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  1. The 510TP is the best sounding driver (to my ears) I've ever owned. It didn't require hotmelt or cotton balls or anything else. It simply came out of the box in "Beast mode" and sounded perfect. The SLDR 430 is very similar but not quite there.
  2. Glad to see this resurrected. MM's comment about the difference in pushing your left hip backwards as opposed to "popping" the left leg straight and hyper-extending the knee are worth paying attention to. I see several folks who are doing this wrong these days in an attempt to gain more speed and activate ground forces. It's an orthopedic surgeon's dream.
  3. The SLDR 430 followed closely by the R510TP.
  4. Whoever thought you'd fork over 6 bones a gallon for gasoline/petrol???
  5. So good to see you posting a little bit Tol. Made my day.
  6. Very fair price on the best performing driver I've ever owned and swung. GLWS
  7. If you're happy with it, play it 'til it breaks. I did. I tried several others trying to unseat it but nothing could beat it out. After mine busted I had a brief affair with the TSi3 and IMHO it's the best head Titleist has made in over a decade, but it didn't perform as well as the '16 M2. So ultimately I went back to the M2's predecessor and couldn't be happier. Good luck in your search.
  8. Has anyone heard anything from Tol or Robotdoctor lately? Anyone form downunder actually??
  9. WOW man!! Welcome back from the abyss! Haven't seen you on here in many moons.
  10. They are literally life altering Stu when it comes to reducing and eliminating ailments.
  11. SIM2 with the stock Tensei Blue will get you airborne.
  12. Yes they are and for some odd reason I hear Pearl Jam (n my head) every time I handle one...
  13. I'm not gonna speak for Stu but that's what I'm doing with my Bridgestone J33 3-iron.
  14. Next is the private T-Mag ball stock from their secret Carlsbad Cavern...
  15. The last time they designed a ball similar to Bridgestone they got into trouble...
  16. and it's slutty first cousin:
  17. My grand-dad made hard cider from apples and pears. The pear was the best and there were several local dignitaries and a few pastors who were known to partake. I used to go to Alberta and Saskatchewan to hunt honkers and the farmers were always asking me for a jug of Cider and one of my DW's pecan pies.
  18. Is either one more accurate than the other? If not, 5 yards is not the end all but it's worth something.
  19. Any "Hard" cider with the donuts???
  20. Solid Gold! I wish I'd known this 40 years ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQtVHCrjUUK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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