Endo forged and is as pretty to look at as it is fun to hit. All three are consideed "cultish" in one fashion or another and can be found pretty easily.
  6. Flowneck Blade or Blade with Fangs. Milled Face 34/350-360 Line(s)
  7. Do yourself a HUGE favor and stop instructing her immediately!!! Buy her a 3 lesson plan with your local pro and let them teach/mold her correctly from the beginning. Nothing personal towards you brother, just the voice of experience with my wife and in talking/listening to dozens of others over the past 4 decades.
  8. Your weight is going to transfer from your back foot to front foot for almost all shots. If you will focus more on channeling the weight and pressure to the inside of your back foot in the backswing and transferring the weight and pressure to the inside of the front foot in transition and letting it flow to the outside of your front foot through the downswing and follow through, you will finish off your toes and more balanced with 90+% of your weight on the outside of the front foot. Think of rolling onto the outside edge of the front foot.
  9. The more modern the iron the more wedges you're going to need. With 38* PW's (formerly known as 8-iron) you're going to have to fill the gap between 42* and 60* with something unless you want 6-8* gaps in your scoring clubs
  10. Bettinardi MiNoVai 3.0 DASS. Can also be found in flow-neck.
  11. I'll add width and footprint to these^^^. It's hard to explain but I know when it looks right and when it doesn't. As an example; I was looking for a set to replace my J40's a few years back and never considered PING. A friend of mine handed me a S55 6-iron and said, "swing this". As soon as I placed it behind the ball I knew it looked right and I enjoyed playing them for 3 years. Same thing with '99 Hogan Apex and Tourstage Z101 CB.
  12. No pics Conrad. I promise to do better next time.
  13. I play the 57’s because they are what I described above. I took the 1008 for a test round or two but like the CB57 more. Just my opinion but I think the 57 forging are a little softer. The only other iron I like as much as the CB57 is the Tourstage Z101 CB. It is without a doubt the best feeling iron I’ve ever hit in over 40 years of golf.
  14. There is something special about the forgings in the 1957 series whether its the 001's, CB's, and or wedges. I've tried and played Miura since the RAC irons in the late 90's to the Jack Nicklaus edition blades from today and any of those from this 1957 series are the best they ever made.
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